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Hollywood Story: Fashion Star Guide (2021 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Glamorous Celebrity Fast

Hollywood Story: Fashion Star by Nanobit is a lifestyle casual narrative game that has been around for some years now and has managed to raise to prominence among fans of the genre.

The central plot revolves around a young woman who is chasing stardom. She just moved to New York and with the help of her friend Amber she begins taking the first steps towards building a career in the movie industry. Things aren’t too glamorous at first, as our heroine moves into a shabby Harlem apartment, but her passion for acting, as well as talent will eventually proper her to the peaks of success. All with your help, of course.

As the player, you are the driving force behind the protagonist’s actions and the one who will help guide her career, make herself known in the industry and even find love and start a family. You’re also in charge of creating your character’s visual representation by handpicking her main physical attributes including skin tone, hair color/style and outfits from what is, at first, a rather limited selection.

hollywood story fashion star apartment

Hollywood Story is based on an Energy system, and so every action you perform in the game (except for shopping) will have the effect of draining an amount of Energy points. For this reason, players will often have to split their gameplay into multiple short sessions with breaks inserted in-between to allow the Energy bar to fill back up.

If you’ve recently been drawn into Hollywood Story’s glamorous world yourself, and would like to know how you can become a Hollywood star in no-time, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created an updated Hollywood Story: Fashion Star guide 2021 edition which contains the latest tips and tricks that will speed up the pace of the game considerably. Even if you’re a seasoned player, there might be something worth checking here if you’re trying to get more done, faster. Continue reading below to learn more.

1. Follow The Quest Line

Once your character gets settled in the Big Apple, she quickly starts meeting new people and establishing connections. These interactions usually result in various quests, which you need to complete, so as to earn cash and XP points (represented by purple stars).

hollywood story fashion star magazine

You need copious amounts of money in Hollywood Story, since spending this currency will provide you with ample opportunities to extend your wardrobe, upgrade your living arrangements, and pay for makeovers. These activities are usually part of quests, and fulfilling them will enable you to move the storyline ahead, while unlocking some prizes.

Now, regarding XP, you can get your hands on small amounts in exchange for performing basically any activity in Hollywood Story. Finalizing quests, however, is a lot more rewarding in terms of XP rewards. For example, helping your friend Amber retrieve a list of items is worth 250 cash and 30XP. In contrast, tapping on a bench in Harlem only yields a few XP points.

The reason why you need lots of XP is to level up and eventually be able to unlock a new star status. So make sure you’re always doing something in the game, whether it’s just walking around town and taping on things. Follow the quest line and do your best to complete as many as them.

hollywood story fashion star new star status

Some will require you to spend resources (for example, Diamonds) and you might not be able to do so right away. When that happens, don’t worry! There’s no expiration date on these quests, so you can get to them when you can. The only risk here is that you might forget about them!

Following the quest line also ensures you can unlock new ones, so even if you get tempted to diverge and do something else instead, our advice is to control that urge. You need to accumulate resources fast, and focusing on quests seems the best way to do so.

2. Interact With The Environment Actively

Interacting with your environment is a big part of the gameplay in Hollywood Story. You start off in Harlem, but soon your character will unlock multiple locations across the map including Queens, Manhattan, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and many more. Everywhere you go, you’ll notice that tapping on the elements in the environment such as mail boxes, trash cans, street lamps, decorative plants, and more will produce a few items.

Tapping on anything usually costs 2 Energy points (from the maximum of 35), so you won’t be able to keep at it forever without taking breaks in-between sessions. A tap usually generates some XP, but most importantly “junk” items. These range from anything like lipsticks or laptops to Rubik cubes and teddy bears.

hollywood story fashion star gold club

You need these items, mainly to be able to get and pass auditions. These auditions are the key to increasing your fame. Once you’ve collected the necessary items, you can go straight to the set and start shooting the movie. More on how to use auditions to your advantage will be discussed in the next section.

In-between auditions, always make sure go on junk-collecting trips across town. Visit all the different locations available on the map and tap like you mean it, until you exhaust your Energy bar.

Junk also helps you complete quests. Some of the characters you’ll meet throughout Hollywood Story will ask you to do things for them. For example, at one point you’ll be required to collect a number of Champaign glasses for your friend Amber. If you’ve made a habit of heading out in town for quick junk-collecting expeditions, you might already be in possession of some of the items by the time someone asks for your assistance, so you’ll be able to finish off the mission a lot faster.

hollywood story fashion star clues

Remember that Hollywood Story is a bit heavy on the collectible side, so you’re meant to be spending an important amount of time hunting for items around town. Whenever you’re taking a break from filming or talking to an acquaintance, use that time to hit the streets again.

While most junk-producing objects are scattered outdoors, sometimes it does not hurt to try and tap on indoor items as well. Like for example, the pink couch in the back of the Karaoke Bar in Queens.

3. Alternate Between Filming / Improving Skills And Junk Hunting

Another avenue for spending Energy in Hollywood Story is improving your skills, so that you can get even more auditions and expand your movie portfolio. Honing a skill requires a variable Energy investment, and depending of the level of virtuosity you want to achieve, that contribution will steadily increase.

Shooting a movie is also Energy-dependent activity. Each movie you’ll work on is divided into several chapters and to complete each one, you’ll need to perform a series of actions on set that cost Energy.

Our advice when you’re in the process of working on set is to abstain from leaving the set and devoting yourself to other actions such as junk hunting. The reason for this is that you have a limited time frame for completing the production. Don’t waste Energy on other tasks, focus on wrapping up the project first, before you move on to something else.

hollywood story fashion star scene

The key is to alternate between these two types of activities. Once you’ve completed a movie, you won’t get another audition for a while, so you’ll be free to roam the streets and take care of your other quests. So don’t be impatient, you’ll get to the other stuff.

Another aspect about shooting movies that should be stressed here is this – if you run out of Energy while in the midst of filming, take a break and allow the Energy to regenerate. But not a long 2-hour break, or you risk of missing your chance to finalize your movie. Remember that once you start the process, you need to wrap up the project usually in a few hours.

If you take too long to come back to the game, the movie-making session will expire, and you don’t want that. Energy in Hollywood Story usually takes about 30 minutes to get fully restored, so if you’re in the process of shooting a new movie, make sure to come back every half an hour or so to complete your project. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be free to take longer breaks from the game, if that’s what you desire.

Alternatively, you could use your Diamond stash to purchase more Energy or spend some precious gems to complete chapters instantly, although we don’t recommend this course of action.

Shooting new movies is an extremely important aspect because it correlates directly with improving your overall celebrity status, as it attracts more fans. An expanding fan base will do wonders for your budding career. For instance, to improve you star status from level 3 to level 4 you’ll need to attract 100,000 fans, as well as have at least 10 movies in your portfolio and reach level 10. Being a rising star will open up novel avenues for you, while also bringing diversity to your gameplay.

4. Be On The Lookout For Sales And Keep Your Diamonds

A successful celebrity like yourself needs to have a wardrobe to match. Fortunately, there are a lot of high-end boutiques that carry fashionable and high-couture items around town. The bad news is that the most striking ones are sold in exchange for Diamonds and not cash. While most players won’t have a problem making decent bucks throughout the game, Diamonds are a whole different story.

hollywood story fashion star spending diamonds

Given their acute scarcity, spending large amounts of Diamonds on clothes is not a strategy you shouldn’t apply to your gameplay all that often. So when it comes to buying new outfits, keep your eyes peeled for sales. Visit the clothing boutiques often, including the online store, and constantly be on the lookout for what’s discounted.

New items are always more expensive, so be prepared to resist the temptation to purchase from the latest collection. If you spot something really cute, come back in a few hours or the next day, and you might be able to grab the at a much cheaper rate. Also make sure to talk to the shop keeper, as they might offer a deal that’s not on display.

Hold on to your Diamonds for those occasions where you won’t have any other choice but to spend some them to complete quests. And there will be plenty of opportunities to do that. For example, once you’ve unlocked the Tattoo Shop in Queens, your next mission will be to get a tattoo.

The trouble is all options require Diamonds, so unless you have some at your disposal at that time, you won’t be able to finish the quest. Don’t worry if you can’t right off the bat, though, continue focusing on other quests, collect junk and shoot new movies and eventually you’ll get the needed Diamonds.

hollywood story fashion star shooting a movie

Since Diamonds are very important resources in Hollywood Story you should be aware of all the opportunities to collect more.

Complete Quests – a lot of quests in Hollywood Story will yield Diamonds as rewards, but not all. If you’re in dire need of Diamonds, tap the clapperboard button located in the lower left corner to view all the available quests. Check each and one of them in part to see which offers Diamonds as part of the reward package and make it a priority. But remember, the vast majority of quests only offer cash and XP at the end.

Level Up – by making progress in the game and levelling up, you get to unlock a series a goodies including Diamonds. Leveling up takes time, so make sure you’re always working towards getting new auditions for movies by collecting junk and improving your skill set.

hollywood story fashion star achievements

Get the Achievement Rewards – unlocking new achievements is also dependent on advancing in the game. As you play, you’ll be able to hit milestones which will result in rewards that usually include Diamonds. For example, you can get 5 Diamonds once you’ve finished recording 25 movies.

Keep Collecting Junk and You Might Get Lucky – sometimes it’s possible to get lucky while you’re out on one of your junk hunting sprees. Tapping on the objects you encounter across town can seldom produce a Diamond or two. You can’t predict when you might stumble upon a precious stone, which is why you have to be constant in your tapping efforts. You never know what you might uncover next.

Take Advantage of the Mini Games – you can find them by tapping on the Mini games icon in the upper right corner. Enter any of the three challenges available to win extra Diamonds. We’ll discuss more about each in part in section 5.

hollywood story fashion star collectibles

Exchange Junk for Diamonds – look around your home and find the item sitting underneath the shelf, in Queens it’s a box, while in Manhattan it’s a house plant. Tap on it and you’ll be taken to a market of sorts. Here you can exchange collections of junk you’ve accumulated for Diamonds, as well as other stuff for example Energy or Cash. For instance, you can get 3 free diamonds in exchange 5 corals + 5 pearls + 5 seashells.

hollywood story fashion star free diamonds

Watch Ads Whenever Available – every time you start a new day, pay attention to the TV in your apartment. It might show an ad that invites you to get free Diamonds. Tap on the television set and watch an ad or two (you might be able to take advantage of the offer a number of times) in exchange for 2 Diamond bundles. Alternatively, keep an eye out for the billboards around town that might bear a similar offer on display.

Redeem the Daily Rewards – logging into the game each day has its benefits. Visit your diva daily and you will be able to grab rewards ranging from Diamonds and cash to a new fancy dress.

As you collect these Diamonds, keep them close. Abstain from going on expensive shopping sprees. We know it’s tempting, but you’ll need those precious stones for the different quests that keep popping up in the game.

5. Play The Mini Games Frequently To Get Goodies

As we already explained in the previous section, the game includes three-mini games that can help you unlock numerous goodies including Diamonds. You can find them by tapping on the “Mini games” icon located in the upper right corner of the display.

hollywood story fashion star tax police

Fan Gifts – Since you’re such a star, fans love to send you gift packages. Pick your favorite from the batches of four gifts that are displayed on the screen. You can win Diamonds, as well as cash and additional resources. The winnings can be consistent, but you got to be careful not to draw the Tax Police card or you risk losing all the items you’ve accumulated so far unless you agree to pay some Diamonds.

The amount increases depending on how may loosing tickets you’ve withdrew. So if you’ve accumulated quite a few of these bad cards, the best thing might be to take a step back or else you might deplete your precious stone resources completely.

hollywood story fashion star fashion arena

Fashion Arena – in this mini game you play against a competitor and you’re given a dress theme with some characteristics, for example “formal” and “romantic”. Players then have to browse the shop for items that fit this description. Don’t forget to add accessories to increase your score. The problem with this mini game is that items are super expensive. You’ll have a hard time finding anything that is less than 50 Diamonds.

Other items costs Shards or Rubies, and these resources are even harder to come by. So at least at first, you’ll have to participate using the fashion items from your own closet. They won’t get you very far, but after each round you’ll be able to redeem a pair of Shards as well as some Fashion Arena cards, which can be used to design your own creations at Michael’s Runway shop on Fashion Arena island and allow you to complete a quest. Once you manage to secure more Diamonds in your reserve, you will be able to better compete for additional prizes.

hollywood story fashion star lucky slots

Lucky Slots – tap on the Spin button to spin the wheel and win prizes consisting of Diamonds and other amazing rewards. The more you play, the more you can level up and so unlock special clothing items. You’ll need Tokens to play, and unfortunately these cost Diamonds. You can get 12,000 Tokens in exchange for 20 Diamonds.

As you can see, playing games is highly dependent on the amount of Diamonds you own. This is why you need to work hard to collect as much as possible by doing the grind. Take strolls around town to collect junk, score auditions and start filming. This should allow you to make progress in the game through completing quests and the unlocking new achievements, which at the same time offer access to more Diamonds. Keep up the good work and repeat the pattern as often as possible if you wish to succeed.

6. Visit Other Stars’ Home For Free Gifts

When you’re home, look for and tap on the Oscar statuette to view the Community tab. Or you can simply tap on the second button on the right side of the screen.

hollywood story fashion star free gifts

From here you can select and visit the homes of some of the most popular players in Hollywood Story. We encourage you take these kinds of trips for a chance to receive a gift from your host. It doesn’t happen all the time, so don’t be disappointed when you make the trip to someone’s place and they are just sitting there empty-handed.

Gifts aren’t anything too grand – it’s just junk items. But if you’re desperately looking for a hard-to-find piece, you might just get lucky this way.

7. Decorate Your Home (Optional)

If you’ve made it far in the game and you’ve reached a point where you don’t really need to worry about Diamonds anymore, maybe you’d like to start investing the precious stones in something more than dresses.

You can start decorating your home, but be advised that upgrading your furniture and other decorations will take you back with a big chunk of Diamonds every time. That’s why we’ve listed this feature as optional. It will jazz up your gameplay, but it will also drain your precious stone reserve.

hollywood story fashion star decoration

Only if you have enough of them, should you start focusing your efforts towards improving the appearance of your home. Keep in mind that upgrading your apartment doesn’t have any bearing on the overall gameplay. It won’t get you rewards, nor will it help you finish quests.

That’s it for our Hollywood Story: Fashion Star 2021 guide. We hope that the tips and tricks we’ve shared in this article will help you climb the latter of fame and success in no time. If you guys have any strategies that we may have missed, please reach out and share them with us in the comment section below!


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