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Lineage2M Beginners Guide: Your Introduction to the Land of Aden

It’s been over 20 years since the release of one of the most legendary MMORPG titles, Lineage, by NCSOFT. During that time span, the Lineage franchise has become one of the highest-grossing video gaming franchises of all time, with millions of fans around the world.

Audiences in North America and Western Europe can finally play the latest addition to the franchise with Lineage2M launching for those regions on December 2nd. The cross-platform game is available for Android and iOS devices, and players can download it from Google Play and App Store. By using PURPLE, Lineage2M is also available on PC.

The new Lineage2M features unique game mechanics and systems, as well as content that cannot be found in other MMORPGs. For that reason, we’ve put together a small guide, with some basic information and tips, to introduce the game to new players.

lineage 2m stats bow

Stats and Classes

In the world of Lineage2M, there are 6 different types of classes based on the weapon they can wield. These weapons are as follows: Sword, Dual Blades, Dagger, Bow, Staff and Orb. Every character, depending on their class, has unique characteristics and abilities, as well as role in the game. Of course, different roles should prioritize investing in different stats at the beginning of the game.

Dual Blades, Daggers and Swords, which are all melee attacks, need to invest in ‘STR’ stat.  Staff and Orb, which are magic attack classes, need a lot of ‘INT’. Bow users, which are ranged attackers, should go after ‘DEX’.

Stats, such as ‘Attack Damage’ and ‘Accuracy’, are beneficial regardless of the class up to a certain point. After a character reaches level 50 though, players should spec into other auxiliary stats, depending on their game state.

lineage2m field boss pan dryad

Combat Settings

Fighting in Lineage2M is an integral part of the game. For that reason, understanding how each different function affects your game play is important. The better your fighting skills, the longer you will survive in the battle. Let’s take a look at how each function works.


Scan is a function that lists all the available targets that your character can attack. There are a few ways of using Scan. One way is by holding down the button and dragging to a location. This way, you can list targets within that area. Another way is to simply tap on it to reveal a target list on the top right of your screen. From there, you can select a designated target. By pressing the scan options button at the bottom of the target list, you can access the scan options and change it to your liking.

#Quick Slot

Quick Slot function allows players to automatically use items and skills that are off cool-down. Simply by dragging down a skill or an item in the Quick Slot (while touching it), will turn the auto-use feature on. In order to set this setting off, simply drag up the skill or the item that you want.

#Weight Limit

In Lineage2M, there’s a ‘Weight Limit’ mechanic. Based on your character’s weight gauge, certain penalties might occur. If it’s over 50% for example, recovering HP and MP becomes impossible. If it goes over 80%, you can’t enter combat. To prevent that from happening, make sure to always sell your excess loot or store them in your stash. You can also register on Codex. Codex is a system that lets you sacrifice certain items in return for stat improvements.


Soulshot is an item that can cause additional damage to your enemies. Make sure to use it, as it is essential for fast and efficient hunting.

lineage2m oracle quest

– Oracle Quest

A special type of quest that can help you level up a lot faster is the Oracle Quest. Players can receive it from the Einhasad Statue in the village. By completing this quest, you can earn a vast amount of experience as well as other special rewards. Oracle Quest can be done up to 10 times per day, but this number will reset whenever your character levels up. Make sure to complete it as many times as you can.

lineage2m dungeon cruma tower

– Dungeons

Another way of acquiring a lot of exp as well as special items is by challenging Dungeons. You can check it out by going to the ‘Menu’ and selecting the ‘Dungeon’ tab. Every character has a certain amount of ‘time access’ that they can use every time they enter a dungeon. Once you exhaust that time, you cannot enter a dungeon anymore, until your time access is recharged. You can exceed that limit though by using a special item called ‘Bonus Time Stone’. Make sure to challenge as many dungeons as you can daily, as the rewards are definitely worth it.

lineage2m zariche

– Demonic Sword Zariche

This is an event that occurs randomly in the hunting zones of the Aden world. When Zariche spawns, a system message will inform the players about its location. By taking part in this event and defeating minions, players will be rewarded with special loot such as Oracle Token, Shilen’s Mark and Zariche’s Fragment. Also, by taking down the boss monster ‘Bremnon’s Monster’, a large number of ‘Unique Craft Recipe Fragments’ will drop.

lineage2m special events

– Special Launch Events

A series of in-game events to celebrate the global release of Lineage2M will take place. By taking down Full Moon Wolf, which spawns at a specific time, players can obtain the ‘Maximum Blessed Enchant Scroll Series (Event)’. By defeating a certain field boss at the Clan Hall, players can acquire ‘Boost Stone’s Essence (Event)’. When using this item, up to 50 clan members will receive ‘Boost Stone’s Oracle Scripture (Event)’. As for players who have reached level 40, and they have advanced into their 3rd profession, complete your 3rd class transfer, they will be rewarded with ‘Life Stone (Event)’, as well as ‘Unique Skillbook Selection Chests’. For more on the launch events and how to play, visit official website.