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MapleStory M Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Intermediate and Advanced Players Navigating Those Newly Unlocked Features

Released earlier this year, Nexon’s MapleStory M is now available for iOS and Android devices alike, and it brings the PC gaming experience of the original MapleStory to the mobile world. This is an “authentic” MMORPG where you can choose characters, or Explorers, with the same classes you may have known from the original (or are just getting to know now), and just like in other MMORPGs, you can join guilds, raid dungeons, and take part in live events against other human players. While the quests can be played by yourself without any help from your fellow live, “real” players, you’ll find out soon enough that you’ll need to take advantage of those social features in raids, for instance.

It may have been a while since we last covered this game, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been looking for more tips and tricks for this title. Well, we’ve got just that for you, as our new MapleStory M strategy guide is recommended for players who are at level 20 and above, meaning those who may be at intermediate or expert level in terms of expertise, and well versed with the auto-questing, weapon and armor improvements, and many of the game’s other basic mechanics. Here’s hoping these tips could be of help as you keep on unlocking new features in the game!

1. Don’t Forget To Load Up On Your Skills

As it’s so easy to go through quests like nobody’s business while you’re on auto mode, it’s also easy to forget that you can unlock multiple skills for your character, and equip them accordingly. Tap on the Skill tab under Character and you can view the skills you’ve just unlocked once you reach level 30, 60, and 100. Make sure you equip them and upgrade the ones you like the most or fit your play style the best — you can equip a maximum of nine skills to your character, which should allow you to mix things up when fighting monsters in quests, crawling through dungeons, or whatnot!

Also, as a bonus tip, do not ignore your Passive skills, which can be found by tapping on the rightmost tab under Skills. Upgrade these skills, because you know the drill when it comes to titles such as this — passive skills can sometimes be more important than the active ones! And don’t forget about your Buffs either, which are in the middle tab under Skills, and can be equipped on any one of your active skills to make them even more powerful.

2. Take Advantage Of Fever Buff

maplestory m fever buff

In most games, “fever” is gaming lingo for a brief period of time where your character gets substantially stronger, earns more XP, collects more coins, or basically takes advantage of those few seconds when they’re virtually unstoppable. In MapleStory M, the “fever” system is actually a buff system, and once you’ve filled up your Fever gauge and activated it, your character will be ridiculously buffed for as long as the gauge still has something in it — for example, you can do twice the damage or move at twice the speed you normally can once Fever is activated. The gauge fills up organically as you kill more monsters, though you also have Fever Buff Charge Tickets that could allow you to refill the gauge instantly. Normally, Fever Buffs last for 30 seconds.

Although it might not be urgently needed at first, you can upgrade the individual components, or effects of your Fever Buff with coins, and then with Crystals. As Crystals are extremely rare and hard to acquire in this game, this is one of the areas which you can invest in, while feeling confident that you’re spending that premium currency wisely.

3. Auto Battle Unlocks In Full At Level 20

Not to be confused with MapleStory M’s Auto Quest System, Auto Battle is a similar feature that unlocks at level 20; you can say that it “unlocks in full,” as the Auto Quest System essentially allows the AI to take your character to where they need to be, then do the fighting.

maplestory m auto battle

Once you reach level 20 and unlock the feature for the first time, you will get 120 free minutes of Auto Battle time, though you can add another two hours each day by taking advantage of the Free 2-Hour Charge option. Likewise, the Charge Tickets you earn through achievements and quest rewards can be used to add to your auto time — you can use these tickets any way you wish, depending on how much time you need — there are tickets that allow you to consume 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour. Take note that you’ll only be able to stack that time by so many minutes — the maximum Auto Battle time in the game is six hours, or 360 minutes.

While Auto Battle works in most of the dungeons and also in certain events, you cannot use it in some of Maple Story M’s other dungeons.

4. Level Up Faster Through The Mini Dungeon

Want to level up as quickly and as painlessly as possible without having to scroll through NPC conversations and understand what they’re saying and how it ties in with MapleStory M’s story arcs? Your best bet is to enter the Mini Dungeon, which, despite its name, requires that you stay for at least 30 minutes. Yes, it does sound a bit odd that 30 minutes is the shortest available play time, but hear us out — the game will give you a boost if you play a Mini Dungeon in Auto Battle, so you can just sit back and relax as your character slays more monsters in the dungeon. Just in case we forgot, this is a feature that becomes available once you reach level 25 in the game, and you are allowed to crawl through the Mini Dungeon three times a day for free, unless you purchase extra Tickets or win them as rewards.

Another good thing about Mini Dungeon is that you can choose the monsters you want to face — this can be useful if you’re trying to complete a quest by killing a specific monster, but you should also take care not to choose monsters who are well above your current level. Certainly, you can try fighting monsters that are a few levels higher than yours, but set the bar too high and you might run out of potions to keep you alive!

You can also purchase Buff Boosters prior to entering the Mini Dungeon, and while these could give you some valuable statistical boosts, or increase the amount of EXP and Mesos you earn, these boosters will cost you either 10 or 20 gems, depending on which one you purchase.

5. Join A Guild At Level 30

Reaching level 30 in MapleStory M will unlock the ability to join or form a guild, and since this is a social game despite the wealth of game modes which you can complete on your own, this is a feature you will definitely want to check out.

If you should choose to create your own guild instead of joining one, the game will charge you 100,000 Mesos, and as guild leader, you’ll have the option to choose not only the name of your guild, but also your emblem — the latter is mainly there for cosmetic purposes, but you’ll never know — it just might be helpful in convincing new members to join!

Although it is possible to form a guild, it is more recommended to join an existing one, as that wouldn’t cost you anything at all. We suggest searching for a guild that’s based in your home country, because chances are you may have to wait a while for approval if you join a guild at random. Also, keep in mind that you will not be able to join another guild for 24 hours after you leave the one you’re currently in!

So what are the benefits of joining a guild? Obviously, the chance to win daily rewards is the main come-on of taking advantage of the social element this way — you can do this by checking your daily attendance. You can also level up faster by taking part in the Guild Banquets, which last for 30 minutes and are only initiated by guild officers, namely the Master or whomever has been designated as Sub-Master.

6. Wheeling And Dealing At The Trade Station

maplestory m trade station

Once you’re at level 35, you will unlock the Trade Station feature, which allows you to buy and sell new items, spending and earning Mesos respectively as you see if you can get better items than the ones you currently have, or sell the items you no longer need. Using this feature is pretty straightforward — you have three main menus, Equipment, Style, and Consumable, and once you’re there, you can start shopping based on your character’s class for Equipment, for instance, and if applicable, search based on an item’s rarity. For Style, you’re basically shopping for cosmetic add-ons, with different types of aesthetic equipment to choose from, and for Consumable, your only two options are Mount and Damage Skin.

Once you’ve found a list of items to purchase, you’ll see several pieces of information for each available item, including their Registered Price and the class the items are designed for. You can also tap on View Item, upon which you’ll see different versions of the same item, but with different ATK ratings and prices. Once you’ve viewed the stats and made sure that you can afford the item, you can tap on the Buy button and you’re all set.

You can also sell items that you already have in your inventory, just as long as the icon for the item you want to sell is not grayed or blacked out. The good thing here is that you can set the price of these items — you may have to do some shopping to get a good idea of the price you should set for the item, but at least you’re not at the mercy of the game’s AI and not automatically getting a bad deal. Make absolutely sure you’ve placed the exact asking price you’re expecting before hitting on the button to register your item for sale —if you pull an item out after registering it for sale, you’ll have to pay 10 percent of the asking price you listed!

7. Buy Low, Sell High

Of course, when it comes to transactions at the Trade Station, the old maxim would still apply — buy low and sell high so you don’t end up wasting your Mesos! When choosing items that have the same ATK level, always look for the cheapest one, and when selling your items, it’s best to take the average price you may have observed for the item in question, then mark it up by about 10 to 15 percent or so — marking it up by too much would make the item virtually unsellable, and you definitely wouldn’t want to pay a fee for unregistering an item you cannot sell because you’ve overpriced it. Yes, it is nice to earn a tidy profit from the items you sell, but don’t go overboard — most players will know how to identify a bad deal and would avoid it accordingly!