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Monster Tail Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get All the Monsters

Monster Tail has actually been available on the App Store and Google Play Store for some time, and it’s been a while since Qiuming Lin has updated last year’s “most madden game online.” Still, we might as well cover it since we gave you some tips on a few idle clickers recently, and because it’s still quite an addictive title in the idle clicker genre. According to the developer, you can “transform and recruit monsters (to) fight for themselves” – there are more than 100 monsters to collect, and the game’s mechanics also include evolving the monsters, and unleashing combo skills with some of the special monsters. And like in other idle clickers, you can earn even if you’re offline as you spend less energy and earn more profit.

As we said before, idle clickers do need their share of tips because there’s more than just sitting back. In this game, you can collect and evolve, and also train your monsters, all of whom are characters from the Pokemon series. And in order for you to truly appreciate and enjoy this game, we’ve brought you some Monster Tail tips and tricks that you might want to check out, if you’re looking to catch ‘em all – the monsters, that is.

1. Play Through The Story Mode

The game comes with social features alright, but since your goal is to collect more monsters, you would want to play through the story mode, and defeat the bosses whom you encounter. You will be rewarded with freebies which you can access in the main menu – this would usually be diamonds, but killing some of the bosses will allow you to earn ten shards corresponding to a new monster – these include, but are certainly not limited to Squirtle and Totodile. That allows you to summon them immediately.

2. How Do You Know Monsters Can Be Recruited Via Story Mode?

As a bonus tip in conjunction with the first one, there’s an easy way to find out whether a monster can be acquired by playing story missions. Go to the monster book and look up the different ways for you to get a monster; if it says the monster can be “obtained from mysterious monster ball,” that’s a surefire sign you could get it by playing and completing story mode missions.

3. About The Refinery

You can access the Refinery by going to the “melt” building found on the main menu. But what does the Refinery do? Simply put, it converts any monster shard you have into a monster stone. These stones can then be exchanged for other monster shards in the in-game store. So if you’ve got extra monster shards for a creature you already have and don’t have any plans to upgrade that monster, you can go the store and trade your monster stones for shards you don’t have yet.

4. How To Get All The Monsters With Drop Locations

Take note that this isn’t an “answer key” or handy list of cheats for all monsters – this only applies to monsters who have their own specific drop location. This does not include the monsters that were detailed above, the ones that can be obtained via monster ball, but otherwise, we’ve got most of them here!


Growlithe: Guild contribution store
Cyndaquil: Trial Tower 25, 53, 66
Charmander: Trial Tower 18, 46, 65
Torchic: Trial Tower 17, 45
Vulpix: Trial Tower 22, 48
Chimchar: Trial Tower 16, 43


Turtwig: Trial Tower 11, 39, 60
Chikorita: Guild contribution store
Bulbasaur: Trial Tower 7, 35, 59
Paras: Trial Tower 19, 47
Caterpie: Trial Tower 3, 31


Machop: Guild contribution store
Pikachu: 1st time recharge, Trial Tower 28, 56
Meowth: Trial Tower 2, 30, 58
Elekid: Trial Tower 24, 52


Gastly: Trial Tower 23, 51, 64
Nidoran(M): Arena honor mall
Nidoran(F): Trial Tower 15, 44, 63
Ekans: Trial Tower 12, 40
Koffing: Trial Tower 21, 49
Zubat: Trial Tower 13, 41


Abra: Trial Tower 20, 50, 61
Psyduck: Trial Tower 14, 42, 62
Dratini: Arena honor mall
Sandshrew: Trial Tower 9, 37
Jigglypuff: Trial Tower 10, 38
Pidgey: Trial Tower 8, 36


Horsea: Arena honor mall
Magikarp: Trial Tower 26, 54, 69
Piplup: Trial Tower 27, 55, 70
Poliwag: Trial Tower 6, 34

And this completes our list of tips and tricks for Monster Tail. Enjoyed our hints or have something more to add? Let us know by commenting below!