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Light: Fellowship of Loux Tips, Cheats & Guide to Create a Powerful Team of Heroes

Light: Fellowship of Loux is a new RPG from Com2uS, which is now available for both iOS and Android devices. Looking at the graphics, it’s easy to guess that this is an anime-inspired RPG, but aside from that, what else can you expect? The game comes with real-time battles between the forces of light and dark, the ability to form a team of heroes representing the blessings of light, and five classes to choose from for your heroes. Each of the available heroes has their own skills and special effects, while you can also strengthen your heroes by means of power-up runes. You’ve also got a tactical battle mechanic where your strategy can make or break your chances of emerging victorious, as well as various game modes, including the standard battle arena and crafting modes.

Being that this is an RPG, there will be a lot for you to pick up along the way, but we would, for starters, want you to learn the basics of the game in the easiest way possible. Come join us as we now bring you a list of Light: Fellowship of Loux tips, tricks and strategies that is specifically designed for first-time players who want to get a good run going early on in the game.

1. Follow The Elemental System

The first thing you should remember about Light: Fellowship of Loux is that there is an elemental system involved here. Always keep that system in mind when trying to defeat enemies, and look at their elemental while comparing it to those of your heroes. It’s actually very simple – green beats blue, blue beats red, red beats green – just plain old rock-paper-scissors mechanics that you can easily remember.

2. Where Can You Get More Heroes?

When it comes to heroes, we have to start with first things first – you can only have five heroes at a time in your party, and no more than that. Still, you’re free to keep on adding heroes, either from the scenario battles or the Hall of Heroes. You can easily end up with much more than five heroes, but that also means you will have to deal with hero surpluses. That’s where our next tip would come in, actually.

3. Sacrifice The Heroes You No Longer Need

Got a ton of common heroes who you won’t be needing, now that you’ve got stronger and rarer heroes ready to join the fold? You can get rid of them by sacrificing them to power up your rarer characters. That would allow them to reach a higher, or possibly the highest tier, while freeing up some space in your roster. In addition to that, you can also evolve heroes to new rarity levels by maxing their level out, then using three heroes of the same rarity level as sacrifices to make them better. That will allow your hero, preferably a rare one, to move up in tier, though that also means they’ll be starting out at Level 1 once again. You can evolve heroes up to Tier 6, which is the highest possible tier in the game.

4. Keep On Pushing Forward In Scenario Mode

As you go farther on in scenario mode and keep upping your player level, you can unlock more game modes. One of the first new modes you’ll unlock is Investigations, which becomes available after you’ve completed scenario 2-1. And as you keep going further on, you’ll unlock the battle arena, Raid Mode, Infinite Tower Mode, and more.

5. How To Use Runes

Runes, or power-up runes, can be equipped on your heroes to power them up. That means improving certain statistics permanently. You will have to pay gold coins to power up the runes and increase the stat improvement rate. This would be better if you’ve got two to four of the exact same rune, which would unlock a rune set bonus. It’s also possible to equip your hero with four completely different runes, allowing them to become more balanced.

6. How To Use Your Skill Attacks

We’re going to wrap up this guide by talking about skill attacks, which you should use as wisely as you could, with the elemental system in mind. In order to launch one of these attacks, drag your finger from your hero’s avatar, and make it stretch to the specific enemy you’re targeting. It is possible as well to use skills without aiming – tap on your user avatar while it flashes, and each shot fired your opponents’ way will attack a random enemy.

This wraps our our quick guide for Light: Fellowship of Loux. Be sure to check back from time to time, as we will update this guide with more hints, once we discover some new ones!