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Let’s Go Rocket Cheats: 5 Useful Tips to Get a High Score

According to developer Cobra Mobile Limited, Let’s Go Rocket is the ultimate endless space adventure game. It’s an endless flyer game for iOS devices where the mechanics are so deceptively simple – touch the display to launch and boost your rocket, and avoid the obstacles that come in your path. There are no bells and whistles, but you can collect gems and unlock new rockets. At the end of the day, this is one of those “easy to learn and hard to master” casual games where the main goal is to get the highest score possible. And we’re here to help you with that, through the following Let’s Go Rocket cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Get Free Gems Through The Time Lapse Cheat

The time lapse cheat is a staple of many a mobile game, and typically you’ll use this to regain lives or energy without having to wait. But in Let’s Go Rocket, the main purpose of the time lapse cheat is to skip the cool down time in between the time you gather truckloads of gems. Set your iPhone or iPad’s time forward by a couple of hours and return to the game without having to wait long for the cool down period to complete – easy as that.

2. Watching Ad Videos Is Another Way To Get More Gems

Advertisement videos are another way in which you can get more gems in this game. Occasionally, there will be ad videos for you to watch, and each time you do that you’ll be given free gems as you keep gathering more in conjunction with the first tip.

3. Tap The Screen To Control Your Rocket

Tapping lightly on your screen is the best way to control your rocket in such a way that it moves smoothly, without the herky-jerky movements that could lead to your demise. Holding the screen, unfortunately, will only make it easier for you to smash into obstacles.

4. Keep Practicing To Avoid Obstacles

Practice makes perfect, as they say, and that definitely applies to avoiding the obstacles in Let’s Go Rocket. While the obstacles may be randomized, the technique used in avoiding them will generally serve you well regardless of what type obstacles you encounter, so practice really would be the best way for you to refine that technique. However, you shouldn’t over-exert too much, and keep on playing even if you’re on a particularly bad run – frustration and fatigue will only take a toll on your scores.

5. There’s An Advantage To Buying New Rockets

Ever wonder what you can do with the gems, being that they’re the premium currency of the game? As you may have guessed by now, the gems are to be used to buy new rockets. The rockets’ appearances are different, and likewise, the appearance of the obstacles in the game would also be different when you use a new rocket. Sometimes, the size of the obstacles would also change, so if you consider that smaller obstacles are easier to avoid, this is one game where the new items don’t merely look different from the stock item, but also provide some sort of benefit.