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House Flipper Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Master Renovator

Originally launched in 2018, House Flipper is a video game targeting people who like to obsess over repairing and remodeling dingy houses with the goal of turning them into any family’s dream homes. Now, two years later publisher PlayWay has extended the availability of the game to mobile – so both Android and iOS users can finally get some renovations done while on the go. Overall, the two versions are pretty similar, but the mobile game has been simplified quite a bit with the purpose of providing a more coherent experience on smaller screens.

In the mobile version of House Flipper, you’re just starting out as a contractor trying to build a business for yourself. Luckily you have a friend called Robert who is more than willing to show you around and teach you the basics of house fixing and design.

house flipper guide

The game begins with a tutorial that teaches you what you need to know to successfully complete a job. But first, you’ll have to learn the basics of navigating in House Flipper: tapping on the left side of the display allows you to move around, while tapping on the right changes your viewing angle. Once past the introductory phase, players have to start completing projects in order to earn money, expand their business and buy properties.

House Flipper sounds like a pretty simple and relaxing affair, but the game comes with its own fair share of challenges. If you’re new to the game and already struggling to figure out some tasks, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a House Flipper beginner’s guide just for you, which includes tips and tricks that will hopefully help you deal with any difficulty that you might encounter along the way.

It’s true that the game does not rely on a win/loss system, but even so you’ll find that, at least in the beginning, you’ll come upon the occasional hurdle that will slow down your progress significantly. So check out our list of strategies if you find yourself unable to move past a certain point.

1. Identify The Pointer

At first new players might feel a bit confused regarding object interaction. Simply getting close to an item and tapping on it frantically will not have the desired effect of activating the interaction option(s) available for that particular item.

identifying the pointer in house flipper

Consequently, the first thing you need to do in House Flipper is to identify the pointer. This is a barely visible dot which sits in the center of the display. It’s this dot that you need to point towards an object, if you want to interact with it.

At times you might not be in the right position – physically – to be able to do so. When that happens, you’ll need to use the navigation keys to adjust your locus in relation to the object. Throughout this course of action, never lose sight of the dot. Once you learn to work it, you should have no problem interacting with any of objects around a house.

2. If You Can’t Interact With An Object, Get Closer To It

Every now and then you might notice that even though you positioned the cursor correctly on a certain object, it doesn’t appear like you can interact with it. That might seem puzzling, especially if you need to act upon that element in order to complete a task.

objects in house flipper

Well the solution is pretty simple – just get closer to the object, point the cursor at it and you’ll probably see the interaction option(s) pop up. Sometimes, it might not be easy to get to an object, as you’ll need to move others out of the way to make it accessible. When that happens, simply position the cursor on the object blocking the path, tap to move it and then tap again to position it somewhere else.

3. Investigate Your Surroundings Meticulously

Accepting a new job in House Flipper means you’ll receive a list of things that need to be done around a particular property. This ranges from cleaning windows and taking out the trash to painting the walls, and installing different appliances.

Most of these tasks are very straightforward and you won’t have a problem knowing what to do. However, you shouldn’t rule out stumbling upon the occasional odd one. For example, to thoroughly clean a room you’ll need to wash all the surfaces covered with grime. Most of the time they are easy to spot, but sometimes they really aren’t. In such cases, have another look at the room, and make sure to check in the corners that might be hidden from view by cupboards and other furniture pieces.

If you still can’t find them, take a time out and switch to another task. It often happens that while you’re busy working on something else, you’ll notice the missing dirt spot(s) that was preventing you from finishing the previous task.

investigating the surroundings in house flipper

Another strategy is to move the pieces of furniture around and see if they hide anything, although from our experience the game doesn’t tend to do that a lot. Occasionally there will be some areas in a room that are restricted by furniture, so our advice is to get them out of the way as soon as possible, so that you can start exploring the whole environment.

Once you’ve renovated a few houses successfully, you’ll settle into a pretty comfortable routine, because most jobs don’t vary all that much between them. Even so, you’ll need to be very attentive at all times, while you work.

Make sure you explore the rooms carefully and leave no angle or corner uncharted. House Flipper doesn’t have a hint system in place, so you’re completely on your own when it comes to finding all the stuff that needs to be taken care of. Mind you, it can get a little frustrating when you’re just one detail away from completing a task, but if you focus and check all over more than once, you’ll probably be able to find what you’re looking for, eventually.

4. Read The Task Instructions Carefully

To become a successful contractor in House Flipper, you’ll have to make a habit out of reading the task instructions carefully. This information is usually very specific. So, for example, tasks that require you to paint walls will also indicate the desired color which you need to use. As the contractor, you’re not supposed to select the paint color yourself, but rather just follow your client’s wishes to get the job done.

house flipper task instructions

So be careful and read all the complete instructions or else you risk throwing money out the window for no good reason. It won’t matter if you painted the room in green, if the task specifically mentions your client wants the walls to be purple. You won’t be able to complete the task and continue with the renovations. So pay attention and buy exactly what you’re supposed to.

To avoid having to manually search for the specific item in the shop use the search option. We highly recommend that you to do so, to save time. The search bar is located in the upper right corner of the shop and from there you can easily search for whatever item you need to purchase. This way you also ensure you don’t purchase the wrong thing.

5. Mind Your Budget

After the initial phase, players will be conducting business from a personal office. To start taking on jobs, check the tablet which can be accessed via the button in the left upper corner of the display. Tap on it and browse through the listings, but don’t rush to take up just any job.

Each project will entail an investment from your part – in money as well as tokens. So make sure that you always examine the estimated cost of a job to ensure you have enough cash for the endeavor. Don’t forget to add a buffer as well, because you can never know what unexpected expenses might pop up along the day.

Additionally, the posting will also reveal the estimated amount of gold tokens you will need to use to complete the entire operation. Gold tokens are very precious resources in House Flipper and you can obtain them by:

house flipper budget

– Leveling up in the game: players can level up throughout the game by completing new jobs. When it happens, they receive a sum of money, as well as a nice amount of tokens. So in order to collect tokens, keep playing as much as possible.

– Unlocking new achievements: you can find the list of achievements by pressing on the Store button and then on the Achievements tab. The game rewards you for all kinds of things, for example, spending 25,000 cash to decorate the office can earn you 3 gold tokens.

Tokens are very important because they allow you to unlock new items (paint, furniture etc) which in turn enables you to complete jobs. If you ever find yourself dangerously low on tokens, you can always use the in-app purchase option and get more using your credit card. Fortunately, in House Flipper you’ll always find yourself unlocking some kind of new achievement, so you should be getting your fix of tokens on a regular basis.

Anyway, if you want to take a job but you don’t have enough money (or tokens) to do so, don’t worry there will be always at least one project in your inbox that you can take up that will require a minimum cash investment. So if you need to make a quick buck, make sure you check the tablet and go for whatever Robert has on offer.

For those who don’t want to pay for extra tokens, taking minimum investment jobs is also beneficial because completing jobs helps with levelling up. Finish enough of these jobs to level up and receive a new batch of tokens.

selling items in house flipper

If you’re really strapped for cash, remember that you could technically sell everything around your office from furniture to house plants. Just switch to the Scanner and start pointing it around the room to see how much you can get for the items you own. This can give you a quick infusion of capital, when you really need it.

6. Level Up Your Tools

Each project will have you working with a set of tools. These can be leveled up to improve their overall performance, but the thing is, doing so will drain your precious token reserve. Therefore, you should always check if you have the resources to spare before actually going through with it.

Now, if you’ve noticed your token supply is running low, maybe abstain from upgrading a tool immediately after the option becomes available. But don’t forget all about it, either. Once you level up in the game and get your hands on a nice token reward, you might want to invest a part in tool upgrading. There are six of them to consider:

how to upgrade tools in house flipper

Hands – used for picking up objects and moving them;
Mop – used for cleaning dirt;
Roller – used for painting walls;
Plastering trowel – used for plastering walls;
Tile trowel – used for setting new tiles or wall paper;
Scanner – used for selling items.

You can view all the Tools by tapping on the Store button and accessing the Tools tab. Here you will be able to upgrade your gear or change their skins (these are paid options). Upgrading will have the effect of improving the speed at which the tool performs its job.

Even so, overall it might be smarter to conserve your tokens as much as possible. The thing is, tool upgrading can be delayed indefinitely, if you don’t mind working slow. However, for those of you who are a bit more impatient and want to progress fast, investing tokens to make your tools better, might seem like a priority. Depending on your play style, make the decision that is right for you.

7. Don’t Rush The Process Whatever You’re Doing

Whenever you have to do something – whether it’s painting a wall or cleaning dirt off, don’t rush things. It takes a certain amount of seconds to perform an action, so don’t get impatient. Wait the necessary amount of time, or else you won’t be able to complete the task at hand entirely. For example, if you’re setting out to paint a portion of the wall in a room, and you don’t allow the action to run its course, the result will be a half painted wall. This means, you won’t be to fully complete a chore and move on to other things.

house flipper tricks

Indeed, you can do things faster if you upgrade your utensils, like we discussed in the previous section. So make sure you invest tokens towards making your tools more proficient. It will save you the frustration of having to wait around while your roller gets soaked up on paint.

8. Don’t Let Anything Go To Waste

You might be tempted to forget all about the cans of plaster or paint you’ve used during a job, because you’re not required to clean after yourself to get paid. Our advice, however, is to use the Scanner on the cans left behind. This way you will get back a small part of your investment back.

house flipper hints

Doing this recycling maneuver it’s pretty easy, so every time you finish work in a room, don’t forget to take out the Scanner and sell the leftover quickly.

9. Save Towards Buying A New House

Once your business starts booming, and you’ve managed to put aside a relatively large sum of money, it’s time to start thinking bigger.

Using the tablet, go check out the properties that are available for sale in your area and, if you have enough, place your offer. With gold tokens to spare, you can even attempt a negotiation session that if successful, could see you buying the house at a cheaper price.

What’s more, know you can sell your initial property (the office) so you can raise enough capital to start investing towards buying other residences. Of course, each acquired property will need to be renovated before you can put it back on the market for a bigger price.

buying a house in house flipper

Our recommendation is that after you complete each job, you spend a bit of that money on renovating your current property. It doesn’t have to be anything too grand – buy some new furniture, or paint the walls – and if you can abstain from spending too many tokens that will be useful.

Once you get started with house flipping, it can provide you some pretty spectacular financial gains. Just remember that things are bound to start off pretty slowly, as you’ll have to work a lot of jobs before you can afford to buy your first property beyond the office, but once you get started, you’ll be able to make sizable profits.

10. Finish Your Jobs Early

The repetitive nature of the renovation jobs might have you wishing you could complete a project earlier. Luckily for you, the game serves up this option once you’re getting quite close to completing a job.

how to finish jobs early in house flipper

You can take up the suggestion, but be warned, you won’t receive all the money you were promised by the client in the beginning. Not if you skip out on the last bit of renovation. So think this through before you do it. If you’re in dire need of cash, it’s probably better that you continue with the renovations until you finalize everything.

On the other hand, if you already managed to put aside a pretty nice amount of money, then you can use this option if you’d like. It extracts only a small percent of the initial due sum, so the loss won’t be significant.

11. Maximize Your Profits, When Possible

You can maximize your payment after each project, provided that you have some extra tokens at your disposal. Every time you finish a job, you’ll be asked how you want to obtain the money you’re owed by the client.

You can go for the regular option which has you receiving a regular transfer of the exact amount of cash you’ve negotiated in the beginning. Or you can pay 10 or 15 tokens for an Express or Instant transfer.

how to maximize profits in house flipper

In the case of the Express transfer, you’ll be able to secure 20%+ of the initial amount, and you’ll have to wait only 15 minutes, compared of the standard 4 hours before you can cash in. As for the Instant transfer, it adds +50% cash to your income – no waiting involved. Depending on the amount of tokens you’re willing to shed, you could maximize your earnings at least once every three jobs.

This sums up all the tips and strategies we’ve come up for House Flipper. If you have anything else to add to this list, feel free to drop us a line via the comment section below!


Monday 2nd of May 2022

I'm trying to replace light fixtures and I don't know what to do with the old light bc it won't let me sell it and there's no other options given! Help?!


Saturday 2nd of July 2022

@Alison, if you're trying to replace an item during a job, it may be that you are selecting the wrong item to replace or selecting the wrong item to replace it with. If it's not during a job, it may be that you aren't close enough to the object to replace it. Hope this helps!


Sunday 9th of January 2022

I have a reasonable stash of cash. I’ve sat here and manually calculated each item I’ve sold and purchased. I used much of the furniture that was salvageable in the house I purchased, and still turned a $37000 loss. I used everything on the cheap. I sold all fittings rather than replacing. I’m wondering if it’s really worth flipping. The only profits seem to come from orders.


Sunday 16th of October 2022

@Faeden, no it doesn't. If you sell a fridge for $300 and buy a new fridge that cost $1000, it will only add $700 value to ur house so it's not worth the time to redecorate. Just clean ur newly bought house and sell it to get more money


Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

@Delilah, I’ve noticed that every item you add to a house flip adds a little bonus cash to the sale. Take your time to decorate and add as many appliances and expensive things as possible, and you’ll be able to sell for more than you shelled out. You can check this theory by looking at the house value, then placing an item Nd check the house value again; it should jump to more than just the item value. Hope this helps!