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Iron Commander Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Sevenga’s recently updated mobile game called Iron Commander is an MMO war strategy game, where you play the role of a commander fighting alongside allies from around the world, against human-controlled enemies who have the same goal as you do – to claim the throne of the world. Though forming alliances appears to be the main mechanic in the game, there are, of course, other elements and features, such as the ability to train tanks and upgrade your defenses. You can also level up your commander “to seek hegemony” and gather resources for your city and army. So do you think you can be the world’s most powerful commander? Got what it takes to beat everyone in this in-game universe?

That won’t happen overnight, as this is one of those games where there is a lot to do and a lot to learn. But we believe we can, at the very least, make your rise to the top a bit faster, as you also learn the game quicker than most other beginner players do. So read on and refer to this Iron Commander strategy guide if you need an edge over the rest of the human newbies in this war-based MMO.

1. Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

We’re listing this tip first because we believe that it is the most important in this game, though you probably surmised that after reading the game’s description. You should definitely join an alliance and be as social as possible, because without an alliance, you’ll have to deal with potential resource shortages, a lack of support against tougher enemies, and most of all, excruciating wait times for creating new buildings or upgrading existing ones.

Once you’re part of an alliance, you can get around that all-too-common problem of long wait times for certain tasks to be completed. You can rely on fellow alliance members to help you out against other human opponents, may it be on offense or defense. Just as long as you return the favor and help your fellow alliance members out, there are no disadvantages to joining an alliance, and no excuse for you not to join one. As the expression goes, don’t be a stranger!

2. Follow The Main City Quests

Want to keep your base up to speed at all times, and ensure that you’re never behind on anything in the game? Why, all you have to do is to follow the quests! That’s one of our standby tips for games like this, but by opening the Quests menu and pulling up your City Quests, you can refer to a list of quests which you can then complete for the good of your base. These quests will ensure that your base has enough resources and is upgraded properly, as you yourself will be winning valuable resources for completing them.

3. Follow The Daily And Alliance Quests Too

Aside from the main quests that keep your base updated, you’ve also got two other types of quests to complete, namely daily and alliance quests. The daily quests are more like timers than anything else; they don’t really require you to do anything, except to wait until the timer expires. Make sure you’ve got a daily quest in the background when you’re not playing the game; the longer a quest takes to complete, the better the rewards. As daily quests are arranged in order of length, you can use that to your advantage and choose the quests that can help you the most.
As for alliance quests, they’re very similar to the daily quests – timers where the only thing for you to do is to wait. But the difference is that these quests will only be available if you’re part of an alliance. Complete them and you can win resources for everyone in your alliance!

4. Take Advantage Of The Free Gifts

It’s important that you get your command center up to Level 3, though it’s going to take sooner than you may think – it usually takes just 15 minutes or less from the time you start the game. Once you complete it, you can then redeem your mystery gift; once you open this freebie, you can get some resources, as well as certain premium items. And once you’re done, you’ll have to wait a few minutes before the next gift becomes available, then even longer timeframes progressively as you keep on opening gifts. As the items contained within the gift boxes aren’t your average throwaway freebies, you should open as many free gifts as you can in a day.

5. How Does Research Work?

We could move on to the finer points of Iron Commander, such as battle and defensive strategies that can help you move forward faster in the game. But since this is a strategy guide for beginners, we’re going to close out by talking about research, which you can do at your base’s Science Center.

One thing you should remember about research is that you’ve got three categories to work on, namely Economics, Fortifications, and Troops. Economics pertains to the resources on your base, and upgrading in related areas will help you reduce construction times and produce more resources faster. Fortifications upgrades are related to the defenses on your base; upgrading in here would allow you to unlock more defensive structures. Finally, you’ve got your Troops upgrades, which simply makes your troops more powerful while at combat.

So which research category should you be focusing on? As we’re firm believers in defense, we think Fortifications would be a good area of focus, though all of the three areas are important in their own way. The important thing, really, is to make sure you’ve got some research ongoing, even if and especially when you’re going to be leaving the game for a while. After all, it does take a while for research projects to complete.