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Jurassic Park Builder: Android Game Tips and Tricks

Jurassic Park is a franchise about dinosaurs, destruction, and survival-horror. In all of the franchise’s films, the dinosaurs wreak havoc and retaliate against the humans – standard fare really.

Even in the previous Jurassic Park games, the plots have always been the same. Jurassic Park Arcade, which remains a popular arcade title in some South East Asian countries, is a FPS shooter with a terrifying T-Rex chase where players must effectively fend off claw swipes and bites armed only with a machine gun.

In Jurassic Park: The Game, which is an episodic graphic adventure video game developed by Telltale Studios, players must also survive the relentless attacks of dinosaurs after they’ve escape containment. Even the casual Jurassic Park Online Slot game, which is being featured on the Slingo gaming site, uses terrifying animations and sounds because that’s what the franchise is all about, right? Nothing good comes from containing the very forces of nature that can easily wipe out the entire human race.

So perhaps after years and years of terrifying people with monstrous T-Rexes, the creators of Jurassic Park decided to offer something new to their fans in the form of Jurassic Park Builder, which focuses on building an amusement park. The game shows how the amusement park from the 1993 film was supposed to run if the dinosaurs didn’t escape.

Below are some tips when playing the game:

1. Food And Harbor

Build up your food storage and activate your harbors whenever you can. Doing this is important if you want to earn a lot of gold when doing the missions which will in turn help you progress through the game.

2. Overlap Decorations To Save Space

Arrange your park to allow one decoration to give a bonus of +4 to dinosaurs. Take a look at the coverage information, and compare prices. For example, some cheap, level 1 coverage plants will work well together compared to a more expensive level 2 coverage plant.

3. Check The Exhibits Of Your Dinosaurs

Check your dinosaurs by tapping on their exhibits. You will collect gold that they have accumulated over time even if there are no gold symbols bouncing on them. Do this often because dinosaurs won’t earn gold once they reach their limit. This tip applies not only to dinosaurs but buildings as well.

4. Code Red

Once you have collected enough dinosaurs, you can activate the code red function. This will cause all your dinosaurs to go berserk and attempt to breakout from their cells. During code red, players will need to tame the dinosaurs by tapping on them. Tapping dinosaurs will earn you money, and the closer the dinosaur is to escaping at the time you tap, the more money you earn. The higher the risk, the better the prize.

Thank you for checking out our tips and tricks for Jurassic Park Builder! If you know any more tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to inform us in the comments section below.