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March of Empires Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 9 Easy Tricks to Expand Your Empire

Gameloft is well-known as a maker of immersive RPGs and strategy games, and the company’s iOS and Android game March of Empires can fit into both categories. It’s a game where you can claim your title as Highland King, Northern Czar or Desert Sultan, build up your castle, recruit an army, and do a lot of the other things you can do in RPGs and strategy titles. Highland Kings are knights of honor and piety, Northern Czars bring cunning on and off the battlefield to the table, while Desert Sultans are passionate defenders of knowledge. You can invade new territories, unlock bonuses, and defend your castle against enemies while fortifying your structures.

This is a very deep and intricate game, and there’s so much to learn about the title. That’s why we’ve come up with a more extensive than usual March of Empires cheats and strategy guide, where we share with you some general tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of your gaming experience. Specifically, we’re talking about beginner tips here, so read on if you’re just starting out in this game and wanting to get a feel for things quicker than the average newbie.

1. Follow The Quests And Adventures

The very first tip we have to share to you is probably the most common one when it comes to these games. It is best to follow the quests before anything else as they will set you on the right path; you can also end up completing a long string of them, even in the early goings. Adventures, specifically the longer ones, are also a good choice for starters. And while you’re taking on these quests and adventures, you should also look for unoccupied resource areas on your map and dispatch your troops to those areas. Always make sure you have an army at home, and that it’s a formidable one – many overlook this, and we hope you haven’t, or wouldn’t make the same mistake.

Specifically, we suggest that you complete the longer adventures, so that you can make the most of your time away from the game; when you return, that’s when you can collect the rewards. As far as going to unoccupied resource sites, we suggest this because this will allow you to mitigate the risks of getting attacked by enemies.

2. Be Versatile

When it comes to general strategies for March of Empires, you need to be as balanced as possible. That means focusing your attention equally on your attack, your defense, your building maintenance, and just about everything else that matters in this title. Focusing on one facet of the game alone will ultimately lead to failure on your end.

3. Build Everything As Soon As Possible

It’s best to start out early when it comes to building different structures, such as homes, farms, and resource buildings. We advise you to build all those essential structures and upgrade them up to Level 3 before the timers start becoming longer. Once your Castle is at Level 4, you can construct additional farms, homes, and resource buildings, and also exert effort on upgrading them. Resources are important in this game, so pay close attention to the buildings that generate them.

4. Join Alliances ASAP

This game has its own social element to it, and we would advise you to join an alliance at the soonest possible time. Though it may be tempting for you to start joining raids and making the most out of your alliance, you may want to hit on the Ask for Help button and seek assistance in making sure you’ve got the strongest base you could have.

5. Don’t Spend Too Much Gold From The Get-Go

In fact, it would be best NOT to spend any gold coins and not make any purchases in the in-app store. You want to start with the basics, and that’s building a powerful empire. Wait it out for a few days before you even think of using your gold coins for purchases; the most important thing is to get used to the game’s mechanics, before spending gold or other resources when you don’t really have to.

6. Choose Your Empire Wisely

There are three empires you can choose from in March of Empires, and we would strongly suggest the Sultan’s empire, as it boasts of a larger squad that could give you the strength in numbers you need in battle. As a secondary choice, the Highland King is a good empire to choose, as it rewards those who are especially active.

7. Train Large Numbers Of Troops

It’s a good idea to train a great number of troops, but aside from having them ready for battle, they’re also good for farming. By farming we don’t exactly mean planting stuff and harvesting it – we’re talking RPG parlance here, which means collecting resources. Winning battles is all well and good, and it’s always fun to kill off more than a few enemies. But your base would be nothing without resources, so make sure you’ve got armies ready to farm at all times.

8. Know The Importance Of Research

You should also be spending a lot of time on research, though when talking about in-game time, this could be quite time consuming. Specifically, we would advise going for military research, as that would allow you to unlock more advanced troops and gain more power when going on the offensive.

9. Be Aware That Your Hero Needs A Good Route

Your hero in March of Empires would need a good route – you can choose from Warfare, Income, or Progress, depending on the skills you want to focus on. There really is no right or wrong answer as far as this tip goes, but you should always remember that you cannot always max out your skills in the early goings. Warfare would usually be the best route; sure, resources are important, as we mentioned above, but you would also want to win more against your enemies, right?

Need some advice on choosing the right empire in the game? Take a look at our dedicated March of Empires tips and strategy guide, which explains you the advantages of each factions.


Tuesday 30th of August 2022

I have my castle up to level 33. My champion to level 70. But when my alliance does raids and I want to contribute it says I do not have enough armies to do the raid even though I have way more then I need. Is there something I have to do to raise the level of armies I can put in a raid. Often the alliance raid ask only for archers. So I believe I have enough not sure why it limits me and does not allow me to add more to meet the quota? Also if I do automatic it tries to put the wrong kind of army that are not asked for to meet the requirement. However, I know I have enough archers for the requirement. I believe? I am not sure how they tell you what kind of army characters they want for the raid and how I can tell except for what I see the game puts on the screen. Can you give me guidance.

Craig Millar

Tuesday 1st of June 2021

What happens if l leave an alliance and join another?? do l lose anything?

Kiwi Anzac

Monday 22nd of March 2021

Good question. As I only had 4 members in my alliance. Its almost dead?

Glenn R Harris

Wednesday 17th of February 2021

what are the consequences of an alliance merger?

Albert Owens

Sunday 13th of October 2019

How do I defend my capital from attack