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Highrise Heroes Cheats: 5 Tips and Tricks to Complete Levels

While its title suggests otherwise, Highrise Heroes is actually a word game, but you’ll never guess it either simply by looking at the game’s description on the Google Play Store. As it shows here, main character Seb “must escape a crumbling skyscraper” after a sudden earthquake, and then gets to meet “intriguing” new friends and discover the origins of the earthquake, while avoiding a “mysterious stalker” that’s following them. As it turns out, Seb has lost his memory, and has to work his way from the top of the skyscraper down to the bottom. Still, that doesn’t make it any less of a word game, as you’ll have to create words from strings of letters that can go anywhere around the board. So how can you succeed in such a game? We’re here to tell you how through these five great Highrise Heroes cheats.

1. Create Demolition Tiles By Forming Long Words

By creating a word out of at least four tiles, you get a red demolition tile, and you can get a gold demolition tile if you create a word from seven letters or more. This means you should focus on forming longer words whenever possible, as these demolition tiles are the best bet you’ll have to ace most any level.

2. How To Get More Gems For Free?

Gems are the currency you’ll need to make those in-game purchases, but ordinarily you’ll need some real-life currency in order to purchase gems. But there’s a way to get gems for free without having to resort to cheats. Simply go to the in-app purchases section in Highrise Heroes, but don’t purchase anything – scroll down to the offers, and you’ll be asked whether you want to like the game on Facebook or follow it on Twitter. You’ll also be asked if you want to watch the advertisement for the game. These will all give you access to some free gems you can spend while playing Highrise Heroes.

3. Know Your Characters’ Special Skills

Each of the characters Seb meets while making his way to ground level have their own skills, so be aware of each of these skills and how they can help you in your goals. For example, Lydia can exchange a character’s position on the board with an adjacent letter tile.

4. Act Quickly When You Lose Oxygen

Oxygen loss can cause your characters to fall unconscious before a level can be completed, so if you end up popping an oxygen tile, move fast and connect one word or more with a blue tile to any character who loses oxygen.

5. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get More Lives

We’ve told you about this cheat quite a few times, and it’s as simple as quitting the game, removing it from your phone or tablet’s cache, switching the time forward, and playing the game again. That’s going to give you more lives free of charge, though as always, you should always make it a point to switch the time back to normal once you’re done so you don’t miss out on any important appointments.