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Mighty Party: Heroes Clash Guide, Tips & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash is a brand new mobile game developed by Panoramik Inc., that puts you against various creatures as well as other players in exciting multiplayer duels. The game is based around different units from three factions, which can evolve when you collect enough cards, unlocking new skills and making them more and more powerful. Aside from units that can be deployed on the battlefield, there are also heroes who command over armies and also have a couple of special abilities that can turn the tide of every battle.

In Mighty Party: Heroes Clash, your goal is to collect various cards and upgrade your units, to pick among many different creatures and to construct your own, undefeatable army. Each of the three factions has its own leader, and while you can create an army made out of creatures from all three factions, it is recommended to revolve your army around one faction with a couple of powerful units from other two warring parties.

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash features a hand-drawn art style that is pleasant to the eye, and that looks amazing. This makes the game to run well on most devices, and it also makes it one of the best-looking games around. Battles are turn-based, and they take place on a field divided into squares, with each square being able to host one unit. Melee units can be summoned to front two rows, and ranged ones can take one of the three back rows. Just take into account that in Mighty Party: Heroes Clash, you can’t place one melee unit behind another. Well, you can, but the one on the back row won’t be able to attack, so a perfect placement is one melee unit on front row accompanied by up to three ranged units placed on back rows.

Getting enough cards for leveling up your creatures is quite easy at the start, but becomes gradually harder as you advance through Mighty Party: Heroes Clash. Although the game features a single-player campaign, the majority of time spend in Mighty Party: Heroes Clash will be spent on multiplayer battles, which are the main source of income and new cards. The game, as most other free-to-play titles, is based around two currency types. You have your gold, which is a base currency, and you have diamonds, a premium currency that can be bought for real money.

Players can earn chests from battling with other players, or they can get new cards from single-player battles. Another way to earn new cards and creatures is by defeating enemies in single player levels. While Mighty Party: Heroes Clash is charitable to new players, the game quickly becomes pretty hard at times, and while you might think that multiplayer battles are way harder than they look, that isn’t the case. By constructing a synergy army, and by using a couple of tricks, you can make you leader very strong and your army very hard to defeat.

If you want to know how to level up your leader with ease, how to construct a powerful army without spending a dime, and how to stay competitive even on higher leagues, stay with us and check out this guide.

1. Focus On One Faction When Building An Army

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash gives players a choice between three playable factions: Order, Nature, and Chaos. And while there are powerful units in each faction, it is best to base your army on just one. The best faction to start with is Order because their leader has the most useful base power, and they feature strong synergy between different units.

Constructing a party based on synergies is very important, since this can make an army based on regular units much more powerful than it looks. And remember, since every player will get a ton of new units during early game, if you don’t have enough of powerful Order units, try building a party based on some other faction.

Also, it is worth noting that some powerful units lose a lot of their power if they are used outside of their main faction, so having a high party power isn’t a guarantee that you will be successful in multiplayer battles.

2. How To Level Up Leaders Quickly

We noticed that the majority of players have leaders with noticeably lower health that we have, and after a bit of thinking, we concluded that the majority of players are not using a simple trick to level up their leaders quickly.

All you have to do is to fill your party with the most powerful units (units with highest power value), and once you level up your leader, just put back units you use in your party. So, if you have a party based on Order units, just place the most powerful units (no matter their faction) inside your party in order to raise your power value. Once you level up your leader, put your main units back in your party, and you leader’s level and HP will stay the same.

This is a great way to quickly level up leaders, just place all the most powerful units (not based on their attack or HP, but on power value, shown when you tap on a creature card) in your party, level up your leader, and then place your main units back in the party. Simple, but effective.

3. Try Gaining Unit Advantage In Every Game

Multiplayer battles are usually won by a player who creates a unit advantage during the first couple of turns. This is where Order leader is unbeatable, since he can damage all enemy units by a certain value. This is great when you play second since you can kill enemy units and create unit advantage, making opponent to defend instead to attack.

4. Destroy Random Buffs

Almost every multiplayer game in Mighty Party: Heroes Clash starts with a couple of random objects that can either buff units that are on the same side of the board or nerf units on the opposite side of the board. Aside from gaining unit advantage, destroying these random objects also is very important. If you decide to leave them alone, they will present a huge advantage for your opponent, and they will make their units more powerful each and every turn.

So, you should focus mainly on creating unit advantage and destroying random objects. Also, try preventing structures present on your side of the board from getting destroyed as long as you can because they can provide some very important bonuses that can decide the winner if they stay intact for lots of turns.

5. Construct A Party With Enough Melee Units

Ranged units are more powerful, but having enough melee units in your party is important since they play a shield role for ranged creatures. Ranged creatures have high attack values, but most of them are pretty weak and can be destroyed in one turn.

And the worst thing that can happen during the first turn is for you not to have any melee units to summon, placing your opponent in lead since they will most surely create unit advantage, which is the best way to get a victory.

6. Single Player Missions Are Hard, But They Shouldn’t Be Played Like Multiplayer Ones

While you can be successful in multiplayer with a team constructed out of not so powerful units that rely on synergy, single player battles are completely different story. In them, opponents do not rely on strategy but mostly on brute force.

While playing single player mission, it is better to construct a party made out of units with the highest attack values, than out of those that are stronger when used together. Many opponents will start with auto buffs that can make their units stronger, or your units weaker so before stating any single player mission check out whether your opponent starts with skills.

And remember, if you fail a mission, don’t fret. Just try constructing a different squad that can play against particular opponent. This can sound tiresome and boring, since you have to make a different squad for almost every opponent, but is better than just playing with your main squad and losing almost every mission.

7. Dark Tower Battles Are Fought With Random Squads

Once you reach multiplayer league 20, a new mode calls Dark Tower will unlock. And while the mode offers some pretty attractive rewards you should be aware that you will fight with random parties. In other words, you main party used for multiplayer matches won’t be available, and the game will randomly construct you a party out of all units you have unlocked.

This can be problematic, especially if you have just a couple of epic and legendary units since all opponents you will be facing are at least in league 20, meaning most of them have lots of epic and legendary creatures. So be warned, do not enter Dark Tower, unless you have lots of different epic and at least one or two legendary units.

Okay, folks, that was all. We shared some pretty helpful tips and tricks that can make playing Mighty Party: Heroes Clash much easier. But remember, since the game is based around creature cards, RNG plays pretty big role when opening chests. So, if you don’t have luck when opening chests, just try making the best out of your situation and try making squad that can at least give you enough power to reach league 20. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!