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Must Deliver Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Help You Survive the Zombie Onslaught

Must Deliver is a unique endless runner game by Cherrypick Games, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The title of the game comes from the main premise, which is that you “must deliver” the cure to the zombie virus to as many survivors as possible. Specifically, you’ll have to run like hell and move between zones to deliver the cure to helpless survivors, while taking out infected zombies with your arsenal of zombie-annihilating super moves. There are different characters to unlock and different rewards to earn, as you avoid zombies and seek to deliver the cure. Can you deliver? We hope you can after checking out our list of Must Deliver tips and tricks.

1. Get More Coins, Here’s How

Cherrypick Games has kept it simple once again, making coins the game’s premium currency. You can earn coins in two ways, first by making a successful delivery, and second by watching a video commercial whenever you lose a round. We should remind you that watching the ad has to be done from start to finish; you can’t skip it and expect to receive coins afterwards.

2. You Can Farm For Coins In This Game

While the bad news is the fact that you can’t “cheat” the video, you can nonetheless farm for coins. It’s as simple as losing any given round as soon as it’s over, then watching the video; repeat this process as often as needed, and since you’ll be losing deliberately, lose as quickly as possible so as not to waste much time.

3. So What Can You Get With Those Coins?

For starters, you can unlock a new character for every 500 coins. Each character has their own special moves, and you can also use your coins to upgrade those moves and make them more powerful. Still, there’s a reason why you shouldn’t get too excited when you finally can upgrade a move.

4. Don’t Upgrade The Moves Right Away!

Your first instinct may be to upgrade the first unlocked character’s special move once you’ve got the coins to do so, but it would actually be better to wait it out. Unlock as many characters as possible and learn their special moves. That way, you can find the character that suits you the best, and prioritize upgrading them thereafter.

5. Dodge The Zombies

Yes, you may have been wondering when we’d get to the zombies. We’ll be talking about that right now, so hang in there. At first, you won’t have much problem avoiding the zombies, but with each delivery you make, you’ll have more zombies progressively chasing after you. And since you just might end up losing a round in the dying seconds, we would advise you to stay on the move so you can have a better idea of the zombies’ game plan. That’s well and good, but you should also be sure to look in front of you as well, to help you avoid getting blocked by a zombie(s).

This would be our quick guide for Cherrypick Games’ exciting mobile title, Must Deliver. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide with more tips, whenever we discover new ones.