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Higan: Eruthyll Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Rise Against Fantasyland

Wanted: Director for the Gopher Troupe. Applicants must have at least some administrative experience (read: know how to tap buttons) and enough fortitude to stand being near beautiful anime men and women all day. Oh, and you’ll need to have a flair for the dramatic. This is a traveling troupe after all, and kicking ass is just half the job.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, welcome to the world of Higan: Eruthyll!

higan eruthyll guide

In Higan: Eruthyll, you play the role of the Gopher Troupe’s new Director. Blessed with the power of the mysterious Astrolabe, you’ll work with your cast to both save people from the darkness in their own hearts and destroy the insidious Fantasylands that crop up because of this. Those looking to fill the shoes of the previous Director can get Higan: Eruthyll on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

In this Higan: Eruthyll beginner’s guide, we’ll be going over:

  • Learning how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each Gopher Troupe member.
  • Going over how to command and conquer on the battlefield.
  • The many ways to strengthen your cast of characters.
  • Where to get resources to pay for your character development.

Intermediate players should note that this Higan: Eruthyll guide is for beginners, and only covers gameplay mechanics up until the 3rd Fantasyland clearing. Once you’re past that point, you probably already have a solid grasp of how to play the game.

Breaking Down Your Characters

Higan: Eruthyll is host to a lot of characters from different walks of life. Before you commit to any of them, it’s a good idea to learn how to read your characters as well as become familiar with the many methods of strengthening them.

Quick Tips

  • AD is physical attack while AP is magic attack. Characters tend to have one or the other, not both.
  • Elements: fire -> wind -> water -> fire, light <-> dark. 30% damage bonus for attacking an element you’re strong against, 30% damage penalty for attacking an element you’re weak to.
  • Classes: melee tank, fighter, DPS; ranged physical DPS, ranged magic DPS, ranged magic support.
  • Each class not only has a role to fulfill in combat but also provides a blanket bonus to your team.


Like it or not, your husbandos and waifus can always be broken down into sheer numbers. Let’s have an in-depth look at a character’s stats and what they do:

higan eruthyll stats
  • HP – hit points. Self-explanatory.
  • AD attack damage. Contrary to what it sounds like, this mostly governs physical attack.
  • AP – I honestly don’t know what AP stands for, so let’s call it ability power. Essentially, this is magic attack though healers and buffers sometimes use AP for their skill calculation.
  • Armor – physical damage reduction. The more of this you have, the less damage you take from scratches and pokes.
  • M.Res – magic resistance. Magic damage mitigation.

If you want to look at even more numbers, you can tap on the more stats button on a character’s info page.

Do note that Higan: Eruthyll is very practical about stats – characters that deal purely physical or purely magical damage almost always have 0 AD or AP. You will also only see a character’s relevant attack stat in their info panel, so don’t panic when you see AD and AP switching out.

Elements and Roles

All characters in Higan: Eruthyll have both an element and a role. Knowing and mastering these will help you get the most out of each of your characters.

higan eruthyll class

The classes of Higan: Eruthyll are:

  • Guardians are tanks who offer powerful defensive options and excel at keeping themselves and allies alive. Guardians provide a 5% damage reduction buff to your team with their presence alone.
  • Hoplites are melee brawlers who like to fight enemies up close. Hoplites give their team a 5% physical damage buff.
  • Assassins provide incredible burst damage. These warriors excel at picking off weakened foes and do 40% more damage to foes below 20% HP.
  • Rangers deal damage from a distance and need the backup of their peers to truly shine. Rangers deal 10% more damage if no enemies are within 2 meters of them; otherwise, they deal 10% less.
  • Casters are mages that excel in offensive magic. Casters help the team not only by providing powerful AOE and single-target options but also increase energy generation by 5% for all allies.
  • Adiutrices are dedicated supporters that buff their allies and debuff their foes. They also passively increase healing rate for all allies by 15%.

Elements, on the other hand,utilize a rock-paper-scissors elemental system, in two cycles:

higan eruthyll element system
  • Pyro (red fire) is strong against Anemo (green wind), Anemo is strong against Hydro (blue water), and Hydro is strong against Pyro.
  • Lumino (yellow light) and Umbra (purple darkness) are strong against each other.

Attacking an enemy that you’re strong against results in a 30% damage boost while hitting an enemy that’s strong against you means you do 30% less damage. Those are big numbers, so always keep elements in mind and swap out characters as necessary.

higan eruthyll eupheria
I also didn’t realize she was SR.

In the image above, we can see that Eupheria is a Fire Hoplite, as she bears the Hoplite class emblem and has a red background.

Mastering Combat

Combat is the meat of the game in Higan: Eruthyll. By learning to command and control your characters, you’ll be set for success.

Quick Tips

  • Initial formation is very important. Keep your tanky characters in front and your DPS characters behind.
  • Make use of tile bonuses and avoid tile hazards to improve your chances of winning.
  • Higan: Eruthyll is an auto-battler. However, you can control when and where to use both skills and ultimates.
  • Skill cards are drawn randomly from your current characters.
  • Tap a skill card once to get a detailed breakdown of what it does. Tap and drag to the field to manually target the skill. Double tap to use the skill with auto-targeting.
  • You will randomly draw character skill cards from your active characters. You can keep and hold multiples of the same skill in your hand.
  • Characters build up ultimate energy as they fight. These are found to the left of the skill cards, in the middle of the screen. Note that ultimate energy is different from skill energy!
  • You’ll be given info on every new monster you encounter – use the readout to seek a weakness. You can review monster info by tapping on a stage, then enemy info.
  • Bosses are powerful foes with multiple health bars and special mechanics.
  • When a boss takes damage, its stun gauge also fills up. Fill this up to trigger a Shield Burst: a state where the boss can’t act, takes double damage, and causes your MP to regenerate like crazy.
  • Combat power recommendations are not a suggestion. While evidence suggests the CP penalty has been mitigated since Higan: Eruthyll’s open beta, note that even a slight deficit in CP can lead to enemies dealing bonus damage against your team.

Combat Basics

On the surface, the combat system of Higan: Eruthyll is very similar to Blue Archive. Your characters will move forward while engaging foes in their way. Clear all enemies and you win, run out of health or time and you lose. Easy, right?


Positioning is a big part of Higan: Eruthyll.

higan eruthyll formation

Logically, you should put your bulkier characters in front, your melee damage dealers in the middle, and your rangers, mages, and support characters in the back. This simple formation means that enemies will get tied up with your sturdier characters first while your real DPS characters can move in while they’re distracted – all with support from your back row. For most instances, one hoplite/guardian, one adiutrix (specifically a healer), and two DPS characters will do just fine.

However, formations should not be set in stone. As you proceed through Higan: Eruthyll, you’ll run into more dangerous Fantasyland monsters that have very different targeting AI – such as a preference for attacking your backline first.

higan eruthyll danger
If you get hit, you can blame no one but yourself.

Further complicating this is the presence of bonus tiles and danger tiles in the formation screen. Bonus tiles are exactly what they sound like – put a unit there and they’ll gain an instant boost when combat starts. Danger tiles, on the other hand, usually correspond to an instant attack that enemies will perform. Stay out of their AOE unless you like a challenge!

As you progress through the game and face foes on various battlefields, more and more opportunities and hazards will crop up.


Unlike in most other auto-battler mobile games, Higan: Eruthyll gives you control over when and where to use a character’s skills.

higan eruthyll skills
Well this feels familiar.

Each skill uses energy or MP (I’ll be using the term interchangeably) which is gained by fighting. You can only store up to 10 bars of energy at once.

To use a character’s skill, tap on their skill card (which also brings up an info panel if you forget what it does), then:

  • You can manually aim a skill by dragging the card out to the battlefield.
  • You can use the skill with auto-targeting by tapping the card again.
higan eruthyll lunar rush
Note the white “row” outline coming out of Euphie. Yes, this means you can mess up and miss.

Do note that while auto-targeting is convenient, it’s hardly optimal and often just aims for the closest opponent even if you could hit more targets.

Unlike other auto-battlers, Higan: Eruthyll lets you hold multiple copies of a single character’s skill in your hand. You’re also allowed a bit of planning as the game shows you the next card you’re going to draw. Knowing when to hold and when to use skills is very important to optimal performance in the game due to many different mechanics – especially interrupt and healing cards.

These aren’t the only skills in the game though. Each character also has a basic attack, a passive, and an ultimate.

Skill Types

Skill cards have several types. These types are indicated on their card and are a quick way to see what the skill will do. These can be previewed by the tags indicated on a character’s skill.

higan eruthyll first snow
Shield, Active.

While these are standard RPG fare, the exception here is Interrupt Skills. These are skills that have a stagger effect attached to them, and hitting a foe that’s charging up a skill with an Interrupt Skill stuns them for a short while and cancels their charging. If you’re fighting a powerful foe, it’s important to get (and hold) an interrupt card for when things go south.

Nothing’s stopping you from just flinging out skills at random, but I suggest you get to know each of your characters’ skills in detail. That way, you’ll be able to maximize their impact!


Each character also has a powerful ultimate at their disposal. Like skills, ultimate energy is gained via combat – only at a much slower rate.

higan eruthyll ultimates
Cutscene time!

Ultimates recharge energy as a character fights. Once their portrait in the middle has been filled up, tap their card to unleash their ultimate skill!

Monster Information

You’re not the only one that has skills! Monsters have them too, and learning to play around them is vital to success.

higan eruthyll dream thrower
You think Dream Throwers are bad? Wait until you get to back row elimination enemy compositions.

The first time you encounter a monster, the game gives you a quick breakdown of what it can and can’t do, as well as a rough approximation of its stat values, “rough approximation” here meaning you won’t see a single value and only get relative terms like “weak”, “normal”, or “good”. Use this information to deduce weaknesses in your opponents and come up with a team that can trounce them!

If ever you want to review monster information, you can tap Enemy Info when selecting a stage.

Bosses and Boss Mechanics

No video game is without bosses! These fearsome foes are among the toughest you’ll face while traveling with the Gopher Troupe. Don’t panic though – there are ways to deal with them handily.

higan eruthyll judgement
Do you like getting hurt?

First off, if I didn’t underscore the importance of holding interrupt cards yet, I’ll say it again here – it’s always a good idea to keep one interrupt card at hand. Boss attacks are devastating even in the early levels of the game, and the best way to deal with these mechanics is to not deal with them at all. Protect your interrupt character and have them ready to slap the boss.

Next is the Shield Burst mechanic. Every time you damage a boss, it also receives some stun damage (yes I took that term from fighting games). This stun gauge can be seen below their health bar.

higan eruthyll shield burst
Let loose!

When the stun gauge reaches its maximum, the boss will enter the Shield Burst state. During this time, it will be unable to act and it takes double damage. Your characters will push the advantage, causing the energy bar to rapidly regenerate to the point that you can use skills non-stop. Press on towards victory!

Combat Power

When selecting a stage, you’ll be given a recommended combat power. Players of Goddess of Victory: Nikke should be familiar with this system.

Combat power isn’t a suggestion – meet this or you will very likely get your ass handed to you on a plastic plate. The bigger the difference between the recommended CP and your own (lower) CP, the bigger of a handicap you’ll have.

higan eruthyll combat power
Let’s come back later.

Based on my personal experience and research, however, the effect seems to be diminished compared to how it was in the open beta. While other players report that the combat power penalty is no longer noticeable, keep the possibility that the CP penalty may be affecting your team’s performance.

Strengthening the Troupe

For your troupe to stand any chance of clearing Fantasylands and saving the lost, you’ll need to grow far stronger than you currently are. Here’s how to pump up your husbandos and waifus in Higan: Eruthyll.

Quick Tips

  • Many strengthening methods are reliant on your troupe reputation level (account level) – raise this by clearing stages for a one-time exp bonus, doing beginner quests, and doing dailies.
  • Do your dailies. Seriously.
  • Budget your level-ups and don’t spread resources around too thinly. Levels are expensive and due to the CP penalty system, it’s best to have a core team that can handle most situations rather than gimmicky comps.
  • For the first 14 days after you created your account, you can reset any character to level 1 and get a full refund on your spent materials so long as that character is below level 50. Use this time to experiment with various team compositions.
  • Ascend characters to increase their base stats and level cap. This is heavily tied to your troupe reputation level.
  • Each character can equip up to 3 Plays: a prologue, an interlude, and a finale. All of these give stats but Plays from the same set confer a set bonus.
  • Plays can be leveled up, ascended, refined, and made exclusive to make them stronger.
  • Level up your characters’ skills. Don’t neglect leveling up a character’s basic attack and passive skill.
  • If you need a character to perform a different role, have a look at their alternate skill. These unlock once you ascend at level 30.
  • Characters have awakening trees where you spend Soul Essence (dupes and farmable fragments) to unlock potent passive skills. At phases 3+, you can pick one of two different bonuses for that character and can switch between the two freely.
  • Raise your affinity (relationship) with your characters to give them slight stat bonuses. Every little bit helps!

Troupe Reputation Level

Before we begin discussing how to make your characters stronger, we need to talk about your troupe reputation level. Think of this as your account level – the higher it is, the more features you unlock. Unfortunately, some of the features hidden behind this level are key to getting stronger characters.

To raise your troupe level faster, you can:

  • Blitz through the campaign and fantasyland clearing stages. Each stage has a one-time troupe reputation exp bonus.
  • Do the new player quests for clearing chapter 1 and clearing the first, second, and third Fantasylands. Do not forget to click the glowing exp icons on the meter below!
  • Do your dailies! This not only nets troupe reputation exp but also some development materials. God knows you’ll need it.

If you’re looking for where to do quests and the new player bonuses, tap on these buttons:

higan eruthyll troupe reputation exp

Budget Your Levels

Let’s get it out of the way – levels in Higan: Eruthyll are hard-won and very expensive. Because of this, I suggest focusing on a small core team – as mentioned earlier, a good generic composition is a guardian or bulky hoplite (preferably a guardian though), a healing adiutrix, and two DPS characters.

Not only is leveling up expensive, but because of the CP penalty system, it’s far more efficient to have a small team with overwhelming CP rather than a bunch of characters with passable CP. Fortunately, you can reset characters for free for 14 days when you first start the game – so long as the character in question hasn’t surpassed level 50.

higan eruthyll character reset
It’s free…so long as you don’t dive too deep.

This reset also gives back 100% of the resources you spent – credits, wit potions, ascension materials, skill tokens, you name it. Use this time to experiment and find a team composition you’re happy with so you can focus on them.


Ascension becomes available at troupe level 10. Until this point, you’ve been hobbling along with level 10 characters, which is alright but could be a ton better. By ascendinga character, you’ll raise their base stats by a respectable amount and increase their level cap, allowing them to become even stronger. On a side note, the more a character ascends, the more stars show up on their info panel.

higan eruthyll ascend
Thou didst me good service.

As I mentioned above, your maximum ascension level is tied to your troupe reputation level. You’ll need to hit level 10 to ascend once, 30 to ascend again, and so on. The further you ascend, the more materials you’ll need, so be sure to have some Eitr on hand after you’ve farmed enough credits and Wit Potions.


Characters in Higan: Eruthyll can also equip up to 3 items, called Plays, to boost their stats and help them get the edge in battle.

higan eruthyll play stats
Recipe for failure: lure the audience in with an interesting premise, then BAM, totally different production in the last 20 minutes!

Each character can equip one prologue, one interlude, and one finale. Each Play gives stats and can be upgraded much in the same way that characters can; they can be:

  • Leveled up by sacrificing pens or other Plays.
  • Exalted, which is basically ascension for level cap increase.
  • Adapted, which refines its stats.
  • Signed, which confers a significant stat boost at the cost of becoming exclusive to the character that signed it.

While you can mix and match Plays as stat sticks, it’s a better idea to use Plays from the same set as that triggers a powerful set bonus. Don’t underestimate the importance of equipping the right Plays to the right characters – those set bonuses can make or break battlefield performance!

Plays are unlocked after clearing stage 3-16. If you haven’t cleared this stage yet, you can’t equip Plays even if you got some beforehand from events.

Raising Skill Levels

Pumping a character’s skill levels is a great way to give them even bigger numbers.

higan eruthyll skill level
Can you tell I play favorites?

To raise a character’s skill levels, go to their skill page in their character sheet, then tap on the skill you want to raise. Yes, you can raise their normal attack, passive ability, and ultimate level too – just tap on those icons.

Do note that skill levels are tied to a character’s ascension level. No OP skills for you off the bat!

Skill Switching

While we’re on the topic of skills, did you know you can swap skills out?

Each character has an alternate version of their skill card that offers different approaches to combat. You can only choose one of the two skills to use in combat, but you can switch freely between them while in the main menu.

higan eruthyll skill swap
Your currently selected skill will be highlighted.

To illustrate how alternate skills can change a character, here’s a comparison of Euphie’s skills at level 1:

Eupheria: Lunar RushEupheria: Sunfire Will
Costs 3 energy. Deals 220% + 22 physical damage in a rectangular AOE and significantly Exhausts hit targets.Costs 4 energy. Deals 220% + 22 physical damage to nearby foes. Eupheria gains [Robust High] for 7 seconds, which gives her 20% physical damage resistance.

As you can see, Sunfire Will gives Euphie stronger staying power at the cost of 1 more MP and makes her slightly less effective at stunning bosses. On the plus side, she does get a potent 20% physical damage resistance buff!

Note that some characters can have radically different alternate skills. Ume, for example, has an interrupt for her regular skill. Her alternate skill, however, is a self-buff that gives her 40% AD and 40% armor for 10 seconds while not causing any damage whatsoever.

Because of how vastly alternate skills can change how a character works, be sure to read up on them before dismissing someone – you might find the ace you’ve been missing. Alternate skills are unlocked once you ascend at level 30.


Awakening is how you make use of character dupes in Higan: Eruthyll.

higan eruthyll awakening
An easy path, but a long one.

Whenever you pull a character you already have, you’ll instead receive Soul Essence of that character. Soul Essence is used to unlock nodes in that character’s awakening tree, a series of passive buffs that get better and better the further along you are. Of particular interest are the “phase” nodes; each character has six of them, and from the third onward, you can pick one of two bonuses. Yes, you can go back here and switch the bonus if you want to.

Note that the higher a character’s base rarity, the higher their default ascension level and thus the more nodes they’ll begin with.


Building bonds with your troupe doesn’t just net you friendship (and maybe more?) – better relationships motivate characters to fight harder and perform better.

higan eruthyll affinity level up
Any increase is a good increase.

There are several ways to build affinity with someone:

  • Use them to fight stuff.
  • Set them as your lobby character/secretary and tap them.
  • Invite them to a tea party once a day by tapping on the heart on the secretary menu (after tapping them) or going to their info page in the character menu. You can bring up to 3 characters to tea parties per day.
  • Love bomb them with gifts, like a sociopath who inherited a farm.

Do note that there are limits on affinity gain. Tapping characters has an upper limit shared by all characters, and tea parties can only be done thrice a day. Gifts are limited only by how many you have to give, though.

higan eruthyll eluya
Which dialogue option gives you +1000000 damage?

Tea parties can be held thrice a day, and once per character. You’ll chat with your invited character, and they’ll gain affinity based on your response. It pays to remember which dialogue option yields the greatest affinity gain if you’re focusing on just one character.

higan eruthyll gifts
You don’t have a twice-a-week gift limit here.

The more you get to know a character, the easier (in theory) it becomes to raise more affinity as they’ll reveal the kinds of gifts they like and dislike. You needn’t go back and forth to this screen either as both liked and disliked gifts will be marked with an icon if you’ve already unlocked that information.

Securing Resources

Now that we know how to make our troupe stronger, let’s familiarize ourselves with the many battlefields you need to fight on to get the materials you need to pump everyone up.

Quick Tips

  • Auto-battle is your friend. Idle Eitr is wasted Eitr. Familiarize yourself with the auto-battle system so that you can more effectively farm for items you need.
  • Fully cleansing a Fantasyland increases your passive credit income. You have to manually redeem this income.
  • The Outland button brings you to several different arenas that each provide a different resource.
  • The Mesmerizing Labyrinth awards you with resources and more importantly, Plays. Do your dailies and weeklies to get entry tickets.
  • The Deep Maze is a series of challenging battles. The higher you go, the higher you’ll place in the seasonal leaderboards – but you also get minor prizes for completing each stage.
  • Expeditions are unlocked once you have access to the troupe facility. Dispatch characters here for a few hours at a time and they’ll bring back resources. You can still use characters that have been dispatched.
  • Do your daily, weekly, main story, and growth quests.
  • The Tour Record is Higan: Eruthyll’s battle pass system. There’s both a paid and free one, so don’t forget to snag your free stuff.
  • The shop occasionally has free bundles up for grabs. Of significant importance is the alliance bundle which can be bought every 5 troupe reputation levels.


Before we begin talking about where to get resources, let’s talk auto-battles. Auto-battle in Higan: Eruthyll can be a bit tricky to set up for new players. However, it’s important that you learn how to do this as soon as possible so you don’t waste any Eitr during your downtime.

To start auto battles, go to the adventure map, then tap Auto-battle in the lower left.

higan eruthyll auto battle 1

You’ll then be able to pick whether you want to farm for a specific item or on a specific stage. Selecting an item doesn’t unlock new stages, but rather filters available stages based on the item you set. Selecting stages, on the other hand, will prompt you to select which chapter, stage, or instance you want to farm. You cannot select stages you haven’t cleared at least once.

higan eruthyll auto battle 2

Once the stages have been filtered, add stages to the auto-battle queue by tapping the check mark on their right. You can also increase the number of times you want to run that stage by increasing the number on the stage info panel. Each run costs as much Eitr as it would to run it manually. Once you’re satisfied, hit start.

higan eruthyll auto battle 3

Finally, the confirmation screen. Here, you can tap options as to whether you want the game to automatically refill your Eitr if depleted with items and if it has your permission to use Standard Dubriostals (read: cash shop currency) to do so. You can also set Offline Mode to close or open – close means the app will stop farming if you close the game, while open gives it your approval to keep going even if you close Higan: Eruthyll.

Passive Income

The best kind of income is the one you don’t have to work for. The second-best kind is the one you only have to work for once, and that’s what we have at our disposal.

higan eruthyll passive income
Tap here to get your free money.

Whenever you fully cleanse a Fantasyland – that is to say, you’ve cleared both the story levels and the Fantasyland stages of a chapter – your passive income will increase. It won’t ever be much, but free money is free money, and God knows we need the credits.

A few things though – you have to claim these credits manually, and each region will only hold up to 16 hours’ worth of income before they become full and stop.


The Outland menu is where you’ll be doing the bulk of your material farming.

higan eruthyll ark

On this screen, you’ll be able to access multiple arenas based on your storyline progress. While they do consume quite a bit of Eitr, these stages are second to none when it comes to harvesting growth items.

  • Ark Task battles give you basic character growth materials. There are four divisions of Ark Task: Golden Storm gives you credits, Diorama Battle gives you Wit Potions for character exp, Purge Anomaly drops Combat Techniques for leveling up skills, and Niello Pact yields Niello Vouchers for use in the Niello Exchange Shop.
  • Elemental Rhapsody lets you collect gemstones needed for character ascension. Characters need stones of their own element starting ascension at level 30.
  • Dreams Back gives you access to both new characters as well as Soul Essence for awakening characters you already have. You’ll be given pre-set teams for this mode.

Mesmerizing Labyrinth

The Mesmerizing Labyrinth is a maze full of challenging and difficult foes that demand you bring your a-game to succeed. However, the labyrinth offers a powerful perk – namely, you can get Plays from completing it.

higan eruthyll mesmerizing labyrinth
Something something the GODDESS OF JUSTICE something something EMPEROR

The Mesmerizing Labyrinth presents a series of rooms at every fork. Whenever you complete a room (as well as when you start the challenge), you’ll be asked which room you want to visit next. While you can avoid combat, it’s suggested to challenge as many foes as you can; clearing battles not only gives you pens and Outland’s Marks that can be used to redeem items but also let you choose from buff cards to make the rest of your expedition smoother. However, note that health carries over from battle to battle, so pack a healer!

higan eruthyll fork
The illusion of choice.

At the end of your journey, you’ll need to defeat a boss monster to clear the labyrinth. Emerge successful, and you’ll be richly rewarded – and you’ll get the first time clearance bonus if you’ve cleared a new labyrinth!

Entrance to the labyrinth is gated by the number of Daya’Thia’s Reminiscence you have. These items come from daily and weekly quests. Which you should be doing anyway to raise your troupe reputation level.

higan eruthyll shop
As long as you have enough rubies.

To exchange your hard-won Outland’s Marks, go to the Shop button in the main menu, then Exchange, then Mesmerizing Labyrinth.

Deep Maze

The Deep Maze is a special combat mode where you tackle difficult stages in sequence to try and climb the leaderboards. The higher your daily standing, the more rewards you earn on season rollover!

higan eruthyll deep maze
It’s a long way to the top…

If competition doesn’t whet your appetite, this might – each cleared stage of the deep maze gives free resources and costs no Eitr. The rewards for each stage are refreshed daily, and you can tap Sweep to bring you back up to the last stage you failed to clear. Free money!

Note that if you’re aiming for a place on the leaderboards, you’re going to have to fight against big spenders. Thus, I can’t really advise attempting to secure a spot on the leaderboards.


Expeditions are where you dispatch characters out for a certain amount of time. Once that time has passed, they’ll bring back resources. You’ll need to unlock the Expedition Room in the Troupe menu to access expeditions.

higan eruthyll expeditions
I see Eruthyll has salt mines too. I approve.

Each expedition asks for a character with specific characteristics (such as Pyro Assassin and so on) and by fulfilling that extra requirement, you’ll double the amount of loot you get from the expedition. Note that dispatched characters can still be used in battle.


If, for some reason, troupe reputation experience isn’t enough motivation for you to grind out your daily and weekly quests, quests also reward you with credits, ascension materials, and other necessary mundane stuff.

higan eruthyll quests
Same place as you’ll find the dailies and weeklies.

Don’t forget to check out the Main Story and Growth tabs for even more free stuff.

Tour Record

No self-respecting gacha misses out on the battle pass. In Higan: Eruthyll, this takes the form of the Tour Record. As with virtually all battle passes, there’s both a free and paid version – don’t forget to open it up every so often to complete quests and get free stuff!

higan eruthyll battle pass
Of course.

To access the battle pass, tap Tour Record on the main menu. It’s beside your profile name.

Shop Bundles

Even if you intend to go full F2P in Higan: Eruthyll, you should still drop by the shop from time to time as sometimes there will be free bundles you can claim.

higan eruthyll free bundles
Don’t be tempted!

Note that there’s also a free alliance reward bundle for every five troupe reputation levels you earn, which have a large sum of resources to help you get accustomed to your new power level!

Dubriostals And You

As with every other gacha game out there, learning to maximize your Dubriostals – premium currency – will help you greatly as a F2P player. Here, I’ll talk about how to get the stuff (without slashing your credit card) as well as some tips on how to maximize the beginner resources the game hurls at you.

Quick Tips

  • Consult the checklist below to see where you might be missing out on free Dubriostals. This is far from comprehensive and is subject to change as the game grows.
  • There are three banners in Higan: Eruthyll. Standard and rate-up banners use purple Star Sigils. Limited banners use gold Brilliance Sigils. Play banners (both limited and standard) use blue Inspiration Sigils.

Free Dubriostal Checklist

Here’s a list of where you can look to get free Dubriostals. As the game grows and you progress, you’ll likely find more and more sources of the stuff, but as a new player, these should be your targets:

  • First clear of most stages.
  • Don’t forget to do the EX stages after fully cleansing a chapter’s Fantasyland. The EX stage is located beside the regular stage on the stage selection screen. These give out 60 Dubriostals instead of the standard 30 on first clear.
  • Chapter rewards for reaching certain star points in a chapter. It’s located here:
higan eruthyll chapter
  • Some Deep Maze stages offer Dubriostals.
  • Events.
  • The Quest tab, especially Main Story and Growth sections.
  • The Trophy tab on the main menu – these are achievements.

So What Should I Spend My Dubriostals On?

Ideally, you’ll want to save your Dubriostals for limited character banners. While the currency can pay for a lot of conveniences – like Eitr refills – please do not do this if you’re planning to go full F2P.

Differentiating Between Banners

There’s quite a lot going on with Higan: Eruthyll’s banners, so let’s break it down.

higan eruthyll gacha
Information overload!

There are three kinds of gacha currency. First is the standard Star Sigil. These purple cards can be used to pull on the standard banner and any currently running rate-up banner. If it uses purple Star Sigils, it’s not a limited banner – those characters can be pulled on the standard banner.

higan eruthyll soul threads
Like this one.

The second gacha currency is the Brilliance Sigil. These are gold cards that can be used only on limited character banners.

higan eruthyll limited character banners
The yellow glow entices the wallet.

The third gacha currency is the blue Inspiration Sigil. This is used for all play banners, whether limited or standard.

higan eruthyll play wish
Imagine buying a ticket and not knowing what show you’d get to watch.

Dubriostals can be directly spent on each of these banner screens. Make sure you’re pulling on the banner you actually want before tapping your wealth away!


As the game has multiple banners, there are also multiple pity systems in play, and the kind of pity you get depends on the banner you pulled on.

To break it down:

  • Pulling on the standard banner gives you nothing. Good day, sir.
  • Pulling on rate-up banners, not the standard banner,gives you purple Character Stardust at the rate of 1:1. At 120 stardust, you can exchange it for something on a rate-up banner. Purple Character Stardust doesn’t expire, so you’ll eventually be able to get some SSRs from later rate-up banners.
  • Pulling on limited banners gives you gold Character Stardust at the rate of 1:1. At 120 stardust, you’ll be able to redeem something from the limited pity shop. Gold Character Stardust expires at the end of the limited banner.
  • Pulling on play banners gives you blue Inspiration Stardust at the rate of 1:1, and like the other kinds of stardust, can be exchanged when you have 120 of it. Like purple Character Stardust, Inspiration Stardust doesn’t expire and can thus be held until you see something you like.
higan eruthyll pity shop
They deal in tears and denial.

To visit the pity shop of a banner, go to that banner then tap Pity Redeem in the upper left.

Reroll Time!

So many characters yet so few Dubriostals. If you’d like to start Higan: Eruthyll with a powerful SSR character (guaranteed after 20 pulls on the beginner banner) here’s a quick guide to rerolling.

  • Ideally, you should log in with a guest account, but this no longer seems possible. You can make do by making burner accounts.
  • Play through the game – go ahead and hit the skip button on the upper right for the story sequences.
  • Once you’re free to Wish (the first Wish will always be a single-pull Ume after you lose Rooco) do the beginner banner and behold your SSR on the 20th roll.
  • If you’re unhappy, rinse and repeat.
higan eruthyll ume
You could not live with your failure. And where did that bring you? Back to Ume, that’s where.

Exit, Stage Left!

Maybe “savior of the damned” is too grand of an epithet for the Gopher Troupe, but every artist must have at least -some- vanity, no? And while we can’t save everyone, we’ll do our hardest to make life easier for other Castaways and resolve the dark heart of each Fantasyland we encounter.

higan eruthyll end
Maybe the real Fantasyland was the guys we beat up along the way.

That concludes this beginner’s guide to Higan: Eruthyll, and I hope I was able to provide you with a solid foundation for your future adventures as Director. If you have any suggestions or tips of your own, let us know in the comment area!