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Ice Skating Ballerina Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Make High Scoring Routines

Live the life of a captivating superstar on ice in TabTale’s latest simulation game for iOS and Android. Ice Skating Ballerina combines all the key aspects of an ice skating celebrity experience which includes creating your own routines, overcoming injuries, and most importantly, dressing the part. Go for gold by using our Ice Skating Ballerina strategy guide for success!

1. Dress to Kill

Customizing your character is probably one of the most fun things to do in game but did you know it helps you score some serious points, too? It’s not surprising considering how stylish ice skaters usually look in real life. Of course, you are free to choose your own style so long as you keep an eye on your outfit’s rating. Clothes have different star ratings and you just need to meet the minimum required stars in order to compete. Don’t forget to customize your skates as well. These are your primary tools and you want to make sure you always get the best possible pair. Good skates help you avoid injuries, both in game and in the real world.

2. Show Them Your Moves

Your waltz jump may be on point but it gets a lot less impressive if that’s all you do. Mix things up by showing as many different moves as possible. You don’t have to follow any specific formula but try to throw in different colored moves whenever you can. Avoid using moves of the same color consecutively as it will make your routine look repetitive. Test different combinations and take note which ones the judges like the most. Keep those high scoring sets in your routine and you’ll be winning trophies in no time.

3. Don’t Get Too Fancy

The danger in any sport is missing out on competitions due to injury. This is just as true in the game. You can minimize the risk of injury by getting good skates but you can still get hurt if you try too hard in your routines. Making routines that have too many complex moves can lead to injury. There’s no need to pile on the stunts in your routine. As with any performance, a beginning, a climax, and an end is perfectly acceptable. If you do go overboard and get yourself injured, however, you still have hope. Just head on over to the doctor and play a mini game to heal up in time for the next competition. Remember, you can’t compete until you are completely healed.

4. Enjoy the Spotlight

As you continue with your career, your ratings will keep improving and your celebrity status will grow. Magazines will want you on their covers and you will rise in the World Ice Skating ranks. Once you get a taste of the spotlight, don’t let it go! Aside from continuously improving on your style, you must stay in top shape to keep your competitive edge. Hit the gym before each competition in order to stay fit. Don’t let the stress get to you and make sure you drop by the spa once in a while to unwind. Celebrities need to take care of themselves, too.

Sizzle and dazzle as you glide through the ice! Use our Ice Skating Ballerina strategy guide to jumpstart your skating career.