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Loot Crate: Master Summoner Cheats, Tips & Guide: 5 Tricks to Unlock More Loot

Loot Crate: Master Summoner is a new mobile game (Android,iOS) from Loot Crate itself, and in here, you have to help the Master Summoner conjure gems to unlock sweet, sweet loot. If this sounds like a Match 3 game to you, that actually isn’t the case, as the next sentence says that you’ll have to “tap, tap, tap” en route to creating your own team of monsters. You can also summon monsters in what Loot Crate calls an “augmented reality experience” – this means you just need to have the newest Summon-themed Loot Crate box and scan it with your phone or tablet’s camera. That supposedly brings the 3D characters to life, thought you’ll have to be part of the Loot Crate subscription service in order to enjoy this feature.

Loot Crate member or not, we thought you might find our compilation of Loot Crate: Master Summoner tips, tricks and hints useful; they’re here to help you in mastering the game and going far early on.

1. Power Up For Multipliers

Things start out small, as your taps will only be good for one crystal. But you can power up the monster, which would allow you to receive an automatic multiplier. Powering up is done by swiping down and waiting until the charge bars next to your monster’s platform fill up completely. Once that’s done, keep swiping down to continue the power-up, or stop for a few moments before reactivating it any time in the game.

2. So Where Do You Buy Power-Ups Anyway?

In order to buy some power-ups, you can go to the in-game store, which is the tiny house icon. These power-ups may include multipliers that add to the base crystal count from the monster, as well as power-ups for the swiping down motions we illustrated above. Use both power-ups to get a drastic increase to your multiplier when powering up the monster.

3. You’ll Need To Fill Up Your Bar Again After Doing This

One thing to keep in mind, should you buy a Gem Upgrade while powering up your monster, is that you have to redo the powering-up the process, even if the monster is at a very powerful state. You have to do this to enable the power-up to work properly, and any gems you’ve tapped will be back to normal until you redo the power-up.

4. What Happens When All Monsters Are Unlocked?

When the time comes that you’ve unlocked all the monsters, you can use the Summon Loot upgrade to spawn new items, but it won’t summon any new monsters. Another caveat here is that there won’t be any more performance gains from the loot or monsters summoned. The new items you may receive don’t add anything to the gameplay, but could be nice to have if you want to collect more of them.

5. Use As Many Fingers As Possible

This all depends on the size of your device’s display, but it always help to use not just two, but as many fingers as you can fit on the display. Alternate quickly between fingers, or if you have friends willing to pitch in, have them join you in tapping on the display so you can keep the power-ups going and your multiplier increasing.