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Juju on the Beat Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Climbing Past More Platforms

Juju on the Beat is a new game from Gold Coast Apps that’s currently available for Android and iOS. This is a casual game where you’re tasked to complete the Juju on the Beat Running Man Challenge, and you’ll do this by tapping to jump, collecting the gems, and trying to “Juju” as far as possible. The game doesn’t say much more, but it’s all about running as far as you could and jumping across as many platforms as possible, some of them static, others moving. In other words, this is an endless runner game, a staple of the casual gaming genre, and it promises addictive, entertaining fun through its simplicity.

You know what they say about these games, right? They’re easy to learn and hard to master, and you’ll find out in time that a lot of the platforms in the game may seem incredibly hard to cross. You may also be wondering how you can collect as many gems as possible so you can unlock the other characters. Read on and check out our Juju on the Beat tips and tricks, as we’ll be answering those questions, and maybe a few more, in this guide.

1. Timing Can Help You Cross Those Impossible Gaps

The larger, trickier gaps, especially those that are much wider than usual, may give you some problems when playing the game. But it’s all about timing in a lot of cases, as well as positioning. You want to attempt a jump when your character is at the edge of the platform, which may be tricky at first, but is nonetheless doable. Before you make the leap, they’ll drop ever so slightly as they begin to fall, but if you hit the screen and make them jump ASAP, they’ll make the move like they normally do. Jumping late appears to be the key to surviving those difficult leaps, so practice on this if you’re new to the game! Just be patient and, to add a bonus tip of sorts, you might want to take note that platforms that have yet to transform once you’re three blocks away most likely wouldn’t transform at all.

2. Even Your Own Platform May Change

It’s one thing to deal with the myriad platforms in front of you; they do transform, and you should be prepared for whenever that happens. But sometimes, your own platform might be the one that’s moving and transforming. You may get thrown off by this, and as we’ve seen, a lot of people also feel the same way. But to share a general rule when it comes to leaping from one platform to another, don’t drop too low, as that might preclude you from making it to the next platform safely.

3. Play Without Distractions

Juju on the Beat, like many other games, comes with a paid option that removes all of the ads from the game, but if you’d rather not pay for the game, you may be annoyed by the volume of ads that pop up while you’re playing. No need to worry, as you can simply turn off your phones Wi-Fi or mobile data, or go to your phone’s settings and switch your phone to airplane mode. That would allow you to play the game without any distractions, and that should at least help you toward getting a higher score and earning more gems. But is it really worth it to chase after the gems in the game? Read our next tip to find out.

4. Are The Gems Worth It?

Gems are the game’s only form of currency, and if you’ve got enough of them, you can use gems to unlock new characters. But would you even have enough for that in terms of in-game money? You probably won’t if you’re relatively new, but it’s perfectly okay to ignore the gems and focus on running as much as you could to get a high score. Definitely avoid the gems if you see them in risky parts of the in-game world, but if you want to ramp up on your clothing collection, you can go ahead and start hunting for them. Otherwise, it’s fine not to pay any attention to them, high-risk situation or none.

At the moment, we wouldn’t pay ANY attention to the gems if we were you. Not only are your choices limited to four costumes/skins/characters, all of these characters play in the same way, just as you’d expect from a game of this kind.

5. Get More Gems, Here’s How

One thing about playing the game offline is that you won’t have any ad videos to watch. As such, you may want to play with your Internet on and tough it out when it comes to the ad pop-ups. If you want to earn more gems, just choose the option to watch an ad video, and once the video is done, you’ll earn 20 coins easy. That’s not much, considering all the costumes will cost you 500 coins apiece, but at least you’ll likely end up earning more gems than you would in a single run.

6. Eye On Your Character

This may sound like a very back-to-basics tips, but failing to focus on your runner is one of the main reasons a lot of players can’t go as far as they want. Look ahead so that you’re prepared to make the leap to the next platform, but don’t lose your focus on your runner. As this is a casual game, your runner will be limited to just one jumping height; no matter how quickly or how long you tap-and-hold, jumps will perform the exact same way. So aside from being at the right place at the right time when prepping for a big jump, it’s also key that you know where your runner is and where they’re going.