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My Hotel Life Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Top Tycoon with the Grandest Hotel Empire

Some of us might consider a few days or a week’s stay in a hotel as an ideal getaway while others may consider a career in the hotel industry to be a dream job. Though only a handful of people might entertain and dream about the idea of running a hotel business in real life, doing so through a casual business simulation game can be a fun and exciting experience for just about anyone.

Goodroid’s My Hotel Life lets you take on the role of a budding entrepreneur who starts off operating a small hotel. Just like an idle clicker business sim game, profits continue to stream regardless of what you do, ensuring that there will never be instances of losses or failures. As your hotel continues to reel in profits, you will be able to purchase upgrades that improve the services you provide as well as open new ones that further increase the profits you earn over time.

my hotel life cover

Managing your very own hotel certainly entails a lot of work in real life especially if you manage a chain of hotels or even if you consistently have projects for expansions or other improvements. My Hotel Life takes away every taxing aspect of running a business and leaves only the fun and exciting parts of an enterprise that always moves forward.

My Hotel Life practically gives you control over everything with just occasional taps for upgrades, which also includes hiring more help from employees that do everything for you and your hotel. Although profits and growth are guaranteed even for the least experienced virtual entrepreneurs, there is still the matter of just how efficient you can be as far as building your hotel empire is concerned.

If you happen to have started your adventure in My Hotel Life and want to become a top hotel tycoon as fast and as efficiently as possible, then we have you covered. Our My Hotel Life Guide comes with a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to build the grandest hotel empire!

1. Keep The Multiplier Active

More often than not, stepping into any casual idle clicker business sim game triggers a hardly containable level of excitement to rush forward and unlock more of what the journey has to offer. Given that the pace at which you make progress in My Hotel Life is tremendously fast, especially in the first couple of hotels you own, it becomes very much understandable how you would naturally want to go about checking available upgrade options and enjoying the sights of having your staff take care of your customers.

my hotel life gameplay

Although you can never go wrong with how you approach progression n My Hotel Life, and considering as well that you would want to ramp things up at the start of the business, it is only understandable to jump right into the business and start increasing profits through upgrades and recruitment. What we recommend, though is for you to activate the profit multiplier first. This can be done through the Boost x2 button at the bottom of the screen.

The profit multiplier is one of My Hotel Life’s ad boosts, which means that the added perk of enjoying twice as much income comes with the cheap cost of merely playing a 15 to 30-second ad. After playing a video ad, your hotel’s profits will be doubled for the next 3 minutes. For some, a 3-minute buff may not seem much but doubling your income for 3 minutes means cutting down the time it would take to earn that much cash by half.

As an idle clicker business sim game, My Hotel Life lets you earn cash every second and if it would take you 10 minutes to earn 20,000 coins, earning as much with a boost will only take 5 minutes. In any case, spending even the maximum time of 30 seconds to play a video ad is well worth the small effort as the 30 seconds you spent doing so will benefit you for 6 times its equivalent in duration.

my hotel life profit multiplier

Activating the profit multiplier is just an initial step towards ensuring a fast and efficient rate of progression in your career as a top hotel tycoon in My Hotel Life. It is important to make a habit out of regularly activating the boost to ensure that your profits are always doubled every second that you play. Keep in mind that you do not need to wait for the boost to expire before taking advantage of the ad offer again. You can activate the boost as often as you want and the boost’s duration will continue to stack.

Just like the start of your journey, a similar feeling of tending to upgrades can rush in once you hop back into your virtual hotel after a long break. Before you engage in anything else, be sure that the profit multiplier is still active. The profit boost stops counting down whenever you are offline and away from the game so you will still have the remaining boost time when you return to it. Just to be sure, make it a habit to check if it is still active and activate it before doing anything else.

2. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

For almost every game that falls outside of the idle clicker genre of games, every resource is considered to be saved for later. Even for adventures where the most basic currency seems overabundant in the earlier phases of the journey, players can’t help but have second thoughts about every spending as the cost of resources is bound to grow with every bit of progress and prudence is bound to pay off.

While a cautious approach towards spending is more often than not the best way to go in every other game genre, the more viable strategy in idle clicker business sim games is its polar opposite. You may also find it amusing to watch as your stream of income continuously grows and given that there are purchases that require a sizable amount of cash, having some funds sit idly can seem like a good idea.

my hotel life room

The purchases you make in My Hotel Life, much like in every other idle clicker business sim game, are an investment. Expectedly, these are investments that come with no risks and are guaranteed to increase your income generation outright. In this sense, every bit of cash you spend will contribute to returns and you will find that the amount of cash you reel in every second increases.

my hotel life idle cash

In some cases, there will be plenty of available options for you to choose from as far as investing idle cash is concerned and My Hotel Life makes it easier to spot investment options you can afford. There will be indicators on available upgrades for you so you will know if your current funds are sufficient to invest in improving your hotel’s facilities and services.

3. Strategize In Prioritizing Purchases

Considering that every bit of cash you spend in My Hotel Life translates to an increase in idle income, there are no wrong decisions especially since you will never actually lose money. However, for the sake of speed and efficiency in terms of expanding your hotel empire, there are business strategies you should consider following to get the most out of the cash you are investing. Just like to core mechanics of My Hotel Life, you can expect these rules to be as simple as can be.

You can categorize upgrade options in My Hotel Life between the ones you can see within the hotel’s facilities and the general upgrade options you can access via the up arrow icon at the lower right side of the screen. In general, what you would want to prioritize when it comes to investing cash, is to go for the cheapest option first. This will largely revolve around the level upgrades for the sections or facilities as the other upgrades will be comparatively more expensive.

my hotel life breakfast

The rationale behind this consideration is that every level upgrade yields the same increase in profits despite the variance in costs. As the facility’s upgrade level increases, you can expect upgrade costs to increase as well, without necessarily increasing the effect. Although it may not appear very impactful to simply purchase upgrades indiscriminately, cycling across the available upgrade options by prioritizing the cheapest ones first ultimately leads to getting more upgrades with the cash you invest.

my hotel life upgrades

In the end, although whatever upgrade choices you make will still lead to maxed-out levels across every facility, following the prioritization scheme we discussed will leave you with more cash earnings in the same amount of time. While going for the cheapest option is what we recommend, we consider a couple of exceptions as well.

Every facility in your hotel that can be upgraded has a level milestone. You can determine the milestone as each upgrade you purchase fills up a bar and once it is full, it means that you have reached a milestone. Milestones awards are indicated by stars so a facility with 4 stars to fill means there are also 4 milestones to reach. Milestones can double the income generated by the facility and also grant you some extra gems, which are a premium currency.

my hotel life parasol

If you adhere strictly to our strategy of prioritizing cheaper upgrade options first, it may take a long while before you can start purchasing the general upgrades. For this, the best recourse is to purchase them when you come across a huge sum of cash. My Hotel Life provides plenty of ways for you to instantly gain huge sums of cash.

As an idle clicker business sim game, spending some time away from My Hotel Life will still let you earn profits for up to 3 full hours. The 2x profit booster that we encourage you to keep active will not apply when you are offline and away from the game but continuous profits for 3 hours is still huge and you will potentially be able to afford purchasing an abundance of upgrades when you return.

my hotel life vip guest

Occasionally, a VIP will visit your hotel and stand somewhere in its mid-left section. You will easily spot him as he will only remain standing unlike all of your other customers. Clicking on this special guest will open the VIP dialogue box, which allows you to earn a huge sum of cash after playing a 15 to 30-second video ad.

The amount of cash you can get from the VIP guest adjusts to the level of progression you have made in your adventure. This means that the bigger your hotel grows, or the farther across through the locations you get, the bigger the instant cash rewards will be offered by the VIP guest, ensuring that each encounter will bring an opportunity that is hard to resist.

4. Always Wear The Best Outfits

What typically happens, especially if you are a beginner, is that you will become immensely focused on running your virtual hotel empire and keeping tabs on available upgrades to the point where you might forget about the rest of what My Hotel Life still has to offer. Despite exercising utmost dedication to purchase upgrades and keeping idle cash to its bare minimum, there will be instances when you simply have to stand idly as you wait for your hotel enterprise to accumulate enough funds to make the next upgrade purchase.

my hotel life outfit

In these instances, you should take opportunities to explore the rest of the icons in the game and when it comes to that, we recommend peeking into your avatar’s costume. While the main gameplay that My Hotel Life provides is already sufficiently engaging on its own, the added element of dressing up your in-game character is also an exciting activity.

My Hotel Life lets you customize your character with a wide array of hats, clothes, and accessories that you can freely mix. Beyond aesthetics, each one comes with a profit buff depending on its rarity grade. This means that you should try to fully equip your character at the soonest and also consider higher rarity outfits whenever possible.

my hotel life costume box

There are costume boxes available at the shop that contains random items. Although you can primarily purchase these boxes with gems, there are also free ways to obtain them. For starters, you can earn 1 free small box, containing 2 items, and 1 free big box, containing 6 items, each day. All you need to do is play a short video ad to claim each one.

changing outfit in my hotel life

To change your current outfit, simply click on the character icon at the lower right side of the screen. There are separate tabs for each costume type and you can easily determine the item’s rarity by their color. Be sure to always head here whenever you obtain new costumes as you would want to always have the best costume sets equipped for maximum profitability.

5. Renovate As Soon As Possible

Despite having numerous upgrade options for your hotel, each facility and each hotel only has a limited number of upgrades needed. Once a facility has been maxed out and every general upgrade has been purchased, there will only be a brief moment to enjoy your fully upgraded hotel. You will continue to earn cash but with nothing more to spend your accumulating funds on, renovation is the only way to go.

It might happen that you occasionally forget about the map icon at the bottom left side of the screen as you will only need to access it when you are ready to renovate. Renovating has its own cost and once you have enough cash to do so, an indicator will appear atop the map icon. At this stage, there will no longer be any point in staying with your current hotel as you will not be able to keep your idle cash from before renovating.

my hotel life renovation

Renovation is like a reset button that empties your entire hotel as well as your cash reserves. You get to keep your diamonds as well as every piece of costume you have collected. Likewise, each new renovation comes with faster ways of earning cash so you will get to your previous hotel’s earning capacity a lot sooner than you think.

my hotel life boost

After renovating, you can expect the new hotel to be able to offer more to the customers. There can be new facilities as well as new improvements to existing facilities. The new hotel will have higher costs in terms of facility-level upgrades and general upgrades for the entire hotel. Not to worry, though, as the rate at which idle income is earned will increase exponentially as well. Every new hotel will require a lot more time to fully upgrade but this also means that there are plenty more milestones to reach and more gems to earn each step of the way.

6. Accomplish Missions And Event Objectives

Considering everything, the rate at which you earn cash and gems in My Hotel Life, at the very least, is sufficient for you to experience a decent rate of progression throughout your virtual hotel tycoon career. The free costume boxes you can claim from the shop also ensure that there is something new to look forward to each day, as far as appearances and potential extra perks go. However, My Hotel Life provides even more ways for you to progress rapidly especially if you are active enough to pursue the goal of becoming a top-tier tycoon.

my hotel life missions

The missions icon can be accessed through its icon at the upper left side of the screen, just below the shop icon. There are daily and weekly missions under the mission tab and seasonal rewards on the reward tab. While clearing objectives may initially appear to require extra effort, you should see the targets simply as a guide for you to progress in your journey more efficiently.

my hotel life reward

The mission and seasonal targets are all actually in line with the usual activities that you engage in as you tend to your business in My Hotel Life. Daily mission targets, for example, simply require you to serve 50 customers, open a box, and upgrade with costumes. All these can surely be done with little to no effort at all. Clearing missions earn you mission XP, which in turn translates into points that can net you rewards for the season. Once you reach a milestone or earn a certain number of points, more rewards can be claimed under the seasonal reward tab.

my hotel life challenge event

My Hotel Life also holds special events that last only for a limited time. These special events can be accessed via the events icon at the upper right side of the screen. Special events revolve around earning stars and stars, as we mentioned earlier, can be obtained through milestones you reach as you upgrade sections of your hotel.

Although it will be a lot easier to earn stars in the earlier part of your adventure, actually spending time tending to your hotel can net you a lot more stars at a faster rate. Some of the event challenges may require a lot more stars than you can obtain within a limited time but at the very least set targets for yourself and make an effort to reach the required number of stars to grab the item you want.

7. Take Advantage of Ad Boosts

As a hyper-casual idle clicker game, you can expect My Hotel Life to host video ads. Although some players may frown at the idea of seeing ads in free games, some audiences already accept and understand that these ads exist to sustain the game’s availability for everyone to enjoy for free. My Hotel Life will have ads for you to play but none of these ads will be forced upon you. Each ad you see forms part of the game’s ad campaign and always comes with perks and benefits to entice you to play them.

We already mentioned some ad boosts earlier. The first one is the profit multiplier that you should try to keep active as much as possible. This is what we consider to be the most beneficial. The VIP customer who hands out lumps of cash, as well as the free boxes in the shop, are also obtainable through playing video ads.

my hotel life offline earnings

When you take a break from the game, you will earn cash and gems for every minute you are offline up to a maximum duration of 3 hours. Once you log back in, you will be presented with yet another ad boost, which doubles the amount of cash you can claim from idle rewards. This is also an opportunity you should not pass up on as the huge sum of cash you can earn here, especially if you went on break for at least 3 hours, will make some expensive upgrades affordable.

my hotel life grade bonus

Finally, there is a bonus icon at the upper right side of the screen. This is the “ad-powered” grade bonus feature in My Hotel Life that can further boost the profits you earn after you reach a certain milestone in terms of the number of video ads you have watched. Every bit of ad you play counts for this so every ad you watch serves 2 purposes.

My Hotel Life can be a relaxing game that you can choose to progress freely at your own pace. If you are inclined to become a top tycoon at the fastest and most efficient rate, however, the tips and strategies we shared are sure to help you during your gameplay. If it so happens that you stumbled upon other cool tricks and strategies on top of what we provided, we encourage you to drop them down in the comment box!