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Mukti Camp Guide: 5 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Lead Your Guerillas to Glory

Mukti Camp is a unique strategy game created by Mindfisher Games for Android devices. It is inspired by a historical event in Bangladesh where a small group of lightly armed men were able to fight off a powerful army. Your camp will only have 30 men, and you will fight 20 epic battles in order to win the war. Every aspect of the incredible journey is recreated in the game. You will start out with just a small headquarters. You will have to build farms to grow your own food, process your own materials, and construct storages to keep them safe. Recruit guerrillas and train them for the battles to come. Creating and maintaining defense structures is also of utmost importance. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to win the war. Make sure you prepare properly by reading our Mukti Camp strategy guide!

1. Protect Your Base

The most important thing in Mukti Camp is your base. This is where all your operations happen, and if it falls, the game is over. That is why you should prioritize building up and defending your base. Invest well in buildings. Make sure everything is upgraded to the highest possible level. Regularly check your structures for available upgrades.

When it comes to defending, you will need to strategically place your defensive structures. The computer AI will regularly send enemies to your base, so you will need to be prepared. The good news is that they always come from the top and top left areas of the map. That means you can focus your defensive structures in those areas.

Keep your defensive structures together. This will serve as cover for your soldiers as they fire at the incoming enemy units. You can place your houses, Hospital, and other miscellaneous buildings outside, as the enemies will attack those first. Use them as bait while your troops pick off the opponents one at a time.

2. Choose Character Upgrades Wisely

Since you have limited number of people, it is important that you properly develop each of your units. Every character has four stats that can be upgraded. You only have so many skill points available, so you will need to invest them according to what the character’s role will be. For example, woodcutters need a lot of strength, so it makes sense to use up all their skill points on that stat.

Prioritize your farmers and woodcutters early in the game. Food and wood are basic resources that will be required throughout the game, so you will need specialized characters for them. Developing soldiers can be a little trickier since they don’t just need a single stat. All soldiers benefit from Strength, but they also need other stats depending on their role.

You need a good mix of soldiers in order to succeed in battle. One possible combination is to have a tank type with high strength, one ranged with high precision, and one expert in light weapons with high agility. This will give your team a balanced combination that will be prepared for any situation.

As your base grows, your needs will change from resources to military power. You will need more soldiers and less workers. A good way to gain more soldiers quickly is to simply convert your woodcutters into soldiers. If you followed our earlier advice, your woodcutters should have high strength later in the game, so it will be useful in battle right away.

3. Find The Right Gear

Having equipment is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean you should just put on whatever is available. Make sure you equip the right gear that will help your characters in their respective roles. You will know whether or not an item is useful for a certain character by reading the description. Just check if it will benefit the current role of the character who will equip the item.

Weapons might be a bit more confusing since there are a lot of different types. All you need to remember is that you need to match the weapon with each character’s role in the party. Give light weapons to agile characters, and ranged weapons to those with high precision. Tank types would naturally have melee weapons since they stay on the front lines.

4. Read Before You Fuse Items

Fusing items in the game will create more powerful gear for your characters. However, you should be careful before doing this. Equipment have requirements before you can use them. Fusing stronger equipment will raise their required stats. You may end up creating items that you cannot use yet. This is especially dangerous if you decide to fuse two items that are currently being used by your characters. Pay attention to what the requirements will be before fusing items. You can always combine them later on when your characters are stronger.

5. When To Launch An Attack

Keep in mind that you are controlling a small guerilla resistance, not a powerful army with unlimited resources. That means you should be twice as careful when you decide to launch an attack. Carelessness will lead to unnecessary losses, and could easily cost you the war. Upgrade your characters as much as you can, and make sure they are fully equipped for battle.

When you start an attack, do not just blindly send everyone in. Use your tanks to soak up the incoming damage. This will allow your ranged units to safely attack without getting hit in return. When the enemy ranks are starting to thin, send in your agility troops to pick off the weakened opponents. Pick off enemies that have less numbers than you do. It won’t always be the case, so take advantage when you can. Even if you lose a battle, do not get discouraged right away. Pay close attention to why you are losing. You will need this information for when you replay the battle. Sometimes, winning is just a matter of learning from your mistakes.

Numbers do not always win the war, and Mukti Camp proves it. Just rely on the strategy guide above and victory will be within reach! If you’ve enjoyed this guide or just want to share your thoughts about the game, then feel free to leave us a message below in the comment area!