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Meteorfall: Journey Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Build a Powerful Deck

Lazy Peon’s new mobile game Meteorfall: Journey combines deck-building and roguelike mechanics flawlessly. The game lets you go on an adventure in procedurally generated dungeons. Every time you play, you will see different locations, enemies, and quests. Choose from one of the four classes in order to begin your journey. The game utilizes a tactical combat system with deck-building elements. When you are in battle, you will be drawing ability cards from your deck. You will then swipe right if you want to play that card, or swipe left to skip your turn. This system will compel you to really consider every card that goes into your deck. Otherwise, you will end up skipping a lot of turns only to find yourself dead before you can even attack. If you need help in building the ultimate deck, just check out our Meteorfall: Journey strategy guide!

1. Choose The Right Class

There are four different classes available in Meteorfall: Journey. You are free to choose what you want since each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. The right class ultimately depends on your own play style. In order to know which class is best for you, you will need to get to know each of them better. We have them all listed below along with our recommendations in order to help you pick the one that suits you.


He is the fighter of the group. In fact, you will have six attack cards right off the bat if you pick him. Make sure to add some more weapon and armor cards to your deck in order to boost his brawling ability.


With just one look, you know his specialty is magic. You can use his attack cards, but why bother if you can just cast fireball and ice bolts to destroy your enemies? Don’t forget to meditate to recharge your spells though. Pick him if you want a damage dealer with low stamina costs.


This girl knows how to have fun. Her attack cards Spider Bite and Stab give her extra actions without costing too much stamina. Throw in some poison cards into her deck and you will have one annoying assassin on your hands. Adding a little stamina on her when you level up will let her wreak endless havoc.


Being the prim and proper one, what this lady lacks in bark or bite she more than makes up for in the ability to heal herself. She has several attack cards and smite spells that you can use. You might want to throw in a few more spells, though, if you want her to truly shine.

2. Watch Your Deck Size

When you start out, you will only have 10 cards. You are then free to add cards as you see fit. You will definitely need to add more cards if you want to get stronger, but the question is, how much more? The answer depends on your style and the cards you have. Not every good card should be included in your deck. You also need to think about how these cards work together, or how you can weave them into your strategy. Keep in mind that the more cards you have, the lower the odds of getting the ones you need. It is better if you just stick to the few best cards that you know will be useful in any situation.

3. When Things Get Tough, Run

He who fights then runs away, lives to fight another day. Don’t be afraid to run away from monsters once in a while. Just don’t run from all of them. Escaping from a monster does not have any penalties. In fact, you will even be given four health back when you run away. Just remember that you will be missing out on experience if you decide to skip a battle. If you run from too many battles, you might not have enough power to take on the boss at the end of the level.

A good gauge for running away is your health. If you are at full health, there is hardly any reason for you to run. If you are a bit low on health, it might be better to skip and recover. You need to master how to choose your battles in order to succeed in this game. Not everything is can be solved by brute force.

4. Death Is Not So Bad

Similarly to any other roguelike game, death is permanent in Meteorfall: Journey. You do not get to respawn and pick up where you left off. With that said, dying is not as bad as you may think. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen your deck further. When you die, the currency you were able to earn at the end of your run can be used to purchase new cards. These new cards are expensive, but they are equally powerful. Try to stay alive for as long as you can, and when you finally die, use it as an opportunity to do some major card shopping.

5. Money Makes The World Go Round

Once you have a lot of cash to burn, you will be able to go on longer runs. It is not just about having a good deck. You will often encounter a Store or a Blacksmith while you are exploring. As soon as you see them, do not be afraid to whip out your wallet and start spending. Invest in a few strategic upgrades, and even unlock a new card or two. Spend what you need in order to get stronger. Just don’t go overboard with spending. Your score at the end of the run depends on how much money you have left. If you spend everything, you won’t have anything left for your score.

6. Keep An Eye On the Boss Counter

If you look at the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see a counter. This counter tells you when you will encounter the boss of that level. This is important information because you don’t want to run into him unprepared. Make sure you have enough health and level before you go face to face with the boss. It is a good habit to always check the counter, so that you can plan your next moves accordingly.

It is time to go on the ultimate adventure and hunt down the Lich! Don’t forget what you learned from our Meteorfall: Journey strategy guide to ensure your success!