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Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Each Race

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is one of the newest mobile titles from Mattel. In contrast with all other incarnations of the brand in video games, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop contains all the fan-favorite trademarks of the franchise like loops, drifts, stunts, and boosts and adds more intense mechanics that you can experience through a variety of available game modes. With a strong competitive mode that pits you against 8 other players online, the fun and excitement of winning each race can only be matched by the thrills of collecting and racing with several popular Hot Wheels cars. Even if you are not a fan of the franchise or a solid racing game aficionado, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is a game you should not miss out on if you enjoy racing games with a lot of twists.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop may take a long while to master, but it is fairly easy to learn even for total beginners. The tutorial is not really that long but leaves you with a full understanding of the basic controls and mechanics you need to learn before you dive into competitive play. While a lot of practice and learning should still come after the tutorial through regular gameplay, familiarizing yourself with all you learn from it is a great start.

This is a racing game where the amount of time and dedication you spend on it determines how fast you can progress. If you have been missing out on hitting first place in races or simply want to boost your performance, then check out Hot Wheels Infinite Loop guide for tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your racing career!

1. Prioritize Progressing Through The League

The League is the main game mode in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop and stands as the best source for you to level up and rake in tons of rewards to improve your cars. Although each race you partake in can have vcarying difficulty levels based on the players you randomly go against it, each run you complete contributes to your progress in numerous ways.

hot wheels infinite loop tricks

Beyond the experience you receive to rank up your account and the looper boxes that you earn for achieving ranks, the actual learning and experience you accumulate, which should help you strategize better in succeeding races, are the more important rewards. For one, mastering the timing of the initial boost to have a perfect start should be among the initial goals you should set your eyes on. Likewise, being able to monitor nitro capacity while keeping your eyes on the track ahead of you along with every opponent is key to becoming a more efficient racer.

Beyond everything else, be sure to try and get yourself familiarized with the entire track on each go. Every turn, every opportunity to drift, and every stretch that provides opportunity for triple nitro boosts would be your top concerns as well as roadblocks and potential crash areas that you should learn to avoid early on. While it is true that speed is of the utmost importance in any racing game, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop makes it so that even an under-leveled car driven by a good strategist can win races and dominate his opponents.

2. Master Drifting Early On

Drifting is among the features that make racing games much more exciting and dynamic. For the most part, though, drifting in more simulation-centered racing games are often very hard to pull and risks slowing you down than catapulting you ahead. As such, you are less likely to try and pull one off in such games, especially in important races.

hot wheels infinite loop drifting

In Hot Wheels Infinite Loop, drifting plays a vital role in getting ahead and winning races. Just as much as turning left and right at the precise moment, drifting is a skill in your arsenal that requires timing to be executed perfectly. In truth, drifting actually makes turns easier as it automatically runs you through the optimal path as you traverse the curves of the raceway. One thing you should pay attention to, is the period within which you have to stop drifting to earn a boost in speed.

While drifting, you will notice your wheels to spark at times when letting go of the drift will earn you a free boost. Depending on how long you are drifting, the spark will have a different color from red, then yellow, and finally blue. Blue sparks indicate the last one which means that at this point in time, you have to stop drifting or risk drifting too much and be penalized with an overdrift effect that impacts your control over your car. The idea here is to always try to go for the longest drift and stopping as soon as you see the blue spark. However, keep in mind that not all turns in each course provide ample opportunities for extended drifts so be sure to take note of when you will have to settle for getting less dramatic speed boosts from red and yellow sparks.

Remember that learning to drift is a lot easier but that is only half of it. Knowing perfectly well which part of the track to pull of a drift boost is a master skill you need to acquire sooner to leave the competition in the dust.

3. Nitro Flash Efficiency Is Essential To Winning

Using nitro for a tremendous boost in speed has become a standard feature in numerous racing games. Although in a variety of ways, these boosts can help differently in each game and for Hot Wheels Infinite Loop, learning to efficiently use it is key to taking the lead and getting ever closer to securing first place. Take note that while boosts are good to use once they are available does not necessarily mean you have to use them.

hot wheels infinite loop nitro

Your nitro can be seen at the top of the screen segregated into three levels. For the most part, you can see a thinner meter just below it constantly fill up whenever your three nitro boosts are not full. While you may be inclined to use one nitro boost early on to get a head start and try to take a lead early on, waiting patiently and saving your nitros to fill up completely will reap tremendous benefits.

Remember as well that as you consume a nitro to boost, the temporary speed up can be extended by tapping on the nitro button again whenever the meter touches the blue area of the nitro bar. If you have full nitros, then you can have a very long boost that can definitely pull you up places. Be sure to be adjusted well to driving at fast speeds as chaining nitros along with drift boosts and running through more nitros on the track is a scenario you need to constantly aim for in every race.

4. Use Your Opponents Strategically

Part of the fun and excitement in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop comes from the highly competitive races that involve real players across the globe. While this may sound highly intimidating for total beginners, always keep in mind that there will always be less experienced gamers than you and you can always get better after some immersion into races. Having a clustered racetrack can make it more challenging for anyone to navigate through, and with bumps and crashes forming part of unfortunate events that can happen to you within each race, you need to see each opponent as an opportunity to get ahead of the line.

hot wheels infinite loop cheats

As you partake in one race after another, you will definitely be through some collisions of varying results within each race. Sometimes, you may end up on the unfortunate end of it and lag behind as you career out of control or even end up crashing. For starters, keep in mind that speed gives advantage in every car collision. While nitro is activated, take advantage of being around other cars and grab every opportunity to give them a good nudge. Sometimes, simply slamming into them to run them a bit off course is good enough but for best results, either swipe at them near an obstacle on course or force them to slam into another car. It all sounds pretty rash and wicked, but that is what makes the game a lot more competitive.

5. Accomplish Daily Tasks And Achievements

Beyond the immediate rewards like hot gold and looper boxes you receive after performing well in each race, there are plenty of extra rewards you can nab by completing daily tasks and achievements. Accomplishing daily tasks should naturally form part of your daily routine and offers cards you need to upgrade your car. Achievements offer one time rewards for milestones and reward you with experience points to level up your account.

hot wheels infinite loop daily tasks

For the most part, you may even accomplish some of these feats without you being aware of it. For efficiency, though, be sure to visit each list of tasks through their respective icons at the upper right side of the main screen. Checking through the list of objectives can serve as a guide for you relative to what you may have missed out on or something to push for a little more than the others. In any case, racing with an end in mind further helps you to make progress in the game so be sure to check into both daily tasks and achievements from time to time.

6. Take On Challenges For Extra Rewards

In addition to the leagues where you should be spending some time on to hone your racing skills, challenges are the means by which to test out just how good you are getting. These challenges are not without rewards as each one provides the basic necessities you need to hasten the growth and upgrade of your car as well as yourself. As such, be sure to practice well through league races and ready your best driving performance before partaking in any challenge. Keep in mind as well that challenges require tickets which are limited up to five per day.

hot wheels infinite loop challenges

The first type of challenge you may want to engage in sooner than later is the daily challenge. It basically works as a time trial where the time within which you complete the track determines the cards you are rewarded with after each attempt. You will also be racing with A.I. opponents so strategically working around enemy racers should form part of your racing strategy to secure the best time.

There is also a gates trial you can engage in and the objective in this type of challenge is to pass through as many gates as you can to keep yourself within the race. Before you take on this challenge, therefore, you may want to consider memorizing the gate locations in some league races as you would not want to miss any of them while actually trying to secure a prize in the challenge. The further you go in the gates trial, the more hot gold you earn and as hot gold is a valuable currency you can never have enough of, be sure to make each run count.

7. Watch Video Ads For Various Perks

Although Hot Wheels Infinite Loop does contain ads, none of it will be played without your full consent and each opportunity to do so is definitely something you do not want to pass on. For starters, you can speed up the opening of looper boxes you have collected by watching an ad and while you only get a limited number of times to do so, it is still a great boost to receive gold and cards sooner. Once you have unlocked the rewards, you can still opt for another one by watching another ad. Although tickets you need to take on challenges replenish once every 20 minutes, you can get two extra ones for free after watching an ad. If you are still raring to take on some challenges where you feel like you can dish out a better performance, then you may consider expending the ad option to nab free tickets.

hot wheels infinite loop rewards

This ends our Hot Wheels Infinite Loop beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you will come out as a much better driver after reading our guide and be endowed with renewed vigor to take on all the racing challenges that the game offers. If you love the game and have discovered some tips or tricks that we haven’t included in our guide, feel free to share them with us via the comment section below!