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My Home: I Am A Designer Guide: 8 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

The dream of creating a beautiful house is one that we all share. In My Home: I Am A Designer, you can make this dream come true, and more! You enter this iOS-exclusive game as a newly appointed designer. You will be given up to five tasks per day. These tasks involve designing homes for people from all over the world. Fill the homes with furniture from different brands and styles. Once you are satisfied with your work, you can submit them all for voting. Players can vote on all the houses that have been submitted for the day. If you do well, your work could be voted as the most popular in the world! Every time your design hits 4 or 5 stars, you will be rewarded with a unique piece of furniture! Read on to discover our My Home: I am a Designer tips and tricks for creating 5-star homes!

1. Check The Request

Each task given to you will have a set of conditions that you will need to meet. You are free to design a home any way you like, but if you do not meet the minimum requirement, you will still fail your task. The good news is that the requirements are usually just a couple of furniture that need to be present. For example, a client might ask to have at least two pieces of metal furniture. That is easy enough to weave into any theme that you might have come up with. Remember, other people will be voting on you work, so make sure you do your best in every room!

2. No Need To Fill Everything

Sometimes, negative space is the better option. More furniture doesn’t always mean better. If you check the rooms, you will notice there are green spots. These areas are optional spots, and you are free to leave them empty. There is no impact on your score for as long as you are able to pull off the design you have in mind. You should also consider the type of furniture that you have already put into the room. If a room already feels crowded, you might want to hold off on adding more in those green areas.

3. Get Keys By Voting

Voting is a crucial part of the game. It makes the experience more interactive since you get to give feedback to hundreds of other homes. In order to encourage players to make time for voting, the game rewards those who vote with keys. You will get three keys for every five votes you make. If you have a lot of free time, you can view and vote for as many homes as you can. Not only will you get a massive number of keys, but you will also be able to learn from the different styles of other players in the process.

4. Complete The Challenges

When you look at the world map, you will often see challenges that you can take on. These challenges are timed, and do not count towards your 5 tasks. Try to complete as many challenges as you can. You will immediately earn rewards as soon as you complete a challenge. On top of that, you can potentially earn more since the challenges are also subjected to votes. If your challenge design is upvoted by a lot of players, you could win even more rewards! Make sure your designs are presentable and the theme is clear. Your score depends on the votes of other players, and they won’t take the time to wrap their heads around your concept. If they don’t love your work at first glance, you will miss your chance to get a good rating from them.

5. Save Your Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency of this game. If you can avoid spending them, do so. This is especially true when you are buying furniture. Since other players won’t really vote based on the number of diamond furniture you have, it is better if you only spend coins during the early parts of the game. Save your diamonds for when you are at much higher level. At that point, you will be able to unlock even better furniture and purchase them with diamonds.

6. Learn From Others

The tasks that are given to you on a daily basis have varying themes and settings. It will take a while before you can play them all. And since you can’t choose which tasks you will receive, you should be prepared to come up with different designs. Voting can help you in this because you can learn from the designs of other players. Some designs might inspire you to take risks, and mix up contrasting themes. Browsing a lot of other homes through the voting system can give you a good idea of what works. You don’t have to copy other people’s work, but it doesn’t hurt to get inspiration from them once in a while.

7. Fill The Blue Bubbles

As you build a home, you will notice areas with blue bubbles. These are the ones that are required. Try to fill these spaces with as much furniture and decorations as possible. Theme-neutral decorations will come in handy in these spaces. Items such as flowers, photos, and maybe even statues, can be placed in these blue bubbles in order to fill them up. Don’t forget that it still has to be presentable in order to get more votes.

8. Follow Other Players

Some players are actually very good and consistent when it comes to their designs. You would want to be updated with their latest work, so make sure you utilize the game’s built-in social network. Just go to the menu screen to find the social network. From here, you can search for your friends and follow them. You will also find a Hot list that can show you a list of other players that you might want to follow. If you want to refresh the Hot list, just swipe down and wait for the list to reload.

Once you have followed some players, you can tap on the icon on the far right. This is the shortcut to the social network. It gives you the ability to comment and share the same way you do on Facebook. Try to engage with people in the social network as much as you can. The more social media activity you get on your designs, the more bonuses you get. It also increases the maximum keys you can have, so make sure you do it!

Designing a home is fun, but it isn’t easy. Make sure you remember all our My Home: I am a Designer tips and tricks in order to get 5-star ratings!