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6 Ways to Grab More Diamonds in Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Diamonds are an important resource if you’re a Hollywood U player, and as we said previously, connecting Hollywood U: Rising Stars to Facebook is the most common-sense way to earn more diamonds. This is a premium currency, meaning you’ll ideally have to make in-app purchases to get diamonds quickly, and you will certainly need this currency when completing a VIP quest. However, there are other ways to improve things on the diamond collection front, aside from connecting to Facebook and associating characters with real-life friends. Now, let’s take a look at the Hollywood U: Rising Stars tips and techniques we recently discovered.

1. Complete Additional Quests

Again, this boils down to common sense. Hollywood U will require you to complete quests, and some of them would include diamonds as the prize for completion. That means you’ll be better rewarded with diamonds if you complete as many quests as you could.

2. Save Diamonds For VIP Quests

As Hollywood U is a very popular mobile game, waiting times can be a pain to deal with. But that’s where your patience will come in. If you get stuck on a quest, don’t force the issue – this may be a good time to focus on other things and get back to the game once you feel like it. That also means saving your diamonds and not using them till you encounter a VIP quest. Completing VIP quests typically gives you more diamonds, so it’s a win-win situation should you finish one of them.

3. Make More Friends

The old adage “the more, the merrier” applies in this case, as the more friends you add, the more friends you can visit. Drop by their campuses and allow them to give you quests; completing them could also reward you with diamonds, and once again we can’t understate the importance of this resource in VIP quests.

4. More On Associating Characters With Friends

Yes, we’re getting back to this as a reminder, because you may be concerned about pestering friends who want absolutely nothing to do with mobile gaming. Connecting a character with a Facebook friend won’t spam their walls or inboxes, and you can always unfriend them (in the game, not in real life, of course), connect more friends, and take things right from the top to earn more diamonds.

5. Be On The Lookout For Special Events

On occasion, Pixelberry (the company behind Hollywood U) will launch a special event or mini-game, and once you take part in one, this would reward you with more diamonds.

6. Play The Game As Often As You Can

That brings us to our sixth tip, which is to play Hollywood U whenever possible so that you can stack up on those diamonds. Not only is this because Pixelberry usually announces special events at random and out of the blue, but also because the developer confirmed that players would be able to watch videos in the near future to get free diamonds.