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Modern Combat Versus Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Should Know

Modern Combat Versus is a new first-person multiplayer shooter for Android and iOS devices. In this game, players compete against each other in two teams of four members. Players get to choose one of the twelve specialized Agents to play during each battle. The different Agents each have their own strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles. Choose among assassins, brutes, supports, and defenders. Pick which one suits you the most then work with your teammates to obliterate the opposing team. There are five different maps that require varying strategies in order to win. Modern Combat Versus boasts of simple, intuitive controls that makes it easy for new players to hit the ground running. Do you have what it takes to rise in ranks? Make sure you check out our Modern Combat Versus tips and tricks to help you win every battle!

1. Master The Controls

While the controls of the game are easy to understand, you need to be able to master it until it becomes second nature to you. The virtual joystick on the left side of the screen controls your movement. Sliding it all the way in one direction will make you sprint. Sprinting allows you to leap over small obstacles but it also lowers your weapon so use it with caution. Tapping twice on the right side allows you to control the crosshairs of your weapon. You can change this setting if you prefer using a virtual button instead. Make sure you customize the controls to whatever is most comfortable for you. When you are in combat, you won’t have time to think about what button to press next so mastering the controls is one of the most crucial things you need to do.

2. Know Your Special Ability

As mentioned above, there are 12 different Agents to choose from before you play a game, and more are expected to come in the future. Each of these Agents have special skills that can be used during battle. For example, the assassin Mi-Nu’s special ability increases her speed and regeneration. Activating it will help her go for the kill or make her escape. Another example is Kan’s skill. As a defender, it is his job to protect his teammates. He does this by creating a defensive dome which shields all allies inside it. Using these skills at the right moment can turn the tides of battle in your team’s favor so make sure you get to know them all. Keep in mind that activating special abilities cost Core Charges. These come in very limited amounts but regenerate over time. One charge is regenerated every six seconds. Core Charges refill faster when you kill enemies or capture a control zone. Different skills have different costs so make sure you consider this before using your special ability.

Coordinate with your teammates in order to maximize the effects of your special abilities. Since Core Charges regenerate every six seconds, you should not let your skills sit on idle while your charges are full. Talking to your teammates on when to use your skills so you don’t accidentally use them all at the same time.

3. How To Win In Control Zone

The main game mode is the Control Zone. In this mode, your goal is to capture and secure an area for a given time. To capture an unoccupied area, you just need to enter it and stay there for a few seconds until you start earning points. If the enemy team enters the zone you have already captured, you will still continue to earn points. The only way for them to stop you from earning points is to drive out your entire team from the area. When one team reaches 100 points, they win the match and the game ends.

The game will mark a direct route to a control zone but it is better if you find alternate routes. If the enemy team is already occupying the zone, you will need to be able to ambush them in order to wipe them out quickly. Try to look for routes where they won’t expect you. On the other hand, if your team is defending a control zone, try to look for cover that is still within the control zone. You don’t really want to engage the enemy at this point since capturing the control zone puts you ahead. You just need to find a spot to hide in where you can continue to earn points for your team.

4. Don’t Forget To Reload

When you run out of ammo, your character will automatically reload. The problem with that is if it happens while in the middle of a face-off with another player. Make sure you reload manually whenever you can so you won’t have to go through that embarrassing moment of empty clicking sounds right before your opponent blows your head off.

5. Aim For The Head

Going for headshots isn’t just for style points in Modern Combat Versus. The ideal battle scenario is to be able to shoot at an enemy without them shooting back. Of course, the only way they won’t shoot back is if you kill them in one hit. Well, it won’t necessarily be just one hit but headshots in this game deal the most damage to your opponents. Just aim for their head and fire away. You will know you are giving headshot damage if the counter turns yellow as you are shooting. Continuous headshots will make such quick work of your enemy’s health that they wouldn’t even have time to retaliate.

6. Keep Moving

As with any shooter game, you can never really tell where your enemy will pop up. For all you know, an enemy already has you in his sight. The only way you can somehow protect yourself without having eyes at the back of your head is to keep moving. Try to move back and forth in erratic patterns to confuse your opponent. It will be difficult for them to get headshots on someone if they can’t predict the movements. If you have no idea where your enemies are, just try to move around a lot to make it impossible for them to shoot you.

7. Play At Least Six Games Per Day

Modern Combat Versus gives you a steady supply of free crates per day. You just need to work towards opening them in order to get all that free experience and goodies. Try to play at least six games per day to get the most out of your free crates. It will only take a few minutes since battles tend to be quick in this game. It wouldn’t hurt to squeeze in a handful of matches even if you have a busy schedule.

8. Unlock More Agents

Even though there are 12 Agents that can be used in battle, not all of them will be available to you right away. You will need to unlock the other Agents in order to use them in game. To unlock an Agent, just go to the in-game store and buy them. The costs vary but you can spend either regular currency or premium currency to unlock them. Keep in mind that some Agents can only be unlocked using regular currency, while others can only be purchased using premium currency.

Try to get all 12 Agents so you can easily adjust your playstyle according to your team’s needs. Play a few games using each of them to get a better idea of which one is best for you. Even though there are multiple Agents under each role in your team, there are still differences that you need to understand before investing further on a particular Agent. If you like a certain role, make sure you pick one Agent to go all out on.

9. Upgrade Your Favorite Agent

While it is ideal that you learn how to use all Agents, it is more likely that you will have one or two favorites that you will use often. Experience can come a bit slow in this game so it takes a while to level up even just one hero, let alone a whole batch of them. If you already have a favorite, invest all you have into maximizing his upgrades. Since you will be using the same few characters often, you should aim for any advantage you can get.

10. Earn More Korpens

The regular currency in Modern Combat Versus is called Korpens. You can earn up to a maximum of 500 Korpens in a day by playing multiplayer matches. Of course, this can be a bit tedious since you only earn 50 for each win, and 25 for each loss. The easiest way to collect in-game currency is to open the chests you get from Achievements. Every Agent in the game has his own set of Achievements that you can aim for. You will get a chest every time you complete one. Try to master all 12 Agents in order to complete all their Achievements.

Get ready to immerse yourself in action-packed team battles! Just make sure you follow our list of Modern Combat Versus tips and tricks and you will be climbing the leagues in no time!