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Mmm Fingers Cheats: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help You Get a High Score

Best known for games like Small Fry and Flappy Bird-inspired Flappy Golf, Mmm Fingers is a new game from Noodlecake Studios available on Android and iOS. Your goal in the game is to “touch and hold the screen as long as you can” while avoiding the “hungry monsters” that are chasing after your fingers. Lifting your fingers or hitting things with teeth would leave you vulnerable to the “monsters,” thus ending your game just like that. Yes, it’s all that simple, but if you want to beat your high score or that of your friends, you may be interested in this quick list of Mmm Fingers tips and tricks.

1. Keep Your Eyes On The Dots

The monsters in this game tend to follow the dots that appear on the screen. You’ll want to pay attention to the path of the dots, as this will give you a good read on their next move. This isn’t a purely foolproof strategy, though – the monsters won’t always follow the path mapped out by the dots, especially the larger ones.

2. Don’t Get Distracted By The Notes

Conversely, there are things that you’d be best advised to ignore completely on Mmm Fingers. Chief among these are all the notes you’ll be seeing on your phone or tablet’s display – high scores, average scores, and all other pieces of information and statistics you’d rather check once you’re finished with the game. Your goal is to protect your fingers from the monsters, and while those distracting notes are part and parcel of many free titles, you should do everything you could to ignore their presence.

3. Vary Your Speeds When Changing Directions And Avoiding Obstacles

The moment you see an obstacle on your device’s display, the first thing to do is to go up quickly, then go back down slowly as the obstacle descends the display and makes way for another one. Staying in motion is always a better course of action than simply camping out in traditionally safe areas, such as the bottom of your device’s screen.

4. Whatever You Do, Don’t Lift Your Finger

We already warned you above, and so did the game. Lifting your finger immediately spells the end of the game, and while it may get tiring, you’ll have to tough it out and keep your finger on the display for the duration of the game if you’re looking to beat your friends’ high scores, or your own high score. It’s simple as that.

5. Keep On Practicing

Practice makes perfect, so goes the old adage. That’s also true in the world of mobile games, including Mmm Fingers. Chances are you won’t reach the higher rungs of the leaderboard overnight, but if you practice as often as you could, you’ll find yourself getting better and more familiar with the best ways in which to avoid those monsters. And that should also result in a higher score, and possibly one that will beat out those of your friends.