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Kick Hero Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 4 Hints You Need to Know

Kick Hero is a new casual game from Load Complete that boasts of those simple one-touch controls, endless gameplay, and “easy to learn, hard to master” mechanics that are a staple of the genre. This game will have you tapping on your screen and kicking a soccer ball to get rid of the enemies, as you go as far as you can in the game. It’s a “belt-scrolling beat ‘em up with ball kicks,” and you can get rid of more enemies by pulling off “perfect” combos. In other words, you string together combos to launch those trick shots, or “special ball effects.”
If you’re looking for one of those simple, fun games that don’t try to reinvent the wheel, Kick Hero is for you. But even if this game is fun, it can also be difficult to become good at it, and when we say good, we mean going very far in the in-game universe. So join us now as we bring you some Kick Hero tips and tricks.

1. Maintain Your Focus

In order to make it farther in the game, you should be supremely focused on the ball. Do whatever it takes to make you focus – turn off the sounds, play in a quiet room, whatever – just as long as your eyes are on the ball all the time, and not just 90 or 95 percent of the time. If you time your kicks properly, you can take out a ton of enemies. As mistiming a kick could mean the end of your run, it’s vital that you stay focused and practice your timing.

2. Stringing Together Combos

The game talks about stringing together some combos that could unleash some “special ball effects.” How do these work? For starters, you’ll see the word “PERFECT” and an accompanying multiplier when you hit a perfect kick. String five of those perfect kicks together and you’ll be letting off one of those special effects – a super-powerful kick that comes with a shockwave. This takes care of all enemies that are on the screen at that time, and could deal lots of damage to bosses, so if you’ve got a perfect kick streak going, try running it up to five so you can launch a shockwave.

3. Ever-So-Early, Not Ever-So-Late

While practice is going to show you soon enough how to time your kicks properly, we’ll tip you off on how you should time those kicks anyway. Generally speaking, it’s better to kick the ball ever-so-early, but not a split-second late. Even if the ball is not touching the reticle, it’s still okay to kick it; of course, that won’t count as a perfect kick, but it’ll still be counted as a kick nonetheless. But if you kick the ball just as it goes past the reticle, then it’s curtains for you.

4. Expect The Ball To Move Fast When Kicked Back To You

It all depends on how hard you kick the ball, and how close you are to your enemies; there may be times when the ball will bounce back to you really fast. This could prove disruptive if you’re trying to string a combo together, or in a tight situation, so learn how and when to anticipate those fast balls.

That’s it for now, as far as our list of tips and tricks for Kick Hero is concerned. Stay tuned, as we may update this guide for Load Complete’s new game, whenever we come up with additional tips!