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Kitty Catsanova Beginner’s Guide: 13 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Collect All the Kitties

Cats have been winning hearts all over the internet for years. Now it is time to see how good you are at making cats fall in love. Kitty Catsanova is Kongregate’s adorable little simulation game for Android and iOS devices. In Kitty Catsanova you play as a cute kitten who is destined to become the ultimate catsanova. Your goal is to collect a harem of cats and make them all fall in love with you. Each cat you collect will start off irritable, but no one is immune to your charms. You must chat them up, buy them treats, craft their favorite gifts, and take them on dates in order to raise their affection towards you.

Of course, courting cats can be expensive. You will need to work multiple jobs in order to keep up with the demands of your harem. Love takes a lot of work, but don’t worry as our Kitty Catsanova tips, cheats and tricks will help you win a lot of hearts! So let’s not waste any of your time and instead let’s check out our Kitty Catsanova strategy guide below!

1. Save The Heart Meter For Last

kitty catsanova heart meter

In order to level up a kitty in Kitty Catsanova, you will need to meet four basic needs. The indicator for the four needs are on the left side of the kitty you are courting. You will have to fill up a kitty’s Heart, Treat, Craft, and Date meters. One thing you will notice is that the Heart meter fills up on its own over time. Aside from that, fulfilling Treat, Craft, and Date needs will reward you with hearts as well. Once your Heart meter is full, any additional hearts you earn will just go to waste. That is why you should focus on fulfilling the other needs first then just work on the Heart meter if it isn’t full yet.

2. Manage Your Time Tokens

Time tokens are needed for dating, crafting, and working. The number of time tokens needed to do these tasks depend on the amount of time it takes to complete each one. For example, a snuggle date only takes a few seconds, so it will only cost you one time token. Time tokens can be reused, so it is just a matter of reassigning the tokens to tasks that you want to prioritize. You will have very limited token during your first few levels in the game. Make sure you assign your tokens appropriately in order to maximize their use.

It is a good idea to always have a few tokens invested in crafting and working. Dating can be put off for a bit until you have fulfilled the Treat and Craft needs of the kitty you are courting. This is especially true when you are logging off from the game. Each kitty only needs a certain number of dates. If you leave the game while they are on a date, the tokens will sit idle as soon as the dates are done. Make sure you choose crafts that take longer to complete if you are logging off for the night as well. Craft items have a cap of 999 items, which means the tokens will sit idle once again upon reaching the crafting cap. The best thing to do is invest most of your tokens in jobs if you will be away for several hours. You will need a lot of money anyway, so the tokens you invest in jobs will never be wasted.

3. Keep On Crafting

kitty catsanova crafting

Each Craft item will be unlocked when a cat requests for it as a gift. Once it has been unlocked, you can continuously produce it even if there is no additional request for it. Make sure you continuously craft items using your spare tokens. Of course, the priority would be the ones that are being requested but try to invest some tokens into other items when you can. Craft items have a maximum limit of 999. You can pause crafting and assign time tokens to another item. The more items you craft, the higher your crafting level for that item will be. Most jobs will require you to be at a certain crafting level for specific items in order to unlock. For example, if you want to unlock the Warden of the North job, you will have to reach level 5 in Writing.

Another reason to continuously craft items even if there is no immediate need is to save you time for when you actually need them. If you already have 999 of an item in stock, it would be easy to fulfill a cat’s request as soon as he asks for it. On top of that, as you progress in the game, the cats would become increasingly demanding. It will eventually reach a point where they will demand more than 999 of an item. Imagine how long it would take for you to craft that if you start just as they request for it.

4. Actively Tap When You Can

If you don’t have any kitties to entertain and you are just waiting for dates to finish, go to either the Craft or the Jobs tab. Choose one of the ongoing tasks there and actively tap on the cat portrait. Doing so will speed up the progress of the Craft or Job considerably. The faster you complete tasks, the quicker you can level them up. Higher level tasks will have lower timers. This is also a good idea to try out if you are trying to unlock a job and the Craft item you need is taking some time to complete. Tap furiously on that Craft item portrait until you reach the level required to unlock the job you want.

5. Start With Common Kitties

During the tutorial part of Kitty Catsanova, you will end up with quite a few kitties. Most of them would be Common rarity, but some would be Uncommon or higher. Since you have multiple slots for kitties, the game will automatically add the kitties you recruit to the empty slots. If the game accidentally assigns a rare kitty to a slot, it is best if you swap it out first with a Common one. The higher the rarity of a cat, the more demanding it will be when it comes to Treats, Crafts, and Dates. You don’t have the time tokens to keep up with that demand early in the game, so you will end up struggling to improve your relationship with them.

Common cats, on the other hand, are easy to please. They only require a handful of gifts and a few treats. Most of their date requests during the first few levels only involve Snuggling, which just costs one time token. You would want to focus on leveling up Common cats first until you have enough time tokens to maintain relationships with rarer ones.

6. Claim Your Level Reward

kitty catsanova level reward

Whenever you level up, the level indicator at the top of the screen will start wiggling. You need to tap on it in order to open up the level up window. Tap on the Collect Level Rewards button in order to claim your reward. Level rewards often include time tokens, taiyaki, Kash, new cats, and more. Make sure you claim it as soon as it is available because the extra time tokens will help make your life a lot easier.

7. Don’t Add Too Many Kitty Spots

When you start out, you will only have four Kitty Spots. That means you can only court four kitties at the same time. That is fine. Adding another spot will cost you taiyaki, a type of currency that would be better spent on buying Gift Baskets. On top of that, you also cannot really afford to court too many kitties at the same time, especially when you are still short on time tokens. Keep in mind that each kitty will want to go on dates, and that means they will be locking down time tokens. Stick with the first four slots in the beginning. When you reach the point where you have plenty of extra time tokens, that is the time to start considering adding another slot.

8. How To Upgrade Kitties

When you get a duplicate of a cat, it does not go to your inventory. Instead, it automatically adds to the upgrade requirement of that cat. For example, if you get a duplicate for Prince Nutmeg, your first kitty, he will automatically be upgraded to Uncommon rarity. The higher the rarity, the more duplicates you need to upgrade. Every time you raise the rarity of a cat, you will get a boost in the rewards you receive every time they level up. You don’t really need to do anything other than continuously recruit more kitties until you get the duplicates that you need.

9. Claim Your Free Gift Basket

The game gives out one free gift basket per day. You can claim it by simply going to the Gift Basket tab and tapping on the Lil Basket. Once you have claimed your daily basket, a timer will appear below the button that will tell you when the next free basket will be available. Make sure you take note of it and return as soon as you can claim it. Free baskets will usually just give out common rewards, but it will still help you progress in the game. On top of that, it is a good source of duplicates for upgrading your existing cats.

10. Save Your Taiyaki

Taiyaki is the currency that looks like fish bread. It can be spent on a lot of things including instantly restocking the shop and boosting the speed of crafting. Since you only get a handful of free taiyaki from various sources, make sure you don’t waste it on unnecessary things. Instead of spending it on speed boosts and restocking, just choose to wait. You will need to spend real money if you want to get more taiyaki, and that’s not really cost efficient. It is best if you just saved your taiyaki for purchasing better baskets from the Gift Basket tab in order to get your hands on super rare kitties.

11. Before You Take A Nap

kitty catsanova cheats

When you head into the Nap Time tab, you will see your current Sugar Boost and the amount of Sugar Boosters in the Cookie Jar. If you tap on the Take a Nap button, you will be able to claim all the Sugar Boosters and add them to your Sugar Boost total. Sugar Boost speeds up the entire game. That means crafting, working, and dating will all be completed more quickly. There is a catch, though. Taking a nap will reset your progress. That means all the kitties will go back to level 1 and you lose everything you have crafted. You also lose all the Kash you have earned. Don’t worry because you will be able to keep all your Treats, taiyaki, and cat bells. None of your cats will disappear or downgrade in rarity as well.

Before you take a nap, make sure it is worth the reset. Wait until you are having a hard time leveling up your kitties. Also, keep in mind that when you take a nap and the cats go back to level 1, you will not be able to earn additional XP from leveling them up until you reach the level they were at before the reset. Don’t panic if you suddenly do not see any movement in your experience bar. The good news is that you still earn taiyaki and sugar boosts every time they level up.

12. Aim To Complete Achievements

Achievements are milestones that you reach within the game. They could be for unlocking all the jobs, opening a number of baskets, earning a certain amount of Kash, and so on. Every time you complete an Achievement, you will be rewarded with bonus experience. This will go a long way in helping you raise your player level. You don’t need to manually claim your Achievement rewards. You will just see a notification pop up on the upper right area of the screen whenever you receive a reward. If you want to view the list of Achievements, just tap on your level indicator at the top of the screen then tap on the button with three stars at the bottom of the pop up.

13. Watch Ads To Double Your Offline Rewards

kitty catsanova offline rewards

Whenever you log off from the game, all your dates, crafts, and jobs will continue. When you return, you will be presented with the number of dates and crafts completed as well as the amount of money you earned from your jobs. Wait for a couple of seconds and the Watch Ad button at the bottom of the offline rewards screen will light up. Tap on it in order to double the amount of time that has passed since you went offline. This will double the number of crafts completed and the amount of Kash earned from jobs. It will not increase the number of dates unless you still had unfinished dates when you returned from being offline.

No matter how adorable you are, making everyone fall in love with you will still take a lot of work. Make sure you use our Kitty Catsanova cheats, tips and strategies to become the snuggle-king in no time!