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Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack Cheats, Tips & Hints to Master the Game

Don’t be fooled by all the cuteness. The bouncy little blobs of Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack can pack quite a punch. The Blob heroes are back after escaping from the Dark Cave. This time around, it is their job to defend Blob Town from the onslaught of monsters. Available on Android and iOS, this idle clicker game will have you collect an army of Blob heroes, each with his own skills and boosts. Stand up against gigantic monsters, and watch your team take them down with adorable attacks.

Open chests and unlock powerful weapons and other equipment in order to boost your combat power. Don’t forget to power up your leading Blob in order to keep progressing in the game. A hero’s job is never done. Bigger and stronger monsters will come for Blob Town. Make sure you prepare for them by reading our Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack tips and tricks!

1. Use Multiple Fingers

Since this is a tapping game, the ability to register more taps can help you succeed. If you just stick to using your thumbs, you would get tired quickly. On top of that, your thumbs can only tap so much. The best thing to do is to lay down your device on a flat surface, then tap using multiple fingers as though you are typing furiously on an imaginary keyboard. Use multiple fingers but don’t tap them at the same time. Alternate the fingers in order to register the taps.

While this will help you take down normal monsters quickly, it is more useful in going up against Boss monsters. Boss monsters have more health and you need to take them down within a time limit. Bosses appear every 10 levels, so prepare yourself and make sure you tap like mad as soon as the stage begins.

2. Let The Blobs Do the Work

As you progress in Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack, you will be able to recruit more and more Blob heroes. Make sure you upgrade them regularly. The stronger they become, the less manual labor you would have to do. They get new skills and boosts at levels 20, 40, 60, 100, and every multiple of 100 after that. When upgrading, try to get your Blob heroes to these milestones before moving on. Soon, you won’t even need to tap anymore. Just take good care of your Blob heroes and they will do the dirty work for you.

3. When To Prestige

No idle clicker is complete without a Prestige option. For those who are unfamiliar, Prestige is when you reset all your progress in exchange for some permanent perks in the game. Doing this will allow you to progress even further the next time around. In Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack, Prestige will earn you Hope. This can be used to purchase Artifacts. The effects of Artifacts differ so make sure you check beforehand. The right level to Prestige is when you will earn enough Hope to unlock the next Artifact.

4. Look For Chests

Once in a while, you will see a chest on the battlefield. Tap on it as soon as you can. These often contain different equipment that will give you major boosts. Equipment have varying effects. Some of them help you earn more while others give you damage multipliers. You won’t have a choice in the beginning, so just equip what you find. Later on, when you have collected a variety of equipment, pick the ones that give you overall damage boosts.

5. Double Your Earnings, Here’s How

When you log off from the game, your Blob heroes will continue working. This means you will have a lot of offline income to collect when you log back into the game. Don’t forget to connect your device to the internet before logging in. You will receive an ad offer as soon as you enter the game. Accepting it will double whatever offline income you were able to earn while you were away.

It is time to kill with cuteness in Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will be vanquishing monsters like a boss!