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King of Crabs Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Crush Your Enemies

King of Crabs is an exciting survival game from Robot Squid that comes with a clear goal: grow physically until you become the biggest crab on your island! In order to grow bigger and bigger, you will need to eat as much as possible: coconuts, starfish, other crabs etc. Players have the possibility to choose between 2 different game modes: King and Friendly.

While playing in the King mode, each player plays on his/her own, just like in any battle royale mode. Just like its very name suggests, the friendly game mode allows you to play with other players just like yourself, without being attacked or eaten. If you are dreaming of becoming the biggest crab around, read on to discover some useful King of Crabs, cheats tips and tricks!

1. Start Small So That You Can Get Big

If you want to grow fast, start eating fish! Fish, starfish, and cockles are easy prey. So don’t underestimate their potential: eat as many as you can and you’ll see yourself growing bigger and bigger.

2. Stay Away From Crabs Bigger Than You

king of crabs cheats

In King of Crabs, you are competing with other players. If you want to survive, try to avoid attacking crabs that are bigger than you are. The reason is simple: they are stronger and more difficult to defeat.

3. Use Your Weapons Wisely

Using a weapon can influence your victory chances. For instance, if you see a slightly bigger unarmed crab, grab a weapon and go for him! Most of the times you will win the fight. But be ready to run if necessary! If you have a weapon and you happen to notice two huge crabs fighting, you can enter the fight and attack one of them. However, be prepared to run before the other crab kills you. Put simple: jump in, steal crab meat, and run as fast as you can!

4. Speed Can Save Your Life

king of crabs tips

Speed and the ability to react fast can save your life in King of Crab. If you are able to jump in a fight, steal food, and run fast before getting attacked, you will do amazingly well in this game. Make sure to upgrade your crab’s movement speed.

5. Above All, Have Fun

If you want to fully enjoy this game, you have to be patient. It will take a while to get used to the movement system. And, more than likely, you will have to deal with bugs and glitches every now and then. But we are sure that the game is worth it!

And this is it for our King of Crabs tips and cheats guide! We hope you will find them useful. Anything to add to our list? Make sure to drop us a line in the comment section!

Cold9111 on Twitch

Thursday 30th of September 2021

Another huge tip is to make sure to play the game on mobile as well as your pc or console since the mobile app allows you to watch a ton of ads for extra lives, loot, skill points, crab pulls, mega magnets etc.

Such a shame they nerfed magnets to cost only pearls now.

-Cold9111 streaming King of Crabs on Twitch