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Hop Hop Ninja! Cheats: 5 Tips and Tricks for Success

Hop Hop Ninja! is another one of those titles that carry on the proud tradition of Flappy Bird – extremely simple game mechanics, no frills, no attempts to reinvent the wheel with stunning 3D graphics or intricate programming. With that Flappy Bird comparison in mind, we should also add that the game can tend to be quite frustrating to play. The main difference here, really, is that you’re controlling a ninja and not a bird, and that you’re moving vertically, not horizontally. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, there are some twists that make it somehow different in terms of game mechanics. Taking that into account, here are some Hop Hop Ninja! cheats that could help you get the highest possible score.

1. Be Aware Of Where You Tap

This isn’t Flappy Bird where your character can move only one way, and in only one direction. Tapping on the left side moves your ninja slightly to the left, while a tap on the right side moves you slightly to the right. This gives you more flexibility, hence more opportunities to find enough room to avoid obstacles.

2. Sushi Means Bonus Points

Yes, we know, there’s a bit of stereotyping with this one, but for what it’s worth, collecting sushi will get you bonus points. Moving your ninja sideways is usually the best way for you to get more sushi – take note that Flappy Bird and other back-to-basics titles don’t include any opportunities to earn bonus points, so that’s one advantage you’ll enjoy on Hop Hop Ninja!

3. Don’t Try To Jump Higher Than You Can Go

It can be quite tempting to jump quickly when you’re on a roll, but bear in mind that your character has to deal with those evil red ninjas. And we haven’t even mentioned the obstacles that the ninja encounters along the way. Bumping into an obstacle or a red ninja ends it all, so be careful, and play it safe instead of taking advantage of the fact that you’re “in the zone.”

4. Play The Game Offline

Some games can be very obnoxious when they detect you’re offline, as they would, by default, try to connect to Google Play. If you choose to play online, chances are you’ll be besieged with advertisements. But in Hop Hop Ninja!, playing offline won’t give you any trouble. You won’t get interrupted by ads, which would allow you to play without distraction.

5. Practice Is The Key

It’s true, it sounds like a broken record, but practice is really the best way to get a high score, or beat your existing one. Being away from the game for days could cramp your style, so if you’re a serious Hop Hop Ninja! player, you have to play at least a few minutes per day. But don’t dwell on the game if you find yourself racking up several poor games in a row – just like a timeout allows sports teams to regroup and reset, resting a bit after a bad stretch could help you get your form back.