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Into the Dim Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Defeat Your Enemies

Into the Dim is quite an interesting game for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), and while it fits into the RPG genre, it doesn’t come with the rich graphics and storylines that other RPGs do. It’s a black-and-white adventure featuring a boy and his dog, and the in-game world here is filled with dungeons you can explore by yourself. You can solve puzzles, outsmart the enemy side, and figure out mysteries about the weird town that you’re in. And while Happymagenta – a known casual game maker – doesn’t really specify what you can expect in terms of number, Into the Dim does promise “various” enemies and collectable treasures.

We’d like to add that this game is very charming, not only because of the simplicity behind it, but also because it takes place in black and white. However, it might not always be easy to play this game, especially if you’ve just downloading it and are clueless about how to proceed. Fortunately, our collection of Into the Dim tips and tricks can help you see the light while not fading away even one bit.

1. Be Patient And Move Conservatively

It’s not necessary for you to be doing something on each turn. The opposite would actually apply – if you move around too much or make too many big moves, that could turn out to be counterproductive. What you would want to do instead is to let the enemies slowly come your way, thus allowing you to save up a big attack with all of your turns once they’re within striking distance.

2. Be Cautious With The Barrels

Breaking barrels is usually a smart thing to do in any type of game – they usually contain some kind of reward. In Into the Dim, barrels sometimes have some coins inside, but they don’t always come with good stuff inside. Sometimes barrels may explode, which could cause some considerable damage on your end, and they may also make a path available for hordes of enemies. If you should break a barrel, we advise you to do this when you’re near the end of a stage, and if you’ve got more than enough health.

3. Be Careful With Your Lives

Hearts are a bit hard to come by in this game, so we advise you, partly in relation to the first tip, to try to be conservative. Make good use of the hearts that you have, or you might have a problem replacing them as you progress along in the game.

4. Take Your Time When Picking Locks

Don’t panic if you’re seemingly locked out of a treasure chest just because you’re unable to pick the lock. Yes, it is possible to restart the countdown timer, or to let it reset on its own without incurring any actual penalties in the game. While the lock combination may not always be the same, you won’t suffer any consequences such as getting hurt, losing a term, or not getting loot that may have been within arm’s reach.