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Max Ammo Tips, Cheats & Strategies: 6 Hints to Complete All Missions

Max Ammo is a retro-styled iOS and Android game from Mantis Shrimp that is referred to by the company as the “most insane action shooter.” In here, you can “shoot, upgrade, and craft your way” through multiple levels, and the game also offers new challenges on a monthly basis. As the titular character Max Ammo, your task is to fight off the evil Reptor Empire, and while it may sound like a tough task for one man to fulfill, Mantis Shrimp claims that the controls are “designed exclusively for your mobile device” – see the first tip for a bit of a disclaimer on this. You can also collect loot while completing the hundreds of levels, and upgrade your weapons in various ways.

This is a brand-new game and you may be thinking of where to start and what to do. To that end, we’ve got some Max Ammo tips, cheats and strategies that could give you the maximum head start if you’re fighting the Reptor Empire for the first time in this game.

1. The Controls Can Be Confusing And Frustrating

As promised, we’ve got a disclaimer on Mantis Shrimp’s claim that the controls are easy to use. Unfortunately, they actually aren’t – many gamers have complained that the game would recognize a tap as a swipe, or vice versa. We know how it feels – we’re just as disappointed as you are – but until Mantis Shrimp is able to patch this issue, you’ll have to grin and bear it for the meantime, and prepare for some frustrating (and not “tight” or easy-to-use) controls, especially in Tournament mode.

2. Don’t Just Move, Move Fast

We don’t want to sound like we’re pressuring you, but the most important thing in Max Ammo may not be your character’s ammo, or should we say his weapons. Rather, the most important thing is being as fast as possible regardless of what you do – that’s the best way for you to complete the single-player campaign and get ready for Tournament mode. You may also need to multitask, e.g. kill enemies while running, or switch weapons while in any kind of motion.

3. Switch Weapons Around

In relation to the last sentence, you will also want to regularly switch weapons, as they have a tendency to heat up quickly. If switching is too much work, then you might want to use your weapons more prudently.

4. There’s Nothing Wrong With Hiding

At times, you may have to hide from the enemy and retreat. Although we did tell you that you have to move, move, move, and make sure you’re moving fast and multitasking, there are also times when you have to retreat rather than risk imminent death against a horde of enemies or a missile that’s ever-so-close to hitting you.

5. Replay Contracts And Complete All Daily Missions

Completing the Contracts repeatedly and completing all of your Daily Missions are two of the most reliable ways for you to earn money that you can then use for upgrades. The latter can also give you some nice freebies aside from the money.

6. Miscellaneous Tips For Enemies

Watch for the light that shows up when enemies are about to teleport successfully to where you’re at. By tapping that light, you can fire at the enemies the moment they arrive. Additionally, shoot dogs and Kamikaze monsters when in close contact, as they tend to ignore your shield in such close-range encounters.

For now, this is our collection of Max Ammo tips, tricks and cheats here at Level Winner. If you know any other hints for this exciting new game, don’t forget to share it with us!