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Monster Energy Supercross Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Master the Game

If you are a fan of stunts, racing, and pure adrenaline, Monster Energy Supercross is the game for you. Available on Android and iOS, this game lets you live your dream of becoming a supercross star by placing you in the middle of the official championship. The game does a stellar job in recreating the experience as you will be in full control of your driver during races. You will need to master jumps, tight curves, acceleration, and release if you want to succeed. There are several modes to choose from. First, hone your skills in four different race types in Single player career mode. Once you are confident enough in your skills, you can start challenging other players from around the world in multiplayer mode. The true test of skill, however, is the real-time tournaments held during championship weekends. Don’t forget to check out our Monster Energy Supercross cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your victory!

1. Master The Landing

Jumping up in the air and performing tricks is child’s play. Real supercross champions know that it is all about that perfect exit. If you botch your landing, you might as well not jump at all. The secret to your success in this game is mastering how to land perfectly after executing your jumps and turns. Once you have mastered this skill, you will be able to go faster. Keep an eye on the rear wheel of your bike. You need to make your move at the precise moment the rear wheel goes over the line. This is will ensure a perfect rating for you.

2. Constantly Use Boost

Monster Energy Supercross allows you to use boost in order to increase your speed. If you want to recharge your boost, you will need to perform tricks. That means you can get a lot of boost if you play your cards right. The trick is to tap and hold the boost button while you are in a straightaway. Keep holding the boost button when you jump to automatically launch into a trick. Release the boost button just as you land, then hold it again as soon as you are stable. The goal is to keep using boost as much as you can in order to widen the gap between you and the other racers.

3. Unlock New Bikes

You can purchase new bikes from the in-game store. If you are looking for a specific bike, you will have to spend real money. If you don’t mind taking your chances with a gacha system, though, you can unlock new bikes with in-game currency. There are different types of crates for you to buy. The 250SX crate gives you a chance to unlock a pro-rider’s 250SX bike. The 450SX crate, on the other hand, gives you the chance to get a pro-rider’s 450SX bike. Check out the different bikes available and try your luck on the crate of your choice.

4. Hold Off On Multiplayer Competitions

When you play in the multiplayer competitions, it is a double-edged sword. You stand to win a lot of coins, but you could also lose the same amount just as easily. That is why we recommend that you put in a lot of practice hours before you leave the Newbie tier. Wait until you have mastered your boost and landings perfectly. You should also invest a good deal in upgrades to make sure you don’t fall behind just because your opponents have better rides.

5. Get Upgrade Points

Upgrading in this game works a little differently. To start off, you can upgrade the different parts of your bike individually. Leveling up your engine, exhaust, and suspension will improve your speed, acceleration, and grip. Once you hit the max values for these, however, you will need to level up your bike. To do so, you will need Upgrade Points. You cannot purchase these with coins, and you will need to earn them by playing in multiplayer races. Just stick to the newbie races since it is the easiest way to collect points.

It’s time to hit the dirt and win some races in Monster Energy Supercross! Don’t forget any of the tips and tricks listed above if you want to become the ultimate champion!