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Idle Office Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Richest Office Tycoon

Idle clicker business sim games have been a wildly popular game genre for quite some time and will most likely maintain their popularity for the years to come. It’s a common trait for idle clicker games to come with the simplest of mechanics ensuring easy understanding and progression even for the least experienced players.

With a plethora of idle clicker games in the mobile gaming market, themes have expanded beyond expectations from simplified versions of real life businesses down to bizarre and unconventional entrepreneurial ventures. It’s not like a “You have seen one, you have seen them all” experience as each idle clicker business game holds something unique for its players to experience and revel in.

idle office tycoon guide

Warrior Games’ Idle Office Tycoon – Get Rich! is an idle clicker business sim title that may appear just like any typical game in the genre based on its title. Considering the overabundance of loosely similar games within the genre alone, you’d be inclined to think that it is all about managing an office. Idle Office Tycoon, however, is a property management simulation game where you purchase and develop buildings and find tenants to lease business rooms to.

Your office tycoon career is not a cycle that merely involves hopping from one building to a bigger and better one as you also need to constantly work on improving your lifestyle and reputation in the corporate world. There is a quick and simple tutorial to start your career off and there are helpful people to guide you at all times. There are no chances of profits loss so you can move forward regardless of your decisions.

If you are itching to pole-vault over to the next level and become the top tycoon ahead of the rest, then we got your back. Our Idle Office Tycoon Beginner’s Guide comes with several tips, tricks and strategies to become the richest office tycoon fast!

1. Keep Your Office Spaces Occupied

We always mention that while idle clicker business sim games offer something unique for its players, Idle Office Tycoon provides no truer testament to those words. Although there are simple mechanics, continuous profits, and zero chance of failing, there is a bigger gap in progression between a tycoon who utilizes strategies in investing compared to one who doesn’t. Continuous earning has its limits in Idle Office Tycoon, relating to the quality of tenants you have as well and the duration of the lease on your property.

idle office tycoon companies

Idle Office Tycoon starts you off with your first office building, which comes with very limited office space. To start earning cash, you need to find companies who will rent the vacant office spaces you have. There are always more clients available than the number of office spaces you can lease and each time you make an offer through the invite button on the vacant space, a random selection of available companies will be provided.

For starters, you can simply choose the Grade D companies. These companies have 3 stars, or dollar signs rather, indicating their size, cost of requirements, and max level. Note that you can invite some companies even if the current office available has not yet met their requirements unless the issue is the number of work stations available in the office. More importantly, a lease contract is never perpetual and will expire after a certain period of time. Be sure to take not of the contract duration as you will cease to receive income once the office space has been vacated.

idle office tycoon office space

Once a contract has expired, you will see a contract icon atop the vacant office with the word “renew” and it also becomes evident enough that the space becomes dark and empty. After clicking on it, you can choose to renew their contract instantly, letting them stay for another extra term but costing you cash as well. Otherwise, you can choose the “Reinvite” option and offer the office space to another company.

idle office tycoon renew contract

2. Invest Idle Cash Right Away

If you are a gamer who have played a whole lot of other games across different genres save for idle clicker sim games like Idle Office Tycoon, then you may already have a habit of stocking up on currencies and being very prudent when it comes to spending. As much as that strategy works well for almost every game in other genres, it is a basic strategy to do just the opposite in almost every idle clicker game.

Cash continue to stream in Idle Office Tycoon much like loosely similar games in the genre. There are no expenses, however, as every bit of cash you spend are to be considered as capital investments to your growing firm. While some upgrades are directly affecting your idle income, some may yield less direct effects but each one ultimately leads to higher profits over time. As such, the sooner you invest in any purchase or upgrade, the sooner it will benefit you and your company.

idle office tycoon company info

The most basic investment choices relate to the furniture within each office location from the actual office spaces that you lease out down to corporate, common use, and utility rooms. These upgrades will take most of your idle income as their volume is immense even on the initial property. Although investing away however you like works too, we recommend taking into consideration what we will be discussing on the next strategy below.

Beyond furniture and other facility improvements, there are bigger expenditures to consider that will also positively impact your progression in Idle Office Tycoon. You will sooner or later need to move into a bigger facility to entertain more clients and cater as well to bigger corporations in need of higher grade office facilities. There are expensive houses, cars, and even costly investments that may require a lot of your savings or even prompt you to save up just so you can afford them. In such cases, you may need to plan ahead and prioritize well between spending cash on needed upgrades or save up for the more expensive investments.

idle office tycoon jane

What we recommend is to spend on the smaller investments first that contribute to an increase in income moving forward and follow the basic rule of expending your idle cash, following opportunities that let you earn huge lumps of cash like offline idle earnings, you can spend a little less time saving for the expensive purchases or even be able to afford them instantly.

idle office tycoon offline reward

3. Let The To-Do List Guide You

Idle Office Tycoon provides its virtual tycoons every ounce of liberty to go about their business venture the way they want. As we mentioned earlier, every bit of investment you make leads to an increase in profits directly or otherwise. While we have already discussed some factors to consider on how to invest your idle cash and go about improvements and expansions, Idle Office Tycoon further provides a To-do List to guide neophyte tycoons towards a more focused progression plan.

You can access the To-do List through its icon at the lower left side of the screen. More often than not, you can find an exclamation mark on it indicating a reward awaiting to be claimed. There are always 3 available targets to see on the list and accomplishing one will replace it with a new one. Each task you fulfill also earns you extra cash as well as gems so on top of being a guide for you to follow, the To-do List also rewards you for progressing your missions.

idle office tycoon to-do list

It is best to focus on one objective at a time by clicking on the “Go” button to see where the task needs to be accomplished. It can happen that some targets will take some time to fulfill but being barred from progressing in a target should prompt you to try and focus on the next one. You may also accomplish some targets not shown in the current trio of objectives. In such cases, you will readily be able to claim rewards once the accomplished target pops up.

Take note as well that you can take of an ad boost in this feature. Playing a short video ad before claiming your reward can double it. It is not expected of you to always patronize the ad offers but doing so when rewards are 5 gems or more is too hard to pass up on especially since you will constantly be in need of more premium currency.

idle office tycoon double reward

4. Keep Your Tenants Happy

Running any kind of business isn’t just about getting customers. Rather, what matters is that you keep them as happy as can be to ensure that they will always be back for more of what you have to offer. Although losing customers is not possible in Idle Office Tycoon, their level of satisfaction affects how they work and how much profits you can earn from them. As such, it is important to provide them with all of their needs or more to ensure that they are happy and performing extraordinarily.

For starters, you need to provide the basic office needs before your office space becomes available for lease and this entirely relates to the number of work stations you have set up. Work stations just like the rest of the office furniture, however, have levels of upgrades and this is where the bulk of your profits need to be invested in. Although you will continue to earn profits even with dissatisfied lessees, your aim is to maximize earnings per minute, which is why it is of utmost importance that you make sure that everyone is happy.

idle office tycoon tenants

Once a contract has been entered into, you can click on the occupied office space to check its details. This is where you can make furniture purchases and upgrades but, more importantly, you can check for the details of the current contract as well as the requirements of the leasing party. While blindly purchasing and upgrading furniture also helps you in the long run, a more targeted approach towards purchases and upgrades will lead to a higher rate of profits faster.

Let’s take the Class A company, Ubiloft, as an example. This company can reach a max level of 6 stars or dollars and requires at least 12 work stations before they sign up. Once on board, you should click on the “Employee” button to take note of the facility requirements, which is directly related to their happiness level.

As a Class A company, the requirements will be level 4 for all furniture you can purchase and upgrade using cash and level 2 for the items you can only have by spending gems. A red icon on the furniture means that it does not meet the required level while a green one means that their demands have been met.

idle office tycoon lease contract

It is important to note that there are 2 distinct considerations for the listed items you need to purchase and upgrade. For the work stations, having 1 station up to par with the needed level will make 1 employee happy so you will need to upgrade each of them. For everything else, however, it is enough to just upgrade 1 of each item. There is also a meter that fills up with every upgrade you make and once that has been maxed, then you can hold off on subsequent upgrades.

idle office tycoon upgrade

Note that for each office space you have, upgrades stay forever. This is true even if you move to another building later on. It can happen as well that you will settle for a different client, and the office space’s viability for them will become different. If the next client is at the same grade or lower, then you do not necessarily have to make improvements. For higher grade clients, though, you may once again have to invest in upgrades.

5. Don’t Forget About The Non-Office Rooms

It is highly likely that you will find yourself wrapped around the idea of always taking care of your clients by improving the conditions of every room that you lease out. No property rental, however, is made up entirely of rooms for lease as it requires a lot of support facilities or units to operate efficiently. This is perhaps a concept in Idle Office Tycoon that beginners can easily miss but you need to take care of the support facilities to take care of your clients and your business better.

What you can appreciate in Idle Office Tycoon relates to the presence of the corporate and utility divisions within every building you occupy. The core gameplay mechanics are still consistent with the idea that it is a casual and straightforward game. There are added mechanics, however, that provides players to develop and apply strategic thinking and planning to reach the top of the tycoon list faster and more efficiently.

idle office tycoon manager room

There are a number of extra rooms to open and upgrade in Idle Office Tycoon on top of the usual ones for lease. Each one deserves to be looked into from time to time and be budgeted enough as well to develop along the rest of the building.

One of the most important rooms in our opinion is the Manager Room where your virtual self stays at during business hours. This room will often have an exclamation mark and clicking on it will get you an advice from Jane relative to what areas of the building needs work. Beyond that, almost every item within this room that you can purchase or upgrade directly leads to an increase in rental income.

Idle Office Tycoon is an office space management sim and when there are office rooms to manage, you can expect there to be power management as well. As the different rooms in your building increases in numbers and levels, so too does the power the building requires. The Power Room is responsible for ensuring that there is light and electricity in the workplace, which is ran by generators and batteries.

idle office tycoon power room

If you are wondering about the energy icon and bar at the top of the screen, it simply shows you how much extra power your generators and batteries can still provide to the establishment. It is best to always keep the numbers high above zero. Adding new items in the workplace, as well as upgrading each one, will increase energy consumption.

A power requirement that goes over what your Power Room can provide leads to its inability to provide energy to every room. This will result in power outages and will cause temporary work stoppage that basically makes you miss on some earnings. As such, it is best to ensure that outages never happen by maintaining available energy at a decent level and upgrading the Power Room before all other upgrades.

There are no such employees to absolutely work a full shift without requiring some time for restroom breaks and, similarly, you cannot expect any building with people to never have its own restroom. Although not as apparently connected to income boosts, washrooms can be a factor that instead lowers income that you can earn. Improving the restroom will result in employees using it faster and enabling them to return to work faster.

idle office tycoon restroom

Although there are no strict standards to follow as to how many upgrades you need to invest in it, be sure to consider a proportional level to the number of people using it. Employees who have a hard time using the Washroom for whatever reasons will be unhappy and perform less efficiently.

Yet another commonly overlooked section in the building is the Engineering Department, which houses engineers who respond to maintenance issues within the facility. Regardless of how you do your business, there will always be concerns in the facility that requires engineers to work on them.

idle office tycoon washroom

Maintenance issues may result from normal wear and tear but having power issues almost always lead to electrical breakdowns. You will see a wrench on top of an area when something needs to be fixed and the manager can manually attend to it if you click on the wrench. When you have engineers, they will automatically respond to those concerns so you can focus on a whole lot of other matters.

There is also a Meeting Room, Lounge, and even a Recreation Room that provides a variety of benefits to the employees. Although they may not be as impactful as the rest of the areas we have discussed so far, each one carries with it a set of benefits that can lead to operational efficiency and should be looked into as well.

idle office tycoon meeting room

6. Know When To Extend Or End Contracts

On top of increasing earnings as well as boosting operational efficiency, investments you make on purchasing and upgrading items for the various rooms in the office also increases your reputation. It’s not all about the money in Idle Office Tycoon as that star on the upper left side of your screen should continue to rise as well for you to secure better opportunities to earn more.

Reputation points are primarily earned from every construction made within the office. In this sense, being able to perform more purchases and upgrades by considering the cheapest investments as a priority can lead to a faster rate of generating reputation points and reaching the next reputation level. However, there are exceptions to the general rule of choosing the cheapest option first and this is where you need to decide based on your company’s most urgent and critical needs.

idle office tycoon stylish boss table

You can also increase your reputation level by levelling up companies. A company’s max level is based on its grade and higher grade companies do not just rake in more money for you as they also provide more opportunities for you to earn reputation points. Once a company has reached a new level, you will see a spinning up arrow icon on the room that they are occupying. Be sure to click on it as soon as you can as it can sometimes be beneficial to switch out a fully leveled company.

idle office tycoon expired contract

A company that has reached its max level will continue to benefit you as they will pay you the max amount of lease provided that you have met their full requirements. In addition to expiring contracts, having a company reach its max level allows you to cancel the contract and find a new lessee for the room. These are the only 2 circumstances where you can end the contract without having to spend gems.

Once a contract has ended following the expiration of the contract duration, you can opt to renew the contract for the same company at the cost of some cash, or you can re-invite another company from a random selection of companies provided. The random list of companies provided may include companies who have been your clients before or completely new ones. For the latter, some may have requirements you need to meet first before you can cater to them.

idle office tycoon contract termination

After choosing a new company to offer the lease contract to, you will again need to spend a bit of cash. Alternatively, though, you can play a short video ad to grant the contract absolutely free. Considering all these, what we recommend is to always go for the new companies to sustain your reputation’s growth. If none are available following a series of refreshes on the random list, then at least settle for a max level company that will earn you more profits.

7. Don’t Forget To Check Your Phone

You will most certainly want to check your phone or tablet regularly if you are hooked into Idle Office Tycoon and are aspiring to become the top office tycoon in no time. However, Idle Office Tycoon provides players with an in-game mobile phone that is also worth peeking into on a regular basis. This can be found and accessed at the bottom of your screen and contains a WeChat app as well as a Mobile Bank.

idle office tycoon bank assets

Although it is very challenging to reach, Idle Office Tycoon actually places a ceiling or cap to how much cash you ca hold. You can view your current cash as well as the deposit limit through the Mobile Bank app on your phone. Likewise, an additional benefit from your reputation level can be utilized as reaching level milestones will allow you to apply for and be approved for a higher deposit limit.

If you appreciate the hilarity of the numerous companies’ mock names, then you will most certainly enjoy the awkward yet wholesome conversations you can have with different characters via the We Chat app on your mobile device. Basic contacts include Mr. Sponsor, who serves as your mentor; Jane, who assists you with a lot of operation concerns; and your Mom.

idle office tycoon chat

Mr. Sponsor may have largely limited dialogues but Jane can help you receive bulks of extra cash for every company that has reached max level. As for mom, you can occasionally ask her for some support and she will instantly send you 500 cash through the WeChat that you can readily claim.

8. Work On Improving Your Wealth Ranking

The Mobile Bank app on your virtual phone is not just a means of applying for a higher deposit limit. It is also a tool for tracking your current Wealth Ranking and how many Forbes Index points you still need to make it to the top of the list. Beyond your reputation level, which grants you access to better locations, facilities, and clients, your Forbes Index points is also a measure of your success and gives you access to new cities and business opportunities.

idle office tycoon wealth ranking

Forbes Index points can be earned by securing properties. You can check the map via its icon at the lower left side of the screen. Although you basically have access to only the first structure at the start of your journey, you will eventually be able to access more areas as your reputation level increases.

idle office tycoon property

Purchasing a home or a car can earn you Forbes Index points. Both are actually quite expensive and you need a home with sufficient garage space if you want to own cars. Forbes Index points are proportional to the value of the assets you own. What you need to think about is how to strategize around these purchases as cash used for assets can mean less cash invested into your business. Selling assets is also an option but selling price is at roughly 10% of the original price.

idle office tycoon car

Forbes Index points, in turn, let you purchase other business properties that tremendously increase your income per minute. Beyond the Forbes Index points required to make any of these purchases, you need to shell out large sums of cash as well. In terms of maximizing idle income, however, we recommend investing first on the Manager Office and only focus on increasing Forbes Index points a little later.

idle office tycoon trading zone

9. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Idle Office Tycoon may have plenty to offer in its in-game store for players who are willing and able to spend bits of real money for premium services. However, it is also relatively easy to play and enjoy the game without necessarily spending any real money. Idle Office Tycoon does have its share of ads but players can always opt to play without having to see or play any of those ads. While completely avoidable, though, it can be a challenge to resist taking advantage of the ad boosts, as each one can be of great help towards your company growth and your career’s progression in the game.

idle office tycoon ad boost

To start off, Mr. Sponsor will regularly visit your office and offer to give you a huge lump of cash. It’s actually hard not to notice him given his cash aura; the shrieking tires of his car, and the icon at the right side of the screen. What he offers is also proportional to the amount of earnings you earn over time which means that the bigger progress you have, the more he has to offer. There are also special visitors that can instantly earn you EXP or immediately skip night time. All it takes to enjoy their gifts is playing a 15 to 30-second video ad.

Another largely beneficial ad boost activates when you come back to visit your virtual business after being offline and away from it for some time. You can earn idle rewards for at least 2 hours and can instantly claim it when you log back in. The ad boost will let you have 3x as much money and this is one offer that is very difficult to pass up on especially if you need lots of extra cash.

idle office tycoon reward

Refreshing the list of companies to lease an office space to, renewing the contract for an existing company, and even offering a new contract has costs that you can completely avoid. There are ad options available in these instances and you should consider playing them to avoid additional costs and save more cash in the process.

There is also a Lucky Wheel you can access at the right side of the screen once every 8 hours. There are plenty of great rewards to earn from spinning the wheel and even the least attractive prize can still be a huge booster for your career. Relative to this, be sure to drop by the in-game shop and claim your free 10 gems once a day.

idle office tycoon lucky wheel

10. Save Gems For Special Furniture

Gems stand as a premium currency in Idle Office Tycoon and will be much more difficult to earn than cash. Although there are a lot of free ways to obtain gems especially for active tycoons, there are plenty of quick ways to run out of them, especially if you are not careful. There are several ways to spend gems just to cut down on waiting times or make it more convenient for you to progress. As a general rule, though, you should save gems for purchases that cannot be completed any other way.

Considering gem usage, we recommend only using them for special furniture needed to upgrade office spaces in observation of the clients’ usual requirements. Paintings in each room as well as other decorative items can only be purchased with gems and upgrading each of them costs even more gems.

idle office tycoon contract

As far as prioritizing gem investments, you should wait for targets in the To-do List that specifically requires you to purchase a premium item for the rooms. As an example, A Gotham Night Sky painting for the Manager Room will be among the first gem purchases that you should incur.

Idle Office Tycoon certainly has its wildly addictive charm that can hook you into playing it more than casually. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our guide as much as you did this unique idle clicker adventure. If you happen to chance upon some unique strategies that you are inclined to share with us and our readers, do not hesitate to share them below in the comments!


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