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Lunar Battle Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Dominate the Galaxy

Atari’s new mobile game Lunar Battle is an epic mix of city building and space fighting simulation. Lunar Battle will leave you in charge of establishing your own space colony. You will have to construct world wonders, gather resources, and fight action-packed battles against space pirates, barbarians, and even other players! One of the main draws of this game is the PVE and PVP battle system that immerses players in an arcade space shooter experience. You will need to equip your fighter ships with lasers, plasma cannons, and shields in order to become stronger. There are also over 50 levels of campaign mode waiting for you to complete. You have a long and arduous space journey ahead of you. Make sure you check out our Lunar Battle tips and tricks to ensure your success!

1. Plan Your City Layout

Strategy in this game starts as soon as you plop down your first building. Think about the layout of your city before you even begin because you will not be able to move buildings to a different location. You will need to demolish that building and create a new one if you really need it elsewhere. Unfortunately, that’s a massive waste of resources.

When planning your city layout, keep in mind that you will need to leave space for roads that are one square wide. You don’t have to worry about traffic congestion since this is not that kind of game, so all you need to do is make sure buildings are accessible in four directions. This will make things easier for your workers to travel back and forth between buildings.

There are certain buildings that your workers won’t really need to visit such as power generators and oxygen beds. Leave these buildings at the edge of your town to leave room for more important buildings in busier spots. Resource structures are very important, so you will want to build them in the most prominent areas of your colony.

2. Manage Your Structure Operations

Unlike other city management games where you just build structures and let them do their thing, in Lunar Battle you will need to be very hands on in order to succeed. Micromanaging the operations of your structures is necessary to ensure proper flow of resources. You will need to enable, disable, and re-enable different buildings based on your current needs. It may seem like a lot of work, but this mechanic is what separates the casual players from the veterans.

Watch your warehouses closely. Do not let them fill up because you will be struggling to get rid of unnecessary items later on. Make sure you have the right resources to build new structures. Use the requirements of new buildings as a guide when deciding which structures to enable and disable.

One exception to this mechanic is the food resource. Your citizens will always need food, so always leave food structures running. If you are short on energy, disable every other building except for the ones for food. A good way to stay on top of your resources is to maximize available expansions before investing in new buildings. Expansions cost less but give you more productivity.

3. Take Advantage Of Ad Offers

Lunar Battle gives you the option to acquire parts in exchange for watching advertisements. Take advantage of this so you won’t have to go through a whole lot of waiting just to get the parts you need. This is especially useful during the early stages of your colony when you are strapped for resources. You also have the option to double your resource production for two hours at a time by watching another advertisement. When you do this, make sure you stay logged into the game so you can maximize production while managing structure operations.

4. Watch Out For Crates

Crates contain random loot that you can use for your base. There are premium crates that require premium currency to open, but there are also regular ones that can be opened for free. You can find these crates around your colony from time to time. Just keep your eyes peeled as you go on with your daily grind. Keep in mind that the content of these crates varies, so use premium currency with caution.

5. Send Out Expeditions

At some point in the game, you will be building the expedition center. This will allow you to send out expeditions that will return with valuable resources and parts. Since these expeditions take time to complete, make sure you always queue them up to maximize your gain. It is an easy way to get rare parts so don’t forget to queue it up especially if you are about to log off from the game.

6. Link Your Facebook Account

If you have other friends who are playing the game, linking your Facebook account is a great idea. This will allow you to use the Jump Drive. The Jump Drive lets you send and receive crates from your friends. Every little bit of advantage is important in this game so don’t pass up any opportunity to get more free stuff!

7. Beef Up Your Ship And Space Station

Space exploration and battles add more fun to the game, but they also make things more challenging. You need to continuously upgrade your ship and space station to ensure you can go toe-to-toe with any opponent. You will need scraps to level them up. Since scraps can be difficult to acquire, you should focus on upgrading your ship first. The more battles you win, the more resources you will get. This will allow you to perform more upgrades in the long run.

8. How To Win Battles

Completing battle missions will reward you with resources while defeating other players will give you items that you need for upgrading your ship. Try to find a balance between the two in order to maximize your gain from battles. When in battle, prioritize taking out a single enemy. If you are still getting used to hitting mobile targets, you can focus on the enemy’s space station first. Always stay on the move to make yourself a difficult target.

Building your own space colony is a lot of hard work but if you follow our Lunar Battle tips and tricks, you will be dominating the galaxy in no time!