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Make More! Tips & Strategy Guide for Maximizing Your Earnings and Productivity

Fingersoft’s new mobile title called Make More! is a clicker game, that warns you from the get-go that there is a “terribly lot of clicking” for this game to be qualified as an idle clicker. And as the title suggests, this game takes you to the factory business, where, as the owner of your own factory, you can gain as much profit as possible on the backs of your employees. So how can you “make more” in this game?

You can hire “silly” workers, train them so they can work faster and serve you better, build new factories and create more “crazy” products, and complete all of the factories so you can earn more awards. On top of that, the game challenges you to find all the workers within it, and as you’ll notice soon enough, the workers are indeed, if you come to think of it, silly. And so are the products, which include actual cow poop from the Farm Factory.

Obviously, this game doesn’t take itself very seriously, but the business of tapping, as you may have realized if you’re already playing the game, is a serious one indeed. Read on, as this Make More! strategy guide will have you living up to what the game says you should do. We shall teach you all the tips and tricks you need to be a top-flight factory owner, though as always, we shall start off with those tips you need to learn as a beginner.

1. There’s An Idle Mechanic Somehow

Fingersoft doesn’t want this game to be seen as an idle clicker, but in reality, it can be idle at times. Your employees, after all, can make products if you just leave them alone, but you can make them work faster and catch the boss’ attention by tapping on the screen. We would recommend, as usual, tapping with more than just one finger. Two is probably fine, but if your device’s screen can fit four fingers, all the better. The game doesn’t recognize taps if there are more than four fingers at a time on your screen, so don’t tire yourself out that much.

2. Start By Hiring High Level Workers

We’ve noticed something very peculiar about the hiring mechanic in Make More! Regardless of the worker you’re hiring and their corresponding level, they will always cost the same. So with that in mind, you don’t need to settle for scrubs just because they’re cheap. You can actually start out by hiring the highest-level workers before the lower-ranked ones. Higher-level workers produce materials quicker, and don’t take as much to upgrade them. Maximize your earning potential by starting out with the top-level workers, and you’ll save valuable time as well.

3. Upgrade The Higher-Level Employees First

Continuing on what we told you about in the first two tips, it’s very important that you upgrade your employees, even just a little bit. But when it comes to upgrade strategies, nothing’s better than starting with your highest-level employees, so that way your coins are put to good use and you avoid useless upgrades you won’t be needing anyway. You should also upgrade your factory bosses, as that’s going to allow your employees to hold more of one product before you can start collecting.
Collect your money by tapping on the boss, or heading to the factory screen to redeem your rewards. As a bonus tip, you can also double your earnings by clicking on the accompanying ad video.

4. How To Use The Time Lapse Cheat

Now we don’t always recommend that you do this, considering how many game makers there are who are aware of this longtime cheat. But the game appears to let players go on a time-lapse, and it’s just as simple as following this trick. First, begin construction or collect your money. Second, wake your employees up and exit the game. Now that you’ve left the game, you can then go to the date and time settings on your phone, and move the time several hours forward, depending on long you want or need things to be. Go back into the game and you’ll see that all your buildings have been completed, with product created by your employees beginning to pile up slowly, but surely.

You can repeat this process as often as you want, starting by collecting the product and waking up your employees. After waking up your workers, you can create a new factory and repeat the process. Just make sure you change the time back to normal before redoing the time lapse.

5. Focus On Your Best Factory

As you go along in the game, you will be unlocking more and more new factories, and each of them will have to be leveled up, with the cost of doing so increasing substantially despite the similarity in value of the products. At this point, we should also tell you that focusing on tapping while playing the game is important, and that the idle clicker mechanic really doesn’t fit the billing of this game. So if you want to make the most of your taps, level up your items, and focus on your best and most consistent factory.

Doing all that will allow you to maximize the flying bonuses, particularly the pouch of gold, which will give you the most money possible. If you got a pouch in a lower-level factory, you won’t get as much money as you usually would, and you won’t be able to go to another factory once the flying pouch arrives with your coins.

6. How Should You Upgrade Your Workers?

We don’t need to remind you about the importance of upgrading your workers. Doing this will allow them to produce items at a faster pace, and that’s going to be a big help to you once your factory’s level is all maxed out. But you should pay especially close attention to upgrading the number of items your “silly” workers can produce; tap on the icon in the upper left so you can upgrade this all-important item. This icon isn’t particularly visible to all players, and it could be easy to miss out on it. But if you spot it right away, you won’t be wasting much time as you upgrade things in such a way that you can earn a lot of money while away from the game.

To be more precise, you may want to upgrade table capacity to 100 or more as soon as possible. The higher your table capacity is, the more money you can earn when you’re away from the game for several hours, such as if you’re going to bed for the night.

7. Be Careful Not To Overdo The Upgrades

Although it may sound like the best thing to do to upgrade as much as possible, you should also be paying attention to production times and making the necessary adjustments. Consider this simple example – if you’ve upgraded storage to 400 and it takes about nine hours for your workers to fill all the orders in storage, then it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy more storage. If the longest time you’re away from the game is the eight hours of sleep you get each night, then it wouldn’t be worth it to make such a purchase. Go to the workers menu to check the production times required to fill storage; simply tap on the boss’ speech bubble on the top right.

8. How To Get More Cash

Strangely enough, Fingersoft calls the premium currency of the game as “cash” – this is rather odd, as cash is usually a common form of currency, with gold serving as the premium denomination. Semantics aside, it is what it is, and it’s a good idea to watch videos to load up on your cash reserves. Head to the boosts menu, which is the third one on the bottom bar. Tap on the TV icon next to the head boss, and that’s going to load up an advertisement video that will earn you two cash per view. That isn’t much, though it could add up over time if you watch a lot of videos.

You can also be on the lookout for flying cash, though that’s going to earn you less (one cash unit) each time you redeem it. Tasks, which can be viewed via the Tasks menu, are yet another source of cash; check your open tasks and work toward completing them so you can earn free cash quickly.

9. Don’t Spend Your Cash Frivolously

Remember the figures we told you about in the above tip – that’s all the proof you need to show you how hard it can be to earn cash in the game. And since cash is a highly-prized commodity in Make More!, you should spend it wisely, and not throw it away on stuff you might not need after all. One good way to work around this is to wait for a few hours (or sometimes, a few days) so you can earn enough cash for the pay bonus. That’s going to earn you more in the long run, as opposed to the tap bonus.

In most cases, you’ll be fine if you limit the tap bonus to 2 or 3; this is particularly true in the early stages of the game. You should also make sure that you’re planning spending wisely when it comes to your factories. Work first on your original, stock factory, then work your way across each new factory you open by upgrading profit. The stock factory, at the end of the day, will earn you more money for quite some time in the game, and you should focus your premium currency spending on that factory.

10. About The Prestiging Mechanic

Like most clicker games, Make More! has a “prestiging” mechanic. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is often used in clicker games (idle and non-idle) for the time when you reset your game and start from square one, but with a little something extra to make you more powerful and help you progress faster. In here, you can reset your game/prestige once you unlock your first trophy, and level up all factories to level 20. That will allow you to unlock robots, and hire them in order to make factory work post-prestiging faster and more productive.

That’s all for now, as far as our list of Make More! tips and tricks is concerned. Do you know more hints for the game? Let us know below in the comment section!