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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Cheats & Tips: How to Earn More Jewels

We’ve already given you a thorough Kingdom Hearts Unchained X strategy guide, but we noticeably left out one specific aspect of the game, and done so on purpose. That aspect is earning jewels, which are the premium currency of the game. But before we move on to that, let’s give you a brief refresher of what Square Enix has to offer you with Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. This is a game that marks the first mobile title in the Kingdom Hearts series, and it’s currently available for iOS and Android devices. As you progress through different levels, you’ll be gathering Lux and fighting the Heartless, exploring different worlds, and collecting character medals. You can also take part in challenges at the Olympus Coliseum and team up with friends to kill Heartless bosses, though that might be another subject (or subjects) for another time.

Now that we’ve given you a recap of the game, let’s get to what you came here for. Here’s our latest set of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X tips and tricks that could help you get more jewels without having to pay real-life money for them.

1. Play The Game Every Day

This is a fairly new game, and Square Enix is encouraging people to play the game, and play it every day. You can earn 50 jewels per successive day you play the game, though this is a limited-time offer that can be called a “newcomer campaign.” This only lasts one week, and once that one week ends, you can then take advantage of daily login bonuses. You’ll earn 50 jewels in the first two days you log in consecutively. On the third and fourth, you’ll earn 100 jewels apiece. And on the fifth day, you’ll earn a whopping 200 jewels. The bonus resets after the fifth day, so you can take a break from the game once you’ve earned your fifth-day bonus, though it’s still better to play the game as much as possible, and preferably every day.

2. Join A Party, Or Make Your Own

In our first strategy guide, we also glossed over the social element of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. But that was likewise for a reason, as joining a party or creating a party is also a good way to earn more jewels. Joining or creating your first party will get you a bonus of 100 jewels, and considering how juicy that bonus is, you’ll want to play the game with friends or complete strangers and join a party, if not make your own. Parties are like guilds, as you can use the medals of your fellow party members, or let them use yours.

3. Play Through Story Mode

Story mode is also very much worth completing, even on your own. You may, in occasion, earn a reward chest as a bonus for completing some stages in story mode, and these chests come with some jewels inside of them. To be specific, you’ll earn chests for every five quests you complete, but unfortunately, this doesn’t include the quests that you have re-completed while grinding.

4. So How Can You Use Your Jewels?

We already gave you three ways for you to earn more jewels without having to pay a cent of your real life money, now here are some tips (within a tip) on how you can make the most out of the jewels you earn.

For 300 jewels, you can buy yourself one medal. We wouldn’t advise you to do this, however, as you’ll find out in the next suggestion. Remember, you want to make the most out of those jewels, and get the most bang for your buck!

For 600 jewels, you can buy not just two, but three medals. As of the moment, this is a limited-time offer that can only be taken advantage of once a day, but we’re hoping Square Enix launches more discount medal deals even when the game is no longer considered a new one.

Lastly, for 3,000 jewels, you can buy ten medals – that’s a lot of jewels, but then again, that’s a lot of medals. Should you go for this option, though? While you’ll still be buying medals at the price of 300 jewels per unit, the good thing about it is that you’re guaranteed at least one medal of maximum, five-star rarity. That means you just might get two or three five-star medals if you’re lucky!

Also watch out for Square Enix to launch some rare medals, though as of now, we don’t know much about these upcoming deals.