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Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie Walkthrough: A Complete Guide to Help Charlie Escape from the Factory

Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie is the latest episode of the Ice Scream series of games from Spanish mobile game development company, Keplerians Horror Game. Though the company has only began being active in the mobile gaming scene in 2018, its portfolio of 11 games has already amassed well over 200 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. Along with the hugely popular Ice Scream series, Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room and the Evil Nun games make up the rest of their horror puzzle adventure games.

Although playing the previous installments of Ice Scream is not a requirement for players to enjoy Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie, playing the episode on its own will certainly pique your interest in how the entire series started, much like watching a show already on its sixth episode. Much like earlier incarnations of the horror adventure series, a sense of direction, some patience, and a bit of puzzle solving abilities will be the top skills that will help you conquer every challenge in the game.

ice scream 6 charlie

Before we proceed with the walkthrough, we recommend that you actually try to enjoy going through the adventure on your own to avoid bits of spoilers. In any case, a dive into the episode is necessary to have a good understanding of the controls and what you can do. Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie features 4 distinct difficulty levels ensuring a game mode appropriate for every player’s level of expertise. It also features ad boosts that can tremendously enhance gameplay, making it a lot easier to beat.

On the main screen, or within the game itself, you can play ads to reveal hints on the puzzles you need to solve as well as the items you need to accomplish them. Ads can also be played to have you start with 3 traps instead of 1, and you can play more ads in case you consume all traps. You have a virtual d-pad at the lower left side of the screen to control movement and a button above it to toggle between standing and crouching.

The interaction button appears on the right side of the screen when there are objects you can interact with and the trap button on the lower right side always shows. You can only grab 1 item at a time and you can opt to drop one to pick another up.

For the villains that will hamper you from escaping the factory, there is Rod who will instantly end your attempt when he catches you. There are numerous Mini-Rods roaming around the factory as well, who will sound an alarm when they see you, ensuring Rod will be there to catch you a couple of seconds later. A new, enormous robot called Mati, will be guarding the kitchen as well and she can spit a deadly projectile on you if she sees you.

ice scream 6 settings

Playing on ghost difficulty makes you invisible and enemies will never be able to see you. Using this mode is an excellent way to scope the layout of the factory undetected and be better prepared for a normal run. There are ads that play from time to time on ghost mode, but you can always play offline and be rid of all ads. Enemies move slow in easy mode and are hard of hearing. The enemies do not pose much danger and you have 3 attempts to escape the factory and join your friends.

In normal mode, the movement speed and noise sensitivity of enemies make them more dangerous but you still enjoy 3 attempts to finish the adventure. Finally, hard mode ups all that with fastest moving enemies that are on high alert at all times, leaving you also with just 1 attempt to solve all puzzles and finish the episode.

Pretend To Be One Of Them

In addition to being a piece of any puzzle you need to solve, the first object we aim for is to secure the Mini-Rod costume or mask as it will tremendously make the journey much easier. Wearing the mask will make its so that Mini-Rods and Mati, the super robot, recognize you as one of them and thus never chase or try to hurt you. It is close to the starting room and you only need to avoid Mati and one Mini-Rod to try and obtain it.

ice scream 6 starting room

The Mini-Rod costume is a prize you can claim from an ice cream machine near the kitchen so that is the first place we should go. At the start of your run, Mati will proceed to the ice cream vat and suck some of it up. You can open the door of your starting room and proceed to the room to your left. Next, you should head to the adjacent door in the room to a hallway where a Mini-Rod will be around for its roving duty. It is recommended to choose to take it down, recover, and then proceed to the door in front of you. This way, you can play the mini-game waiting for you without much interruptions.

Inside this room is the ice cream machine of sorts that will earn you the Mini-Rod costume. Once you start the machine, you have 80 seconds to place 3 scoops of ice cream onto the cone 10 times. There are 4 different flavors of ice cream it can dispense as indicated by icons above the dispensers. The 3-scoop combinations can be seen flashing at the lower right side of the machine and cones completed are indicated by bulbs that light up on the left and right side of the machine.

ice scream 6 ice scream machine

Naturally, the cone will continuously move from left to right, requiring a bit of timing to dispense the right scoop of ice cream on top of it. Likewise, there are split second cool down periods between dispensing each so while you can put 2 similar scoops on top of each other in one go, it is very difficult to time perfectly. At about 7 or 8 scoops in, The Mini-Rod that you downed may get back up to pester you again, be sure to take care of it immediately so it will not successfully summon Rod.

It can be challenging to complete the ice cream machine mini game in one go but with some practice, you can soon be able to complete it with a bit more time to spare. For starters, do not go for 2 consecutive scoops in one go to avoid making mistakes. Make sure as well that you have a great view of the dispenser until you have completely memorized how each flavor is arranged.

Once successfully completed, a notification will advise you of your prize saying that the machine has been unlocked and is running again and the Mini-Rod mask will be delivered to left side of the machine via a conveyor belt. Proceed to claim and equip it as you can now breathe a lot easier knowing you have immunity from those pesky robots.

ice scream 6 mini-rod mask

After putting the mask on, head on to the room through the door past the conveyor belt. This small area leads to an exit to the left and the right, with lockers to check for some key items as well as hiding places. You can opt to scope the alley to the right first as you may find key items you will need for later. Some key items in Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie are randomized and it is best to discover as many of them while keeping the Mini-Rod mask on to make it easier to plan moving forward.

ice scream 6 hiding places

Regardless of what you find on the path to the right, there are more hiding places to check on the other end of the alley. To the left of the ice cream mini game room is a door that leads to a small kitchen with 2 long tables and the door from across you leads to a small dining area of sorts, filled with drawers and cupboards for you to explore. Head in and open everything you can interact with. Both doors across the one you entered in leads to the same hallway. Going left leads you back to where the huge vat of ice cream and Mati is located.

Head right past the huge glass structure and exit the kitchen door to a place with bookshelves on it left and right. Turning right again, there is a door with a red button to its left and probably a Mini Rod roving back and forth to it. You can only enter this room with a Mini-Rod mask on. The red circle is actually a facial recognition device and standing close to it with the costume on unlocks the door.

ice scream 6 door

Inside is the laundry room with 2 bins you should explore as well as a wardrobe to hide in. The dirty sock, which is a key item can be found in one of the laundry bins. For now, though, it is best to leave it or pick it up and drop it off somewhere easier to locate later. You may want to put the mask back onto accomplish one of Charlie’s quests.

ice scream 6 laundry bin

Collecting The Medallion Pieces

There is a special locked door within the factory that Charlie needs to open to help J with one of the latter’s quest later. This requires you to find 2 pieces of a medallion, which when place at the left side of the special door will unlock it. One of the reasons we opted for the Mini-Rod costume first was to explore more freely in the factory.

ice scream 6 drawer

Checking the cupboards in the kitchen and dining halls will most certainly net you at least half of the medallion. If you have yet to secure the second one, be sure to explore areas like the storage section close to where there are tables with milk boxes and the heap of sugar.

ice scream 6 medallion left half

If you still do not have a full layout of the factory map in your head at this point in time, consider the starting room as the main reference area. From outside of that room head left through the door then enter the door on the right. The other half of the medallion is not necessarily tucked away in a drawer and should be easier to spot.

ice scream 6 medallion complete

To find and mark the special door where you need to place the 2 half circle keys, let us make the starting room as the reference point once again. From there, head towards the right side and exit the door just behind the huge glass structure. This takes us to the hallway with bookshelves, where we entered the right room using the Mini-Rod costume earlier. This time, go left and then right to see the special door on your right side.

ice scream 6 spice cabinet

Once you pick up a piece of the key, be sure to insert it on the slot on the left side of the door. Once you have placed both halves of the medallion, the door will unlock. Inside is a locked spice cabinet as well as a picture hint for another puzzle later. Be sure to keep it in mind to help J with his quest later. Charlie is done with his quests for now and we can safely switch to J for his side of the quests.

ice scream 6 telephone

The Office is at the door with the green phone icon to the left side of where we entered the ice cream machine mini game earlier. Using the phone stands as your only way to switch between Charlie and J. For now, you should proceed to contact them and take control of J.

J And The Locked Door

When taking control of J, you will start in a room with Mike at a small table and an electrogun on top of a cabinet to his left. You can pick up the electrogun and exit the room. From the control room, turn right and turn another right through the door that leads to a narrow hallway. There is a door on the left side that leads to another hallway with tiled floors.

ice scream 6 garage

The first door you see on the right leads to the garage. You can drop down or take the stairs down but the latter is the better alternative as Rod might be there tinkering with his ice cream truck. Between the stairs and the truck is a toolbox that contains a file, which is a key item you will need later. You can opt to pick it up now.

ice scream 6 electrogun

Go to the other side of the ice cream truck and climb the stairs. Above it is a platform with a vent you can pass through. After seeing 3 exhaust fans to the left, you can finally exit the vent to the right. There is a path to follow down the room but you should thread carefully as a Mini-Rod stands guard in it. Exit the room ahead of the path where a cardboard props of Rod stands next to.

ice scream 6 vent

Further to the right of the hallway is a locked door, and interacting with it reveals that Mike can think of a way to open it. Proceed further right into a hallway with a red carpet. Once stepping on the red carpet, Follow the red carpet along the right path until you see the motorcycle. This will be important later on.

ice scream 6 friends room

Continue following the carpet until you see an odd painting as the carpet path leads right to a dead end and the left path has a door in it. Enter the door, turn right, and climb up the stairs. This will take you to a room full of cages you can interact with.

ice scream 6 mini-rod

Go through the door at the other end, and you will your way back to the hallways with the tiled floors where the door to the garage can be found. Travel back to the control room and interact with Mike to start the quest for the lock pick.

ice scream 6 friends padlock

Crafting And The Lock Pick

After interacting with Mike, you will be tasked to gather 3 materials needed to craft the lock pick. If you opted to take the file earlier, you can interact with Mike’s blueprint to deposit it and leave it on the table with Mike. If not, head back to the garage to pick it up. The other 2 requirements are a tape and a metal plate. There are numerous office rooms near the control room and the rooms just in front of you before you step into the tiled hallway can have the tape you need.

ice scream 6 metal plate

If you remember the warehouse or storage we went through earlier through the vents from the garage, that is where you can likely find a metal plate. It may not be as easy to see but walking around the cabinets will show the interact button if you get close enough to it. Bring all the crafting materials to Mike and interact with the blueprint to have Mike make you a lock pick.

ice scream 6 lock pick

After obtaining the lock pick, travel all the way back to locked door we visited earlier. Just to refresh your memories, it is in the narrow hallways after exiting the warehouse door where Rod’s cardboard stature is displayed. Once the padlocked room has been successfully opened, enter and you will see a breaker for the pantry on the right side of the wall acing you.

ice scream 6 breaker

Turn it back on and you are done with the room. Charlie can now proceed to obtain expired eggs. Although you can switch back to Charlie already, it is best to proceed with the other puzzle that grants him access to the experimental spice.

The Crank And The Experimental Spice

Our next target lies within the maze-like museum with red carpets we visited earlier. The goal is to unlock the storage on the ice cream motorcycle using J and grant Charlie access to the experimental spice. If you remember earlier, we needed Charlie to obtain 2 halves of a medallion key to unlock a room where a photo hint can be found.

ice scream 6 sign

This is a requirement for J to be able to initiate his quest. The quest takes place in the museum, where you will need to interact with the photo shown in Charlie’s photo hint.

ice scream 6 showcase

It is a kind of puzzle that you need to do 3 times. After finding the poster indicated in the photo hint, interacting with it will reveal another photo to pick up. This will take you to another photo or poster to find and interact with. After the third one, you will obtain the crank as the item dropped and you can finally proceed to revisit the ice cream motorcycle we have seen a couple of times earlier.

ice scream 6 frosty sign
ice scream 6 photo

Just a side note, most of the photos should lead you to different locations within the museum. If one of the photos shows a decoration with “Frosty” written in it, you can find this hanging inside Rod’s garage, just beside the stairs we take to get to the vent leading to the warehouse.

ice scream 6 gap

After securing the crank, head to where the motorcycle is in the museum. There is a hole on its back where you need to use the crank to open up. Inside of the storage are 2 objects you can interact with. On the left is a memory that will lead to a flashback cut scene and on the right is a remote control that unlocks the storage for the experimental spice.

ice scream 6 remote controller

Now that we are finally done with J’s quests, we can head back to the control room, use the phone and switch out controls to Charlie.

ice scream 6 evil nun

Adding Special Ingredients

A perfect turn of events to your adventure leads to finally taking down Mati with a taste of your own special blend of ice scream. All the previous puzzles you solved leads to this point, unlocking special doors that contain special ingredients to tamper with the ice cream being made in Rod’s ice cream factory. The dirty sock, expired eggs, and experimental spice need to be collected and mixed in with different ingredients the Mini-Rods use to make ice cream. It certainly has been a long journey but at this point, it becomes a little riskier and dangerous but so close to the end game.

ice scream 6 expired eggs

From the control room, head towards the door on the right and then the door on the left to the storage room. At the left side of the storage room, the door to where rotten eggs can be obtained is now unlocked. There are thirteen egg cartons to check and one of them holds the expired eggs.

getting expired eggs in ice scream 6

After getting the expired eggs, exit the storage and head towards the door on the other end of the room, the one with 2 long tables. Your target is the box with eggs being tended to by a Mini-Rod. The Mini-Rod will most certainly never leave its post so be sure to be ready for an alarm as you are putting the expired eggs into the mix.

ice scream 6 mini-rod cooking

If you remember the room where we needed the Mini-Rod Mask earlier, you should also remember that it is the same room where we found dirty socks. Grab those stinky socks and the next target is nearby. Going back into the room with the ice cream vat where Mati frequently stays, you will see a Mini-Rod mixing milk in a huge pot. Interact with it to put the dirty socks in there.

ice scream 6 sugar

For the last special ingredient, head to the newly unlocked cabinet that holds the experimental spice. It is inside the room where we used the medallion key earlier, in case you forgot. Find the table in the kitchen with the heap of sugar. A Mini-Rod will also constantly tending to it and Mati will also be around from time to time.

Off To Reuniting With Mike And J

After mixing the experimental spice into the heap of sugar, head to where the large vat of ice cream is and wait for Mati to suck it up. In just a few sips of the specially blended ice cream, Mati will fall down on her back and you will finally be able to snatch the mystery key hanging on her waist. Remember to not miss it as Mati will not be staying down for long. It is best to wait in the starting room as you can peek in the window and check if she is about to taste the special ice cream.

ice scream 6 mati down

Once Mati walks up to the vat and is about to taste it, you can head on out so you can quickly snatch the key after she falls. The locked room is just behind the glass structure that we have been referencing several times earlier. Use the key to unlock it and then jump down the huge pipe.

ice scream 6 lock
ice scream 6 pipe

The quick pipe ride will take you to the control room where J and Mike are. The episode is finished and Charlie finally gets to reunite and hug his friends. As you sat down while your 2 friends start to figure out how to save Lis, the credits role and you finally let out a huge sigh of relief!

ice scream 6 together

And that is the end of our complete walkthrough for Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie. We hope that our guide has helped you clear the episode and that you were able to attempt going through the adventure prior to visiting this guide. We certainly enjoyed the challenging horror adventure and we hope you did as well so feel free to share your thoughts and questions in our comment box below!


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