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Honor Against Darkness Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Demons are not always evil. This is one of the first things you will discover upon entering the fantasy world of Honor Against Darkness. This brand new 3D MMORPG from Rastar Games lets you embark on a journey to save the world from the clutches of the Dark Legion. You will be working with all types of creatures in order to stop the world from succumbing to darkness. In order to succeed, you must become stronger. Raise your character’s level and equip the best possible gear. Watch the story unfold and discover the truth behind the attacks of the Undead. Once you are strong enough, you can take on fellow players to establish your superiority. Dominate in Free PK areas and show everyone who’s the boss. The path to the top of the ladders will not be easy. Make sure you check out our exclusive Honor Against Darkness beginner’s guide to learn everything you need to succeed!

1. Your Class Matters

Honor Against Darkness has three gender-locked classes, each with its own advantage and disadvantages. Choosing the right class will determine how much you will enjoy the rest of the game, so make sure you think about it carefully. There is no best class in the game since it all depends on your play style and level of experience in playing similar games. We have listed the classes below along with recommendations to help you make the right choice.

Warrior – This is the melee tank class of the game. You get to swing around a giant axe and chop down everything in your path. With its high HP and Attack rating, he is the perfect class for beginners. You won’t have to worry too much about dying and can just focus on enjoying the game.

Archer – As the only female class, the Archer can be a bit of a glass cannon. She specializes in ranged combat, so you might want to keep moving. Getting pinned down will almost always lead to your death. With that being said, she also has one of the best DPS ratings in the game, so feel free to choose her if you know how to stay alive.

Mage – You start off as a lowly Necromancer and eventually evolve into a Godly Mage. This class specializes in crowd control and is invaluable in any team composition. This is the closest you will get to a support class in this game, but that does not mean he cannot duke it out with the best of them. Pick him if you are good at keeping an eye on your target.

2. Utilize The Auto-Navigation

If you have played similar MMORPGs on mobile devices, you would already be familiar with the auto-navigation system. Your quests appear on the left side of the screen, and all you have to do is tap on the quest you want to work on in order to automatically navigate to where you need to be. The layout of the land can be disorienting, especially since there is no mini map to guide you. The auto-navigate system helps keep you from getting lost.

As a side note, you will notice a boot icon beside the auto-navigating indicator in the middle of your screen. Tapping on it will automatically teleport you to your destination instead of walking. This will only available, however, if you are a VIP player. You will also need to have teleport charges for it to work. Since you will be getting a free trial of the VIP benefits in the beginning of the game, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the teleport feature to breeze through the first few chapters.

3. Assign Your Stat Points

Since you will be leveling up a lot during the introduction of the game, you will probably not notice the stat points that you are collecting. You automatically gain five stat points every time you level up. You can assign them to one of the four primary stats: STR, AGI, CON, and INT. STR affects the Attack and Hit of Warriors and Archers. AGI increases your Defense and Attack Speed. CON increases your Max HP. Finally, INT increases the Attack and Hit of Mages.

You are free to assign your stat points however you wish. Keep in mind, though, that stats are required for certain Talents. Some pieces of equipment also have minimum requirements for specific stats. If you deviate too much from the normal stats of your class, you may have trouble putting on some high-level equipment. If you don’t feel like experimenting with stats, you can just tap on the RCMD button beside the Confirm button to automatically assign the points based on what is recommended for your class.

4. Enhance Your Equipment

All your equipment can be enhanced in order to increase their individual stats. Enhancement only costs Gold, the game’s regular currency, so it will be a bit easy to max out. The problem is, the cost of enhancement increases exponentially with each level. That means you could easily empty out your coffers before you can even max out all your gear.

To enhance your equipment, just tap on the arrow icon on the bottom left corner of the screen to bring up the menu. Tap on the Forge to open up the enhancement menu. You can enhance your equipment one level at a time or tap on the Auto button to enhance it to the highest possible level. Don’t worry too much about investing in enhancing your equipment early on. Enhancement levels can be transferred to future equipment of the same type, so it will not be lost once you switch to better gear.

5. Collect Those Tomes

One of the unique features of Honor Against Darkness is the Tome system. On its face, you would think it is just a fancy way of dividing the game’s story chapters. There is more to it than that, though. When you open up the Tome menu, you will see four tabs. The first one is the Ocean tab. The different tomes in this tab narrate the game’s main story. Aside from that, however, you also have a skill that can be unlocked with each tome. These are your primary skills. Once you have filled up the tome to 100%, you can acquire the skill by challenging the Guardian. Just tap on the Challenge Guardian button on the right side and you will be teleported to the instance where the battle will occur. Defeat the Guardian and the skill will be yours.

The Land tab is for passive skills. You can unlock the different tomes here by completing the different stages of Floris’ Treasure. The Sky tab unlocks additional skills and boosts from Artifacts. These can only be unlocked by completing Tome Pacts. Finally, you have the Divine tab. Tomes from this tab give boosts to ATK, DEF, and HP. Unfortunately, you will not be able to unlock them all because they are exclusive seasonal tomes. That means if you played the game after a season has ended, you will no longer be able to acquire it. You will only be able to acquire ongoing and future season tomes. This is why you should not miss your chance to secure Divine tomes!

6. Take Care Of Your Pet

The first pet you will get is the Imp. He may not seem all that impressive, but you will be able to upgrade him to make him stronger. To do this, just feed him Warmonster Bells and extra equipment. Of course, Warmonster Bells will provide more experience, but it doesn’t hurt to throw in as much extra gear as you can. Upgrading your pet will increase its attack rating. His Hit and ATK SPD, however, will be dependent on your character’s.

You can raise the stats of your pet further by Evolving him. Evolution requires Warmonster Spirit. Evolution will raise the pet’s Grade. Once it reaches Grade 10, you will be able to evolve it into a new pet with different appearance, stats, and skills. You can easily acquire more Warmonster Bells and Spirits by participating in the God’s Tomb event twice a day.

7. Challenge The Tower Of Totems

Upon reaching level 65, you will be able to challenge the Tower. This is where you can go through floor after floor of monsters. The monsters become stronger the higher you go. Each floor you clear will reward you with Totems. These Totems provide different boosts for your character. You can pick and choose which ones would work best for your play style. Regardless of what you choose, you will still be able to gain benefits from it.

You have a total of eight Totem slots for your character. Each slot will be unlocked by clearing the associated Tower floor. The Totems you equip can easily be replaced with new ones without spending anything. You can increase the effectivity of each Totem further by upgrading it. To do this, you will need Totem Sources. Totem Sources can be acquired by dismantling any extra Totems you have in the second tab.

8. Do Your Dailies

At the upper right section of your main screen, you will notice a scroll icon with a skull on it. Tap on it to open up the list of Daily Events. The Daily Events lists down different activities that you can join in order to gain various rewards as well as Activity points. Reaching milestones in daily Activity points will reward you with additional loot like Gold, Warmonster Spirits, and Offline Auto Battle Cards. Complete as many activities as you can before the daily reset.

Aside from the milestone rewards, there is another benefit to accumulating activity points. On the bottom left side of the Daily Events menu, is an hourglass icon. This is the Activity Crystal. The Activity points you earn can be used to upgrade the Activity Crystal. This gives you boosts in ATK, DEF, and HP. The more Daily Events you complete, the more you can upgrade the Activity Crystal.

9. Take On The World Bosses

There are several World Bosses available for you to slay each day. The list of World Bosses reset at midnight each day. Taking on a World Boss is a great way to earn the best possible equipment in the game. When a World Boss goes down, only the players who killed it can pick up the loot. Players who successfully take down a World Boss will have their stamina counter go up. Once the counter reaches 3, they will no longer be able to deal damage to the World Boss.

Make sure you pay attention to the level of the World Boss before you challenge it. If the level of the World Boss is lower than yours by more than 100 levels, you will not receive any rewards, but your stamina counter will still go up. That means you will end up wasting your World Boss chances if you accidentally kill a World Boss that is much weaker than you.

10. Enter The Dungeons

Upon reaching level 105, you will be able to enter Party Dungeons. These will also be added to your Daily tasks, allowing you to earn Activity points for completing them. The primary reason for entering the Dungeons, however, is to gain various equipment. You can team up with random players before entering a Dungeon. This is recommended because you get better rewards for clearing the Dungeons faster. If there are no other players available to join you in the Dungeon, however, you are free to enter it on your own.

11. Get Free Stuff

There are tons of freebies available in Honor Against Darkness if you know where to look. Some of them will be unlocked as you progress, while others are available right away. The first place you would want to look is the Carnival. Enter the Carnival menu then go to the 7-Day tab. Here you will be able to claim a reward box for simply logging in. Rewards include Warmonster Spirits, scrolls, Offline Auto Battle Cards, and other resources. You will even receive Red equipment if you log in for 7 consecutive days.

While we are on the topic of logging into the game, you can also receive login rewards by going to the Welfare menu at the top right of the screen. Each day you sign in will reward you with Diamonds, the game’s premium currency. Players who meet the VIP level requirement receive multipliers on certain days. Otherwise, each sign-in will reward you with 200 Diamonds.

The second tab of the Welfare menu is for the Daily Prayer. You can get Gold from the Gold Goblin. It costs Diamonds to Pray but you get one free turn at the Gold Goblin every 8 hours. The Destiny Priestess rewards you with EXP for each prayer. Unfortunately, there is no free option for the Priestess, so you will really have to spend Diamonds if you want to get EXP from her.

The third tab is the Level Pack. While it isn’t really something you can get freebies from on a daily basis, it is still worth checking out. The Level Pack rewards you for reaching level milestones. You can get Gems, Diamonds, Gold, EXP Cards, and other resources. Make sure you check on this tab whenever you reach the milestone levels in order to claim your rewards.

12. Craft What You Need

Honor Against Darkness has a Crafting system that allows you to make your own gems, set scrolls, dungeon tickets, and other items. Just head into the Craft menu after tapping on the arrow icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. The first tab is for gems and set scrolls. The second one is for tickets. The third tab is for crafting various items that you can use in-game.

To craft an item, you will need the necessary materials. For example, if you want to craft a set scroll, you will need Set Scroll Shards. If you are short on materials, tap on the item you are missing to find out where you can get them. Once you have all the necessary ingredients, you can tap on the Craft button. If you want to craft multiple items of the same type, like tickets, you can tap on the Craft All button.

13. Before You Join A Guild

The game has a Guild system where you can team up with fellow players to build up your Guild in exchange for several benefits. While most other MMORPGs would encourage joining a Guild as soon as you can, it’s not necessarily a good idea in this game. To start off, most good Guilds have a strict level requirement. Those that don’t have this requirement are often Level 1 Guilds who offer nothing in return. You can join those low-level Guilds for the sake of being part of one, but don’t expect to get too much out of it. You could exchange strategies, or find Guildmates to enter Dungeons with, but beyond that, there’s nothing else.

The reason behind this is because you need to earn Contribution points in order to gain benefits from the Guild. Unfortunately, you cannot participate in a Guild Quest until you reach level 160. That is a long way to go from the time you are allowed to join a guild. You will end up just hanging out in the Tavern, looking lonely.

Of course, once you hit level 160, the game changes drastically. Active Guilds offer a lot of benefits, including daily Summons, Guild Skills, and Guild Welfare. Your Guild can also participate in Guild Wars in order to compete for the top spots in the rankings of each League. Being part of the top Guild will reward you with additional daily rewards. You can view the best Guild overall as well as the daily salary of its members in the Glory menu.

14. Beware Of PK

PK, or Player Killing, is available in Honor Against Darkness. That means players who choose to participate in PK can freely attack each other while they are out in the world. If you are the competitive type, you are free to enter PK mode as you wish. Just make sure you are prepared for retaliation. Some Guilds will send out their strongest members to avenge their fallen comrades. You could end up with an entire Guild on your tail.

Keep in mind that killing other players will also have its own consequences. Every time you kill a player with a white or yellow name, your PK score will go up. Once it reaches a threshold, your name will turn red. You will then be a walking target for all players, and you will have to stay online for several minutes until you burn off your Karma.

There are four modes for PK that allows you to control who your character will attack. The first one is the Peace Mode, and it is activated by default. This means you will not be attacking any player as long as they do not attack you first. This is important because you don’t want to accidentally attack another player who is farming in the same area.

The second PK mode is the Free Mode. This means you will attack any player except for your party members. The third is the Guild Mode. As the name suggests, this will keep your Guildmates safe from your attacks. Party members are also not harmed in Guild Mode. Finally, there is the Karma Mode. In this mode, you will only attack players who have yellow or red names because that indicates that they have killed innocent players. Make sure you activate the appropriate PK status to avoid unintentionally awakening the wrath of other players.

15. Grind Levels While Offline

One of the most popular features of Honor Against Darkness is the Offline Auto Battle. This becomes available when you reach level 60. When you have available Offline Auto Battle hours, your character will automatically grind when you are offline. That means your character will go to the most appropriate mob location for your level and just continuously kill monsters while picking up loot at the same time.

Go to the Settings Menu and tap on the Offline tab to adjust the parameters for your offline grinding. For example, if you have enough potions, you can set the amount of HP or MP your character has before he auto-restores. You can also set for your character to automatically purchase potions when you run out. Finally, you have several check boxes for determining the kinds of loot your character will pick up. This is to keep him from picking up unwanted junk while you are away. Keep in mind that your character will only auto battle offline for up to 20 hours even if you have Offline Auto Battle Cards remaining. Make sure you log back in to reactivate the auto battle beyond that time.

Driving away evil from the land is not an easy task, but with the help of our Honor Against Darkness tips, cheats and strategies, you will surely succeed! We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and if you know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section!