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Mino Monsters 2: Evolution Tips, Hints & Strategies: How to Level Up and Evolve Your Minos

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution (Android, iOS) is the sequel to the original Mino Monsters, and it’s once again coming to us courtesy of Mino Games. As we said before, this game is similar to dragon-training games, though since the Minos are actually monsters, we’d say “Pokemon-style breeding game” is a more apropos description. And you’ll be doing a lot of leveling up for those monsters, not to mention evolving them when the time is right.

These two methods – upgrading and evolving – are the main ways of making your Minos better. And our latest set of Mino Monsters 2: Evolution tips, tricks and hints are here to teach you how to do those things right.

1. Know The Basics Of Leveling Up

Leveling up monsters will cost you coins, and in order for you to do this, you’ll first have to head to the team menu. There should be an option there to spend coins to level them up; hit the button for this option, or keep on hitting it until you’re out of coins. The latter method is fine, because the more you level up your Mino, the more you’ll be able to improve its attack rating and health.

2. Grind For More Coins

Grinding, as we’ve explained in the past, is the process of replaying completed levels. This is a great option if you’re all out of coins but still in a battle. Once you’ve got enough coins, you can do the leveling-up process discussed above, with more coins required to level up the rarer Minos.

3. Get Your Mino Up To Level 25

Each of your Minos can evolve twice, though there are some powerful ones that won’t be able to evolve as often as that. The first time you can evolve your Mino is if it’s at Level 25, after which you have to give it the corresponding type of berries to evolve them. Repeat the process once they reach Level 50.

4. Find The Right Berries

Go to the evolution screen, where you’ll see the type of berry that matches the type of Mino being evolved. Tap on the berry to see a list of locations, which may include several chests and islands. Once you’ve gotten the berries, you can then evolve your Minos without a hitch. But what if you’re still hard-up for berries, or maybe coins for leveling up? Read the next tip and we’ll tell you more.

5. Play In PvP Mode And Take Part In Events

You’ll want to take part in player-vs-player mode in the arena, and/or take part in the events. These modes both can reward you with berries, though more often than not you’ll be receiving a truckload of coins, which can then be used for leveling up your monsters.

6. Buy Gems Or Chests

Last, but not least, it’s also possible to buy gems or chests, which may include fully-evolved Minos. That way, you don’t have to worry about the whole leveling-up and evolution thing, as they’ll be ready, arriving practically giftwrapped for you.