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Konnect Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Konnect is a puzzle game for iOS devices by Paragon, that’s easy to play, and you know how the rest of that goes – we’re finding it pretty hard to master alright. Your objective in the game, as the folks at Paragon so succinctly say is to connect the dots before they shrink. If you aren’t able to get that done in time, then it’s game over – simple as that, no fancy stuff whatsoever. To further expound, you’ll have to drag that line to connect dots of the same color, and any dots you haven’t cleared will grow progressively smaller before they fade into black and become invisible.

It’s a very simple little puzzle game, but as we warned you above, Konnect can be hard to master. And that’s why we’re here – we want to help you master this game to the best of your capability, and connect those dots before they vanish into blackness. So here we are, with a list of Konnect tips and tricks that you can try for yourself the next time you play.

1. Go For The Combos

One good thing about the game’s mechanics is that it lets you string combos together. The longer your string is, the better, and in this game, the magic combo number is four. If you’re able to connect four or more dots, you’ll get rid of all the dots of the same color, regardless of how many there are remaining. Always try for a combo of four or more dots if you aren’t able to make it to a shrinking dot in time.

2. Improve Your High Score, Here’s How

In relation to the first tip, you can earn more points if you are able to clear more dots at a time. Yes, that remains true even with the magic that happens when you string together a combo of four dots or more. And if you’re trying to chase after a high score, what you’ll want to do is to string together those long combos whenever and wherever possible. Once again, it all boils down to the combos.

3. Use Your Boosts Or Power-Ups

By hitting the lightning icon, you can earn some extra coins in the game. The bomb boost can also be of help, as it blows up any dots that surround it. And if you’re struggling to find good combos, then make use of the shuffle boost; this lets you move dots around, helping you find the right combination through a little switching.

4. What Happens If You’re All Out Of Moves?

It won’t necessarily be game over for you if you run out of moves. The game will allow you a chance to buy power-ups to try to change things around. So with that being said, you can go to the power-up menu, earn the coins you need (see the next tip), and buy the power-ups you need to change your destiny.

5. Watch Ad Videos For More Coins

Konnect will fortunately let you watch advertisement videos in order to earn more coins, which you can then use for your in-app purchases. Go to the boosts/power-ups menu, and hit on the Free Coins button. You can then watch a video to get 12 coins for free. Keep on watching videos as the game serves ‘em up, and you’ll have all the money you need to buy those ever-so-important boosts.