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Mow Zombies Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get Stronger and Beat All Levels

Mow Zombies is a fun and addictive action shooter game from Digital Native, the same developer that brought us Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG. Banking well over 500 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store alone and maintaining a healthy average user review rating, Mow Zombies has proven itself to be a cut above the rest of the loosely similar games out in the mobile gaming market. If you are out looking for a casual arcade shooter to spend some time on that requires quick reflexes and a bit of strategic thinking, then be sure to give Mow Zombies a try!

Set in an isometric perspective, Mow Zombies is designed with the simplest of controls and mechanics to make it easy for just about anyone to pick up and play. If you have played and enjoyed twin stick arcade shooters before, then you should enjoy Mow Zombies at least just as much, perhaps even more. There is always auto aim and you only need one finger to control your character as you eliminate hordes of zombies while avoiding others.

Various weapons and power-ups make for a unique experience each round and the diversity of zombies you will encounter on top of the unique bosses will call for a different strategy with each mob encounter. Challenges will always be present as the hordes of zombies grow stronger in each level and catching up to the level of zombie mob’s strength can be a challenge as well given the demand for more gold at each weapon and talent upgrade.

As easy as it is to understand Mow Zombies’ mechanics and gameplay, it does become very challenging especially for players who do not have as much experience playing similar games before. If you are looking to become stronger and progress more efficiently in the game, then be sure to read our Mow Zombies beginner’s guide. We have compiled a detailed guide that comes with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to dominate every level in Mow Zombies.

1. Keep Your Finger At The Bottom Area Of The Screen

Although Mow Zombies provides a virtual joystick at the bottom of the screen, you can basically tap and hold anywhere within the screen to control your character. As the character itself will remain within the upper part of the area, however, ensuring that your finger will not block your sight of incoming zombie hordes is the first thing to keep in mind. It is easy to figure out without a reminder, and yet hard to consistently do especially when hordes of zombies start flooding in from all directions.

mow zombies tricks

To begin with, Mow Zombies’ auto aim and shoot feature makes it easy enough for you to see where every enemy should come from provided that they move within your character’s range. The problem lies with the volume of mobs that sometimes burst in large amounts, making it highly possible for several enemies to get in close to you while you are still firing at one of them. With this predicament being a common scenario in most levels, especially as you make further progress in the game, it is very important to make sure that you have a clear enough view of all your surroundings right from the start.

2. Initially Upgrade Your Main Weapon With Limitations

One of the most thrilling aspects of arcade shooters come from having various weapons to choose from within your arsenal and in Mow Zombies, there are various weapons you can unlock based on your overall progress. Of course, all that grinding for coins has a huge point in the activity, as you need them to upgrade your weapon, most especially your main one. As you finish one level and prepare for the next one, chances are that you will be inclined to spend every penny you have on your weapon to boost its attack power and make the next battle relatively easier.

The thing is, most weapons to be unlocked have higher firepower to begin with and there is always a chance that you will stop using some weapons, particularly the starting ones at some point in your adventure. As each new weapon you unlock will require upgrades as well, it is best to ensure that your finite supply of coins will always suffice for your needs most especially considering the bigger challenges ahead.

mow zombies weapon upgrade

Because you need to save some coins for future weapons as well as talent upgrades, it is best to learn to spend them wisely right from the start. In this sense, upgrading your current weapon only to ensure that you have enough firepower to beat the next level should suffice. Keep in mind, though, that not all weapons you will unlock later will be better in every respect compared to the ones you have as every weapon is unique in terms of fire rate, ammo type, range, and power.

As you will hardly have any idea about how each weapon will perform before you unlock and use them in battle, you have to wait until doing so before you decide on whether continue using and upgrading your current weapon or switching to a new one and spending coins on the latter.

Relative to this, it is a good idea to take note of when you will acquire a new main weapon. On the main weapon screen, which you can access quickly by tapping on the gun icon at the bottom of the screen, you will notice that main weapons can be unlocked depending on how many levels you have passed and 2 can be obtained from daily logins. By keeping tabs as to when you will get to unlock a new weapon, you can budget your gold coins better and decide on whether to push for an upgrade on your current main weapon or hold on to your gold until you unlock the next gun.

3. Invest In Talent Upgrades As Soon As You Can

On top of your weapons that can be upgraded, there are various talents available in Mow Zombies that you can level up. While it may be unconventional for each stat to be upgraded randomly with each spending, it certainly adds a bit of excitement as to how your character will be built stronger. Every 5 levels you progress to unlocks 5 points to spend on talent upgrades with each one costing more gold. As this will be a permanent boost for your hero regardless of which weapons you equip, it is wiser to prioritize this over weapon upgrades. As such, be sure to spend earned coins here whenever one becomes available before spending gold on your current weapon.

mow zombies talent upgrades

The HP talent icon is situated right in the middle for a reason and it is because you would want more of it early on. IF you notice the upper right corner of your screen within each level, you will notice that you have 2 hearts. Hearts symbolize the number of times you can get hit before your character dies and having more hearts is always a welcomed treat.

Attack increases damage by 3% with each upgrade. Boss damage may not be very important but a 3% increase in it per upgrade will help you a lot especially in latter levels. Each upgrade on move speed increases it by 2% and while the default speed is actually pretty decent, there are faster moving mobs later on that would necessitate faster movement from your character.

A 3% increase can be earned per upgrade of dodge rate and as difficult as that is to notice, your hero can actually avoid being hit if you have a high enough level of dodge and is lucky. Attack speed affects how fast your weapon shoots although it does not impact your second weapon and robot companion. Despite numerous ways to earn more gold, a boost on the gold acquisition talent will always serve you well. Last, but not the least, is your critical rate, which raises the probability of inflicting critical damage to enemies by 3% per upgrade level.

4. Try Other Weapons Out Before Upgrading Them

It may seem a long while for you to be stuck with only a main weapon for the initial 30 levels or so of your zombie-hunting and exterminating adventure. While it will be a while longer to earn enough weapon chips to purchase a second weapon and a robot companion, there are free ones to be earned after reaching certain milestones in terms of the number of levels you have passed. In essence, you will have a taste of what it would be like to have them in some of the earlier levels. The land mine power-up, which deploys mines every 5 seconds or so and the robot companion power-up works very much like the second weapon and robot, respectively.

Once you beat level 35, you can obtain your first secondary weapon, which is the bear trap. Much like the land mine, it can eliminate enemies that step on it although it takes a while longer for enemies to be eliminated. Be sure to equip it as soon as it becomes available.

mow zombies weapons

The first robot companion is decent as well and is rather independent when it comes to attacking and eliminating threats. Keep in mind that as your companion may be busy on targeting different zombies, it may not always be able to keep up with you if you continuously move away from it.

Like your main weapons, second weapons and robot companions each have unique traits and limitations so if you unlock them either through milestones or purchases, be sure to take them for a spin first before you decide to upgrade them. It may be best to save all the weapon chips you have earned to unlock each one first but given the difficulty of earning these weapon chips, it will take a long amount of grind and patience to unlock even just one for the secondary weapon and the robot companion.

In this sense, choose to bank on the more expensive ones first before pursuing any upgrades but if you are already satisfied with the performance of the free ones, then you should feel confident to push each one to its max upgrade level of 10.

Considering main weapons, there will be a common notion that the ones you unlock later will be stronger. While this is true in the sense that weapons further down the line pack more firepower, you will come to find that some of them may not be best for you considering their range or rate of fire. As such, feel free to stay with your current loadout if you are happy with it as it is best to play with an arsenal that you are comfortable with in Mow Zombies.

Extra care should be given when considering to upgrade second weapons and robots as it requires spending weapon chips instead of mere gold coins. Be sure to consider how either one supports your primary weapon of choice along with your preferences and play style.

5. Know When To Stand Your Ground And When To Flee

There are some missions in Mow Zombies that require you to move to a certain location and sometimes even several times within the same level. For the most part, however, missions are as simple and straightforward as eliminating all zombies in the area. Regardless of the objective at hand, take note that zombies will always zero in on your location, making it unnecessary to move around much except when it is part of the objective. In this sense, one decision point you will always be faced with is whether to camp in one place or keep hustling around the map.

mow zombies battle strategies

For one, there is no constant answer as it should depend on how strong your weapons are, your play style, and the current number of zombies on-screen. While you may easily be able to stay in one spot and rely on auto aim and fire to eliminate all incoming hordes, the same may not apply as easily later on. As such, determining whether you can take a stand in a spot and when an impending overrun will get the better of you is a skill that you need to master early on.

One common tactic to utilize in a game set in an isometric perspective, is to delimit the open sides by backing yourself a bit close to one edge of the map. This will leave you and your auto aiming and shooting with less width to cover. If your weapon’s fire rate is enough to kill enemies rapidly, then it might be the best thing to do. Do take note that some enemies have ranged attacks as well and that some can move very quickly, even underground. As such, banking on this strategy will not be as easy as it would have in most other games and can be a bit risky at times.

For a more solid stand overwhelming numbers, it is best to always go for a wide-open area. You can still continue to stay in a spot with minimal movement and begin to move about when more enemies are closing in or to avoid quick enemies and projectile attacks. Depending on your firepower, and whether or not you have your second weapon and robot companion to aid you, you should always situate yourself in a spot where you can freely move about and avoid getting cornered.

6. Pay Attention To Each Enemy’s Traits And Weaknesses

One aspect of Mow Zombies that contributes to the thrill and excitement it offers comes from the wide variety of zombie mobs that you encounter in the fields especially when varied combinations make it more challenging in later areas. It may be a challenge to familiarize yourself with each one early on but paying close attention to every new breed of mobs you encounter will help you devise an effective strategy against them.

mow zombies enemy traits and weaknesses

For starters, the exploding ones that leave a trail of toxic goo behind should be a priority target given that they will impede your movement, which is critical when it is time to flee or relocate a bit. Next up are ranged attackers and those worms that travel towards you underground. Do note that these enemies will lock in on you but will leave some time for you to adjust your position so always be conscious of crosshairs close to you and incoming ground trails.

Another enemy type that you should always pay attention to are those zombies that carry shields. Unless you have explosive ammo, you will not be able to damage them up front when their shields are up. Auto target may work against you in this case, as shots that could have eliminate other enemies can be wasted on their shields, leaving you with more trouble every second you waste shooting at them. One way to eliminate them quickly is to move to their side and another involves moving in closer until they drop their shield.

Keep in mind that as easy as each opponent can be eliminated individually, their strength will almost always come from their numbers. Playing around with the radius and reach of your weapons will somehow tilt the prioritization as to which enemy will be targeted first.

7. Memorizing The Map Layout Can Help You

Another important aspect of the game to keep in mind is that you get to play in the same huge map for the most part, but it will seem different since you will be deployed in different areas within it. As a beginner, it may all seem like different maps that use the same background but until you actually see different background designs, then it is exactly the same location as the previous mission or missions.

mow zombies map layout

Although not necessary, getting to know the lay of the land will be beneficial for you as you can perform better from both an offensive and a defensive standpoint knowing the spots where you can camp on and which corners to avoid. Bridges with traps on latter levels can help you bottleneck the incoming hordes as well.

If you have missions in some areas where turrets are deployed as part of the missions to help you exterminate zombies, then playing within the same location on succeeding missions can become a lot easier if you travel to the turrets’ location as soon as you start the level. In earlier levels, having even one turret around eases the playing field a lot and will subsequently require less effort from you. In latter levels, heading towards the areas where turrets are deployed can make the difference between victory and defeat.

8. Strategically Consume Power-Ups In The Field

With the exception of the free weapon chips and lobs of gold you can obtain from some mobs, all other random drops from enemies in the field are either health restoration items or power boosts that can make your run tremendously easier. While these drops will not permanently be around if you fail to pick them up, learning how to strategize around each one’s consumption will be better for you in every scenario.

mow zombies power-ups

As far as health pick-ups go, learn to differentiate between cures (green) and medical kits (red). Cures will restore 1 health while medical kits will fully recover your health. As much as possible, only consume med Kits when you have lost at least 2 hearts. In relation to picking up health more strategically, be sure to go for shields one at a time. Do note that shields can be picked up even if you still have an active one and yet their effects will not stack. As such picking up another shield power-up while you still have one active would be a waste of it.

Most other power-ups boost your offensive strength, from land mines to vehicles, and speed buffs along with some that make each shot stronger. One thing to consider is that while going for any of these buffs will make you clear a level faster, there will be points within the stage progression where a massive horde of zombies will arrive. As such, it is best to try and hold off zombies and saving power-ups for when the climactic battles happen or at least leaving one out until you need them badly enough.

9. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

With increasing amounts of gold needed per upgrade and with your growing arsenal in combination with talents that constantly need investing in, you will most likely be needing more gold than what you have in stock. Although the amount of gold you earn per run, win or lose, is decent enough, earning twice as much from it is definitely a welcomed treat.

Being a free-to-play casual game, it is no big surprise to see that Mow Zombies contains a lot of video ads. No ads, however, come popping at random while you are playing and each one will only play following your decision to do so. Expectedly these ads offer incentives that are hard to ignore and will greatly boost your progress if you can spare the time to do play these ads.

how to earn more rewards in mow zombies

To start off, every run you make will give you a chance to double all gold earned at the end of the run at the cost of playing an ad. For even more gold, you can take on the drive-by mini-game that pops up at the right side of the play button and claim triple rewards at the end of it after playing an ad. The triple bonus likewise applies to supply packages you can randomly see drop down at the main screen.

A total of 15 free chests can be claimed from the shop as well with each one requiring you to play an ad. Coins, diamonds, energy, and even weapon chips can be earned from these chests so claiming each one is important if you want to push farther in the game at a relatively quicker pace.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the free revive in each level that comes at the cost of either diamonds or an ad. You can only use this once per run and, of course, saving your diamonds for other purchases and going for the free revive is the way to go. Do note that while diamonds will not be needed for upgrades, you can purchase extra energy, gold, and treasure boxes that contain weapon chips with them.

And this is where we end our beginner’s guide for Mow Zombies. We certainly hope that you have learned a great deal from the simple tips and strategies we shared and that reading through each one we presented will result in a better run from your adventure moving forward. If you have played the game enough and discovered some unique tips or strategies in addition to the ones we discussed in this guide, we very much welcome and appreciate hearing from you about so do not hesitate to share them with us!


Wednesday 1st of June 2022

How do I get the second daily play and the third daily play?


Thursday 12th of August 2021

Second question: How do I get a weapon to quality “S”?

I ranked up my IceBow, and suddenly levels are a breeze… I went from level 507 to 657 in 14 hours! I have neither failed nor died in the last 150 levels, and haven’t been more than 3 hearts down on health!

Definitely worth getting the RedTitan and DeathWalker Robots.

Last observation… the “color chips” started appearing in the various game areas. To me, either the devs adjusted the drop rate or they do not drop until you beat level 500 (in normal mode).

I haven’t bought a 10 pack of chests since breaking level 500, but… the fact is, the described drop states “definitely get color chips”, plural. However, I received just 1, and that occurred more than once. This is not acceptable. Be warned!


Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Question: The “Temptation M” mine explodes after a short while, if it isn’t triggered. My query is, if I modify it, will it stay in play until it is triggered? (Or times out…) Thx all.

Haley Hathaway

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

I updated mow zombies last night and began playing this morning. There are many changes and many new things added. I cannot seem to figure out something. I need help . When I pause the level and then a few settings are revealed, one of the new additions is "core skills" and you can change it from automatic to manual. Anyone know what this setting changes between those two? Plz help


Tuesday 10th of August 2021

@Haley Hathaway, when you do the new limited time event, you can get skills. I believe the setting to which you refer would automatically choose the “best” if left of automatic… but, that may not be what’s best for you. For example, if you are already making more gold than you can spend, and ding to it won’t help you, so use a different skill. Likewise, if your movement speed is already cranked, the Rage skill which amps your movement rate (and the ATK rate) might cause you to run into traps and mobs, hurting more than helping.


Saturday 8th of May 2021

I have a few weapons at level 530. I am at level 840 I have only a couple talents left to get to max of 40. My problem is when I try to join the level it tells me I have insufficient power to fight the level. And really I do the level is just to hard to complete with maxed weapon, almost maxed talent , the only thing I am missing is to get my inlays past 8 which can be a chore unless your spending tons of cash. However when I look on world ranks I see players with a weapon power of 999 where I maxed at 530. Anyone know why this is? I love the game but now I am getting bored and annoyed after working like a savage to get to max power to almost right away be told my power is insufficient.


Friday 18th of February 2022


Hi, travor,

I am also getting boared, i am on my level 950 my weapon 500 max. I also want to paly more but due to insufficient gun power i cannot get away.

I want to upgrade my gunt to achieve more things more robots but i am stuck.

I have everything on maximum, like gun health robot, nothing remain.

Now what should i don I can't understand.

However many time i try to checked on google to get some help to find out the way to cross the levels and upgrade gun

Help me when you got something .thnks


Monday 5th of July 2021

@Trevor, every weapon you upgrade to myth increases max weapon level by 30.