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Love Fantasy: Match & Stories Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Beat Every Level and Clear All Stories

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories, as the game’s title implies, is not just a match-3 puzzle game. It has a story-driven gameplay where you take on the role of different girls. Each set of stories come with decision points that yield different conversational impacts but naturally lead to scenarios requiring a make-over for the main character.

love fantasy match & stories tips

This game features a wide variety of clothing and accessories to purchase and collect for each character and every step of the make-over requires you to spend coins or gems to finish them. With this scenario, solving match-3 puzzles stand as your main source of income, making gameplay switch between challenging puzzle games, and exciting dress-up scenarios that let you progress intriguing stories.

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories is as simple and easy to pick up and play for all kinds of players, regardless of experience and skill levels. You can never go wrong with the dress up and story choice parts and these scenarios are basically your time off from solving puzzles. The match-3 puzzle part is where all the challenges come from, and while match-3 puzzles are easy to learn, each level certainly takes some patience and practice to master.

love fantasy match & stories tricks

As a casual puzzle game, Love Fantasy: Match & Stories is not the type of game that puts pressure on players to move forward quickly. Players can very much take their time to progress the story and challenge current levels. If you are, however, inclined to complete all available story sets and dominate each puzzle, then we have you covered as our Love Fantasy: Match & Stories guide comes with tips and strategies you need to clear everything fast and efficiently!

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

There are plenty of puzzle games that actually incorporate time pressure as part of the regular mechanics and, over time, players who have previously played other puzzle games have grown a habit of rushing through their turns as they try to solve each puzzle. For some beginners, it can also happen that a mindset of having to complete a puzzle faster has its own set of rewards or perhaps clearing a level faster rids the pressure of being in it altogether.

love fantasy match & stories goal

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories, fortunately, does not impose time limits within which the level must be cleared. This means that players can take as much time as they need to make a move. With this in mind, you should take advantage of the unlimited time to strategize around every move and determine the best one for each scenario.

After all, levels you play in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories makes it so that more than one move is available for most times. While any move can bring you a step closer towards achieving the level’s goal, some moves will often bring better results than others.

What you should consider being watchful of is the number of turns you have to complete each level. You can see this at the upper right side of the puzzle screen. For the most part, puzzles can be completed well ahead of the limit, meaning leaving you with a couple or more moves after the level’s completion. Beyond the basic coin and gem rewards at the end of each level, the number of moves you have left will be converted to special tiles and activated, earning you extra coins as added rewards.

love fantasy match & stories reward

In line with the unlimited amount of time you have before you cast a move, one of the constant objectives you can always aim for, is to solve the puzzle with the least number of moves possible. It all sounds like an expert level mindset but it is not that difficult to pull, especially with patience and practice at hand.

Each level in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories is designed uniquely and you can never hop back to previously completed levels. However, each one that you have completed will better prepare you for the unique challenges ahead, especially if you take your time with each one you clear.

2. Hints Are Not Always The Best Option

Relative to taking a while to make a move, Love Fantasy: Match & Stories has a feature where hints will be dropped if you stay idle for a few seconds. Whenever you take some time to make a move, the app is led to believe that you are struggling with finding a possible move and will shake some tiles on the puzzle to hint at a possible move.

love fantasy match & stories hints

While this feature can certainly be helpful at times, we recommend that you do not consider following the hint outright. Even when a hint is dropped, you should still look for other possible moves as, if there are any, chances are that hinted move will not be the same as the best option. Hints are practically a showcase of a possible move and should not be seen automatically as the best move possible.

Follow the hint if it provides the only move you can make or if it is the best one following your consideration of other options. The hint’s way of selecting a move to show you is completely random and will even shake tiles for a match-3 move even when a higher match combo is possible elsewhere. Hints will also never consider the goal at hand and may not always show a possible move that takes you closer to completing a level.

3. Do Not Settle Outright For A Match-3 Combo

The subgenre of Love Fantasy: Match & Stories, as a puzzle game, may be a match-3 puzzle given that the core gameplay mechanic is that you need to match at least 3 similar tiles together to eliminate them. Being the bare minimum, however, you can expect that matching together 4 or more similar tiles or blocks comes with its own set of incentives on top of being able to clear more tiles simultaneously.

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories spices up the puzzle gameplay with special tiles or items that appear within the puzzle whenever 4 or more tiles are matched. Matching 4 tiles will generate a rocket, which will either be pointed horizontally or vertically. Using these rockets will clear an entire block of tiles left to right or top to bottom.

Lining up similar tiles whether with a “T” or an “L” shape will generate a bomb and when you tap on a bomb or switch tiles with it, it will clear all surrounding tiles. Finally, the rainbow pinwheel can be created by assembling 5 similar tiles in a straight line. This is what we consider as the most powerful special item as you can use it to eliminate all tiles of the same type in just one swipe.

love fantasy match & stories combo

Knowing what each special tile can do is one thing and knowing when to use them best is another. More often than not, instances when these special items are present necessitate a bit of analysis as to whether you should utilize them outright or wait for a better moment. There are instances when the proper use of these special tiles become key towards finishing a level quickly which makes it important for you to pause for a moment when you see them and plan on how best to use them.

In addition to the outright use of each special item, merging them together also triggers pumped up abilities. When you merge a rocket with another one, it will clear all blocks horizontally and vertically from the trigger point. A bomb mixed in with a rocket causes a much bigger explosion and will clear more surrounding tiles or blocks.

The pinwheel, when combined with either the rocket or bomb will change a tile type into rockets or bombs, respectively, causing a very explosive scenario that can wipe out a lot of tiles and potentially trigger more combos as well. Two pinwheels merged with one another will clear all tiles, and in a lot of cases, being able to achieve this will definitely propel your progress in a puzzle or clear the challenge instantly.

4. Matching Bottom Tiles Are Often Better

Despite considering to match more than 3 tiles as a priority to generate the special items that can help you clear more tiles, there will naturally be circumstances when you should choose to go for a match-3 combo. For starters, if there are no possible matches using more than 3 tiles then you are left with no other choice. However, in instances where there are numerous possible moves but at the same time appear to have the same effect, the better option is to go for matches using tiles at the bottom of the puzzle.

A consistent trait of each level in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories is that when tiles are matched anywhere on the puzzle, all affected tiles will move down. This leads to an effect where new tiles fall from above the puzzle. While all that hardly seems important, triggering more tile movements actually raises the chance of combos that can yield several matches one after another.

matching bottom tiles in love fantasy match & stories

If you have played through a few puzzles, you are likely to experience this event. In some cases, simply matching a set of tiles will lead to a chain reaction where succeeding matches take place. Sometimes, this will even yield favorable surprises as special tiles can be generated as well.

Considering probabilities and even luck, given that there is no way to know what tiles will be dropping down, what you will be banking on when you match tiles at the bottom area of the puzzle is more tile movement and higher chances of combos.

5. Pay Attention To The Levels’ Goals

Using the special tiles and witnessing some flashy tile removal scenes along with executing a lengthy combo can certainly be exciting to pull and a joy to watch. While these features are very helpful in the right moments, they are not absolutely the best moves to pull across all scenarios. In select cases, even a simple match-3 move can prove to be the best move to make, especially considering its effect on the goals you need to achieve within the level.

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories ensures that each level you take on is unique. The puzzle layout is certainly different form one to the next and new mechanics will be introduced every once in a while, adding more to the mix of challenges. Beyond that, goals are also unique in each puzzle so keeping the goal in mind is an important habit to make.

love fantasy match & stories hard level

Although deciding on each move you make in line with getting closer to achieving your goals is as basic as it goes, it is fairly easy to get lost in the fun and excitement that goes with clearing matching tiles. For most levels, you actually can make it through fairly easily without adhering to everything we have discussed so far.

Some levels, however, come with a warning sign on the pre-puzzle screen and once you see that the level before you is tagged as a hard level, then you should especially consider adhering to the above strategies, most importantly staying focused on the goals at hand.

6. Use Boosters And Items As A Last Resort

In theory, every level in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories can be completed without losing a life as well as without the need for boosts or special items that you can use at the bottom of the puzzle screen. You basically have a maximum of 5 hears and you will only lose one if you fail to complete the puzzle. The boosters you can use before each level works exactly like the special items you generate by matching 4 or more tiles together and the other special items can help you just as much.

love fantasy match & stories booster

While it can be very tempting to use any of these special items to make it easier for you to complete the current level, it is always best to hold off in using them. If you are very careful with every move you make and come so close to completing the level, then it should be justified to utilize an item just to clear the level. If consuming an item does not guarantee completion of the level, then it certainly is not worth expending given that these items do not come as easy as coins or even gems.

love fantasy match & stories strategies

Additionally, you will always have an option to receive an extra 5 turns by playing a short video ad when your turns reach 0 and have yet to complete the puzzle. Likewise, whenever you have lower than 5 moves left on the level, a free item will also drop by on the screen for you to claim and use, provided that you also watch a short video ad when you click on it.

7. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Clearing puzzles one level after another to rack up coins and gems needed to progress the story and collect as many of the clothing and accessories for countless makeovers can become increasingly challenging. Higher levels of puzzles offer bigger challenges and costs of every item needed for succeeding makeovers also increase the further you progress.

Although normal progression and puzzle-solving will yield you enough resources to make progress across the story chapters bit by bit, Love Fantasy: Match & Stories provides a plethora of boosts that can tremendously help you make progress in your adventure in the form of short video ads that you can play following your own choice.

love fantasy match & stories offer

While ads of different sorts have been an integral part of numerous mobile games, particularly free ones like Love Fantasy: Match & Stories, there are still mobile gamers who are not as accustomed to the idea. We feel that it is always important to point out the rationale behind the existence of ads especially in free games.

In the absence or lack of any app’s reliance on micro transactions for profits, ads are a means to ensure that a game will continue to be available for free as well as ceaselessly have updates for its improvements, fixes, and added contents.

Although there are types of ads that some players find annoying or distracting as they randomly pop up during gameplay, no such kinds of ads exist within Love Fantasy: Match & Stories. The video ads in the game all fall within the ad boost category, meaning that you have the option to play ads or ignore the offer presented to you. To be honest, you can make decent progress in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories without the aid of ad boosts but each one provides a very tempting reward that is simply hard to ignore.

love fantasy match & stories dress unlock

One of the most basic ad boosts you certainly should take advantage of is the additional 5 moves you can have if you fail to complete the puzzle and your moves are down to zero. Likewise, the extra item that will drop won in a balloon on the puzzle screen when you have 5 or less moves left is also very helpful.

Although we recommend consuming the special items below the puzzle screen with prudence, you can earn an extra item after playing an ad boost when you have none of the item you need. You simply need to tap on the item you want to use, and the ad offer will present itself to you.

Whenever you clear a level, you will be presented with a nice offer through the Lucky Chest feature. There are free prizes to claim and you can opt to have them all by playing a short video ad for each prize. Sometimes, you can choose to just ignore the remaining prizes if you already secured the top prize, but that should not stop you from earning more freebies.

love fantasy match & stories lucky chest

At certain progression milestones across Love Fantasy: Match & Stories’ story chapters, there are ad boosts that offer small amounts of coins as well. Sometimes, this offer will be lodged along with the tasks to complete in the list and sometimes, coin offers are standalone ad boosts. In any case, you should know that any amount of free coins to earn is a nice one so feel free to grab each opportunity even for relatively smaller amounts of rewards.

In some instances during the makeover, a choice from among the dresses or accessories cannot be obtained by merely spending coins. These are considered as premium items that you can choose if you spend gems on them. Alternatively, however, you can save your gems and instead play an ad boost to claim the premium items. Again, the premium items will not impact gameplay and can simply be ignored but it would not hurt to take them in for a cost of merely 15 to 30 seconds of your time.

dressing up for the party in love fantasy match & stories

There are also daily rewards you can earn in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories, which is a mix of booster items and gems. You need to play another video ad to claim these but they are certainly worth it. Yet another awesome ad boost feature comes in the form of the Lucky Spin. Each day, you have 5 attempts to try your luck on the wheel of fortune and you can win 1,000 coins, 100 to 500 gems, as well as infinite hearts, bombs, and pinwheels for 20 minutes.

Although prizes are random and you can obtain each prize with as many spins, your fifth spin guarantees winning the top prize, which is the 1,000 coins. This can go a long way to helping you progress the story, so be sure to take advantage of it.

love fantasy match & stories lucky spin

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories also offers unique time-limited events that further help you earn more resources so long as you actively play. It should not really take a lot of time on a regular basis to unlock and uncover all the different intriguing stories in store for each of the main characters. Likewise, every level, regardless of its challenge level, can be cleared especially if you adhere to the tips and strategies we discussed above.

And that sums up all the tips we have come up for our Love Fantasy: Match & Stories guide. We hope that the tips and strategies we shared will greatly aid you not just in dominating each level, but in witnessing the end of each available story contained in the game. If you have spent some time in the game and have uncovered some additional tricks or strategies beyond what we shared, feel free to enlighten us and share your discoveries and experiences down in the comment section!


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