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Infinite Pool Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Get a High Score

Pool has always had a special place in the video game world, with some of the oldest platforms having their own version. Kiseki Games’ new iOS-exclusive title called Infinite Pool takes the sport to the mobile age by adding an endless runner element to it. Your goal is to keep Cupi rolling in an infinite game of pool. You will earn coins, hats, and diamonds along the way, so do your best. Meet the adorable little characters that turn this game into a cute little score chaser instead of the all-too-serious sport players know it for. The game’s intuitive one-touch controls make it easy for anyone to pick it up, but that does not mean it will always be a walk in the park. There are several challenges for you to take on, not to mention a bunch of funny hats for you to craft and discover. Read the rest of our Infinite Pool cheats, tips and tricks below before you go on a billiard binge!

1. Hit The Right Balls

The goal of Infinite Pool is to keep going for as far as you can without running out of shots. To do so, you will need to earn back your shots by hitting the right balls. Shots are not the only things you can get out of hitting balls, though. When you hit a standard ball, you earn back a shot. When you hit a gold ball, however, you earn coins on top of that extra shot. If the gold ball bumps into another ball, it will generate even more coins. When you hit a bomb, it will blow up. All balls in its blast radius will fly in different directions. Hitting bombs is a great way for you to earn a lot of random shots as well as coins when the gold balls go ricocheting all over the place.

2. Sink Those Balls

While earning coins is a lot of fun, it is not the goal of the game. Your goal is to earn as many points as possible by sinking balls. You earn one point for every ball you shoot into a hole. If you manage to shoot a ball into a 2x hole, you get two points. The game gives you five shots to start with. When you use up all your shots, your run ends. Try to earn back as many shots as possible, so you will have plenty of chances to sink more balls.

3. Trigger A Combo

Scoring one or two points at a time can be boring. If you want to earn really high scores in Infinite Pool, you will need to learn how to trigger a combo. A combo is triggered whenever you sink multiple balls within a short period of time. Once it is active, your score will get a multiplier. This increases the number of points you earn from each ball by a lot. Keep the combo going and you will be raking in dozens of points with ease. It takes a bit of practice but once you are confident in quickly dragging and aiming, you will be able to sink balls more quickly.

4. Sell Hats For Money

After finding your first hat, you will be able to open up the Hat Store. This store will sell your hats automatically but it will take time. The more hats you find in-game, the more you will be able to sell. You can speed things up by selling everything instantly. To do so, you will need to watch a video advertisement. Once the sales are done, you will be able to claim all your earnings. Whether you choose to wait, or you sell everything instantly, your income will be the same. You will need upgraded hats if you want to increase your income.

5. Upgrade Your Hats

Once you sell the target number of hats, you will be able to purchase a hat upgrade. Upgrading a hat to level 3 will give you stat boosts such as additional shot power or stronger bombs. When you reach upgrade level 5, you will be able to raise the performance boost from 10% to 20%. There are also three other upgrade levels available that are dedicated to increasing the value of each hat.

6. Don’t Forget To Wear Hats

Before you get carried away with your hat business, make sure you save some hats for yourself. Hats have different bonuses that are activated when you wear them. Depending on your purpose, you will need to wear different hats. If you are short on power, you can use a level 2 Baseball Cap which gives you a 5% shot power bonus. Not all hats have bonuses, so make sure you read their descriptions carefully. Look for the skills that you need during your runs and make sure you wear them before starting a new game. The right had depends on your play style, so it is all a matter of preference.

7. Grab Those Diamonds

As you play through the game, you will sometimes notice diamonds lying around. Do everything you can to grab those because they are premium currency. You will need these to purchase upgrades for your hat store. They are also hard to come by for free, so it is worth sacrificing your run to secure that diamond. You can always start a new run, but a lost diamond will be hard to replace.

8. Watch A Lot of Ads For Rewards

Aside from selling your hats instantly, there are several other benefits that you can get from watching ads. The first one is for doubling or tripling the coins you earn at the end of each run. You will receive an ad offer and all you have to do I accept it. You can also reset the cooldown of missions in order to make them available right away. This is important because you will want to complete as many missions as possible. Missions reward you with diamonds, so the ability to accept missions right away is priceless.

Pool has never been this much fun! Don’t forget any of our Infinite Pool cheats, tips and hints listed above if you want to break high score records!