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Hunger Quest Cheats & Tips: 5 Awesome Tricks to Help You Get Started

Hunger Quest is a puzzle role-playing game by NHN PlayArt that’s currently available on iOS. The developer promises a game that’s easy to pick up and hard to master, though even harder to put down. Essentially, you’re tracing blocks and chaining them to attack the enemy, as you challenge the evil Dungeon Master and prepare for his dungeons. It has a very old-school feel to it in terms of graphics, and it seamlessly fuses the genres of puzzle gaming and RPGs in one interesting title. Since that can be quite hard to handle for first-time players, we’ve come up with a list of Hunger Quest cheats and tips that will help you understand the game and succeed in the process.

1. Collect All Items You See In The Dungeon

Unless you’ve encountered an item that could harm you, you will want to collect all the items you spot when exploring the dungeons. Most of them are helpful anyway, and these include potions that could restore your health, as well as doughnuts. Of course, you can collect weapons and other types of equipment. And if you don’t need an item but might need it in the future, feel free to keep it in your storage.

2. Plan Ahead

When fighting in the dungeon, you’ve got to look before you leap – in other words, think first before making a move. You want to deal the maximum amount of damage to enemies while edging towards the exit and doing so with a generous amount of health points and doughnuts. Strategizing will be especially important when you start encountering the dynamite, which could take its toll on you after so many moves.

3. Get The Gold Book Of Mastery

Hunger Quest comes with silver and gold books of mastery that you can purchase, and we would recommend buying them only when you have enough gold coins (5,000) for the gold book. This book comes with rare jobs that could drastically improve your stats as compared to common jobs. Don’t worry, though, as repeat job classes will enhance whatever job class you presently have.

4. Use The Wish List Before Forging

If you want to forge an item, simply go to the item and hit the wish list button. Doing that will show you what needs to be done and which dungeon you need to visit so you can get the items that would allow your chosen item to be forged.

5. Collect Rewards And Sell Doughnuts For Coins

In Hunger Quest, you’ll want to collect rewards on a regular basis. In fact, we suggest collecting ALL the rewards, even the ones you would otherwise overlook. And if you need more coins, you can sell your silver, gold, and platinum doughnuts. Getting more coins will, as we told you above, allow you to buy the silver and gold mastery books, as well as other related books that could help you in your journey.