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Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon Cheats: 5 Tips & Hints to Get a High Score

Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon is an iOS-only title from XperimentalZ Games that is described as a funny challenging score-chasing one-touch endless game and “easy to learn, hard to master.” Yes, that’s two commonly-used terms for such type of titles, but what is this game really about? In the game’s universe, dinosaurs had been at war with the evil Asteroidians for “millenniums,” but just when the dinos thought they beat the Asteroidians, the bad guys came back and pulverized a dinosaurs colony on Earth. And it’s up to the Mechanosaur to leap into his time machine and prevent that attack from happening.

That’s the basic story, but the question remains – how can you get a high score in this game? We’ve got the answer for you, in the form of these Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon cheats, tips and hints.

1. Know How The Controls Work

If you lift your finger off your device’s display, the moon will orbit around Earth at a slow pace. If you put your finger on the screen, Mechanosaur will be the one orbiting the moon, but at a far quicker pace around Earth. And the longer you leave your finger on the screen, the moon will spin longer and faster, and the moon will draw asteroids towards it with its gravitational pull. However, there is a catch to spinning the moon too far and too fast, and that’s the asteroids skipping the moon and heading right into planet Earth.

2. Unlock Asteroids To Get Eons

As you keep playing the game, you’ll unlock more asteroids. Each of them will allow you to score higher with eons (the point system) when the asteroids hit the moon, but as you progress, the asteroids will become more and more challenging.

3. Advanced Asteroids Earn You More Points

The game’s more advanced asteroids will reward you with more eons if you’re able to get rid of them. Spiral asteroids, for instance, earn you three eons. And that’s far from being the only advanced type out there, and you can even earn bonus points for bringing an asteroid back from Earth’s satellite belt and making it hit the moon.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Get More Hit Points

Like in many other games, you have the option to watch advertisement videos, and your reward for sitting through the ads is having planet Earth take four hits instead of the usual three. You can actually pay for the game (it costs only a dollar), get rid of the advertisements, and give Earth four hit points for the entire duration of the game.

5. Apply This Quick Cheat To Make Things Easier

You can uninstall the game and reinstall it if you’re having a hard time with the asteroids – that’s going to bring you back to the base asteroids and reset the game’s difficulty back to easy, so to say. This trick also works for getting your bonus hit points back once you uninstall the game, either by purpose or by accident – simply hit “restore purchase” upon reinstallation and Earth has four hit points once again.