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Hungry Shark Evolution Guide & Tips: 5 Hints to Unlock More Sharks

Want more Hungry Shark Evolution tips? We’ve got them right here, and as a primer for those who missed the first part, this is a game from Future Games London, available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Your goal is to eat as many creatures as possible and collect/unlock as many of the game’s available sharks, and as you go through the missions, you’ll have a chance to evolve your shark.

Last time, we offered you four Hungry Shark Evolution tips and tricks, but now, we shall focus on those tips best used by those who have been playing the game for some time.

1. Get Some Help From A Baby Shark

Baby Sharks are this game’s equivalent of pets – they swim next to your shark and assist you in eating stuff you find in the sea. You can buy Baby Sharks with coins or gems – this could cost you as few as 20 gems for a baby Mako Shark or as many as 900 for a baby Megalodon Shark. The baby Reef Shark is the only one you can buy with coins, and that’s going to cost you a thousand of the game’s main currency.

2. How To Evolve Your Sharks

You earn growth points as your sharks eat more and more sea creatures, and these points will be used in determining when your sharks can level up and become even more fearsome. The Reef Shark is the easiest to level up (1,000 points for free), followed by the Mako (2,000 points plus 1,500 coins), the Hammerhead (3,950 points plus 6,000 coins), the Tiger Shark (7,350 points plus 15,000 coins), the Great White (14,500 points plus 35,000 coins), and finally the Megalodon (42,550 points plus 50,000 coins).

3. Where To Find Angler And Gulper Fish

The game comes with one mission where you need to eat ten Anglers, and another where the goal is to eat ten Gulpers. You’ll need to swim really low to find Angler Fish, and may need to face some dangers; there are a lot of Anglers in one of the underwater caverns, though its corners are fraught with spikes. As for the Gulpers, look at your basic map and look for the rightmost cave. It’s near the bottom of the map, and especially close to the dartboard. Find that cave and you’ll find your share of Gulpers to gulp down, no pun intended.

4. Dealing With Submarines

Submarines are nasty customers in this game – they’re capable of shooting at your sharks if they venture too close. But there’s a way to get rid of them. All you have to do is to quickly charge at the front part of the submarine, and while this can deal a whole lot of damage to your shark, you can avoid this by being especially quick and taking the sub by surprise.

5. Unlock The Megalodon Shark

As you probably have surmised, the Megalodon Shark is the most impressive shark you can unlock. For one, it happens to be the only shark that can eat non-living things such as boats and mines, and it’s also the only one that can eat jellyfish without requiring an Antidote purchase. Still, you can have your other sharks eat jellyfish with the Antidote, or stay safe from mines via the Flak Jacket.