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HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales Tips & Cheats: 7 Hints Every Player Should Know

NEXON is one of the most prolific mobile gaming companies when it comes to churning out role-playing games. Its latest title called HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales is now out for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The game comes with the usual high standard of quality NEXON RPGs are known for, with the game built in Unreal Engine 4 and promising loads of action in a journey of loot and conquest. You can be one of four heroes in this game – that’s not much to pick from, but you can nonetheless enjoy a wealth of features, such as the ability to upgrade equipment, the opportunity battle it out against real-life human opponents in PvP and arena modes, and the option to team up with friends and allies in raids against bosses.

The features, to be completely honest, don’t really vary that much from those of your average RPG, or your average NEXON RPG – it is, as you may expect, also an anime-esque title. But like all other NEXON RPGs, there are enough twists to make this game different from the other RPGs it churns out, and that means you may want to check out our list of HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales tips and tricks, where we guide you through the things you need to do to progress further and faster in this game.

1. Know The Characters

One of the advantages of playing an RPG with so few playable heroes is that it makes it easier for gamers to know which hero is which in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. To wit, the game lets you choose from Hugo, Kiki, Lucas, and Anika – that’s two male characters and two female characters, with two available for free, and the option to buy another one. Each of these characters come with six abilities (a maximum of three can be taken to battle), which are unlocked in level 1, level 10, level 20, level 30, level 40, and level 52. Sounds pretty simple, but you should still make sure to familiarize yourself with each character, what they can do, and what they can’t do.

2. Choose A Character That Fits Your Play Style

If you’re a veteran of the RPG scene, you’ll want to choose a character that’s best suited to your play style. But if you aren’t, or simply need more quick info on each of the four heroes, here are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, Hugo specializes in using two-handed weapons, and comes with the Fierce Strike of Discipline, Fierce Strike of Doom, Circle of Rage, Roar of Protection, and Desperate Charge as his abilities. As you can see, he’s more of a damage-oriented melee character. Lucas is also a good melee character, but he specifically specializes in wielding dual weapons and in speed attacks.

Moving on to the female characters, Kiki is the character you want to use if you like launching magic attacks from a distance. Lastly, Anika makes use of a scythe to deal most of the damage, and is also quite impressive as a fast-moving character, though she does leave a bit to be desired in terms of defensive abilities.

3. Manage Your Equipment

You can upgrade, or gear up, your equipment to make your chosen hero more powerful. The maximum level for each piece of equipment is level 20, and all inventory you acquire for a certain character will only be specific to that hero. But you can do much more than just upgrade each piece of equipment to the maximum level 20. It’s also possible to synthesize your equipment; take two pieces of equipment that are maxed out to level 20, and “synthesize” them, which means crafting a more powerful item out of those two pieces. This option applies to your weapons, armor, and accessories, so don’t fret if you’ve fully leveled up an item and don’t know where to go next.

It is also possible to upgrade special equipment by adding sockets to them. We’ll be talking about rarity in a bit, but there are seven rarity grades for the jewels you can outfit into the sockets, and you can use your gems (the premium currency) to change the slot colors.

4. Explaining The Rarity Scale

It’s also worth mentioning that each piece of equipment, and each jewel is graded in terms of its rarity. There are seven grades, with the common ones being graded as, well, Common, and the rarest of the rare graded as Immortal. Obviously, you should expect to get Common gear more often than others, maybe more often than the other six grades combined. But these are weak, dare we say boring weapons as compared to everything else, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for better stuff, especially Immortal items, which only show up once in a blue moon.

5. Why Play Adventure Mode Frequently?

The key selling point in HIT and in many other RPGs is the social element – oftentimes, it’s more fun to play mobile games with your friends as allies or opponents, and people from all over the world serving the same purpose. But you don’t want to overlook Adventure Mode, which can be played alone, but nonetheless is quite challenging, and could earn you a wealth of rewards. There are some stages that are geared toward adding to your gold, some geared toward adding to your XP, and others that may be all about rewarding you with better gear. Just keep playing stages (and replaying them too) in Adventure Mode so that you can add to your resources.

6. Separate Character Skills And Equipment For Different Modes

We would recommend that you set aside separate equipment and skills for your heroes depending on which mode you’re playing. By this we’re referring to the game’s Adventure and Arena modes, which you would probably be playing the most. You’ll need to do this anyway, as you can only hold a maximum 200 pieces of equipment in battle; take note of this limitation when you’re buying new gear.

7. Tips For Fighting In The PvP Arena

You’ve probably been waiting for this; what can you do to experience more success in the PvP arena? We can answer this with just one word – combo. You want to focus on stringing together as many combos as possible, as they connect in several situations; when your opponent is knocked down, knocked upward, or simply stunned. They do lots of damage against your opponent, so it’s very important that you practice stringing them together. Some of the combos worth mentioning include Hugo’s Fierce Strike of Discipline (knock down), Lucas’ Quake of Destruction (stuns enemies, leaves them vulnerable), and Anika’s Death Pummel (knocks enemies upward).

You may have noticed that we didn’t mention Kiki, who deserves a paragraph of her own as far as PvP tips are concerned. The best ability of hers to use is the Blessing of Speed, which improves her speed for a short period of time when active; this, in turn, should allow you to string a ton of combos together. Use Chain Lightning to sneak up on an enemy, and also make use of Flame Explosions, which is also quite effective in fighting off opponents in PvP battles.