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Hero Ball Z Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Power Up Your Heroes and Conquer All Stages Fast

Hero Ball Z is Joycity’s latest mobile title, that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms. In contrast with most of the games the company publishes, Hero Ball Z is an Idle RPG/Shoot ‘em up hybrid that mixes in a lot of fun and unique elements that cater to fans of both genres.

To start off, Hero Ball Z features the chibi characters from the hit board game, Game of Dice, and for fans of the latter as well as players who love chibi-style manga art, seeing these characters float in the sky instead of the conventional spaceships, maybe an even bigger treat. If you enjoy collecting heroes, idle RPGs, and shoot ‘em ups, then Hero Ball Z might just be the perfect game for you.

Although Hero Ball Z packs a lot of extra features and mechanics on top of plethora of heroes to collect, it still manages to lump the entire package into something simple and easy enough for just about anyone to pick up and play. Rolling out all the available menus in addition to the rest of what you can see on the screen can overwhelm beginners but surely enough, even the instant dive right into the heart of the action and the quick tutorial will suffice to get you started.

If you find yourself unable to break through certain barriers or if you are searching for faster and more efficient ways to power up your heroes and beat every level, then read our Hero Ball Z tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Keep Auto Play And Production Boost Active

Hero Ball Z makes it very easy for you to progress through the stages. The basic concept revolves around the Hero Ball that continuously generates heroes for you to use against the enemies. You can drag similar tier of heroes together to upgrade them to the next tier or double tap one of the duplicates as well. Fusing 2 tier 10 novices results in an R, SR, or SSR hero while fusing 2 experts, which can only be obtained through rewards and purchases, earn you either an SR or SSR hero.

You can only have 6 unique heroes in play and the number of novices are limited as well. Each hero automatically shoots but no new novices can appear from the Hero Ball if you maxed out their numbers. This is where Auto Play comes in handy.

hero ball z production boost

While heroes shooting at enemies are essentially a form of auto play, activating the feature through its icon at the right side of the screen enables your similar novices to fuse themselves together on their own. This means that you leave your device idle and novices will continue to become stronger until they reach novice tier 10.

As you play through any stage as well, HQ will continue to send you supplies via the package at the left side of the Hero Ball. While Auto Play is active, the supplies will continue to come without you having to click the package. There are 3 ways to activate Auto Play.

The first is to watch a 15 to 25-second video ad to enable auto play for 15 minutes. You can only do this 12 times per day and can be accumulated to an hour at a time. The second way is to use tickets that you earn from rewards. The last option is to spend real money to enable auto play for good.

If you look closely, you will notice that there is a bar underneath the Hero Ball that gradually fills up. That is basically how long it takes for it to generate a tier 1 novice. You can speed it up using 3 different methods as well. The first one is to watch another short video ad to boost production by 1.5 times for 15 minutes. You can do this indefinitely but you cannot stack the duration. You can also spend 180 rubies to boost production by 2.5 times for an hour. You can do this as many times as you need as well and can be stacked to 5 hours.

The last option requires tickets you can earn as rewards from quests and accomplishments. Using these tickets can boost production by 4 times but only lasts for 20 minutes. This option can be stacked for an hour.

2. Maintain A Balanced Team

There are more than enough unique heroes in Hero Ball Z to ensure that each player will have their very own unique roster of favorites. You can deploy 6 different heroes in the battlefield and will be very much free to choose which ones to utilize. There are several factors to consider in choosing your heroes but with a rarity grade attached to each one of them, it is naturally best to go for the highest rarity ones.

Unique heroes in Hero Ball Z can be R-grade, SR-grade, or SSR grade. Rare ones are much easier to get and lag behind in terms of firepower compared to heroes of the higher tiers. The thing is, it may take you a while to be able to obtain an SSR hero, so you will initially have to deploy a team composed of R and SR grades.

how to build a powerful team in hero ball z

You will need extra copies of heroes for an upgrade, however, and we will be talking about that as we go on. In this sense, it can happen that some SR heroes or even R heroes will outshine an SSR at some point.

Another point of consideration is elemental affinity. Unique heroes in Hero Ball Z categorically belong to 1 of 4 different elements. Elemental affinity in the game follow the usual “rock-paper-scissors” method of applying damage bonus in battle. Wind is strong against wood, wood is strong against water, water is strong against fire, and fire is strong against wind. Elemental advantage enables a hero to deal 120% damage to the disadvantaged element and only take 80% damage from it.

With 4 elemental affinities and 6 heroes to deploy, it is ideal to initially have each of the 4 elements represented by your team. There are team bonuses to consider as well based on the elements you have within the team. By clicking on the Hero Panel, which is the biggest one at the bottom of the menu, you can begin editing the team of heroes to deploy.

Note that team bonuses can be checked just beside the team power at the top of the page. There are different bonuses to earn based on the number of elements present in your team and while having a solid team belonging to a single element provides the best perks, it should only be aimed for once you can afford to upgrade and enhance a lot of heroes and be able to form teams for every element.

3. Be Selective And Restrained When Upgrading Heroes

One of the main reasons why it is best to go for a team with different elemental affinities is that you need to ensure that you will have at least one unit to stay strong against any elemental type of enemy. With limited resources at your disposal, you will always wind up not having enough resources to max out the main heroes you are using. What usually triggers this predicament is that you will constantly obtain someone better at the early part of the game.

At certain points as well, the extra copies we mentioned earlier will cause a shift in a hero’s overall power and efficiency. To be safe, you should delimit upgrades on R-grade heroes first. The same should go for SR heroes unless you have multiple copies of that hero. SSR heroes are a sure bet, for the most part so if you chance upon an SSR hero, feel free to invest resources in them as much as you can.

how to upgrade heroes in hero ball z

The most basic way of increasing a hero’s power is by levelling them up. You only need coins in doing this and while you will have a plethora of coins early on, the increasing cost of levelling up will soon drain your reserves.

You can only level heroes up to a certain extent, based on their star grade or evolution level. This is where you will need additional copies of a hero. The process basically works like how novice heroes work, which means that as the star grade rises, the more copies of the hero you will need.

Likewise, the process of evolution unlocks more stats of the hero available for upgrading, essentially giving the hero more avenues to raise his or her power. Evolution not only require extra copies of the hero, though, as lots of coins as well as evolution stones are needed as well.

If you are wondering about the 4 different regions you can play on in Hero Ball Z, each region represents an element that can earn you more cells for that particular element. Elemental cells are needed to upgrade your heroes stats, which means that you will need a lot more of it as you evolve your main heroes. The number of cells you earn from a region can be obtained after you return to HQ, and at that point, you will be able to select any unlocked region to venture into.

Note that other regions unlock based on your level and your level is based on your stage progress in any region. As such, it is best to strive unlocking each region first before focusing on maximizing upgrades for your favorite heroes.

4. Strategize On Your Team’s Formation

Every Hero In Hero Ball Z is unique in terms of stats but more importantly, in their skills. To see more critical aspects of their abilities, you should tap on the details icon above the portraits in their page. This is where you will see their attack pattern, which changes based on their evolution level.

best team formation in hero ball z

Their attack range can be a crucial part of their ability as you would typically want heroes that can reach farther. There are also unique abilities such as auto aim and pierce, which can be very useful in battle.

Do note that these aspects can improve as the hero’s star grade increases. To be certain that you are investing in the right hero useful until you reach the end game, be sure to check the hero’s capacity on their max star grade.

The attack pattern is key to utilizing the hero as far as formation is concerned.Typically, the strongest one may be at the front of the formation but you can also opt for heroes with strong attack power but short range to stay ahead of the pack. Note as well that enemy mobs can appear behind your heroes, making those with auto aim and long range capacity, viable for the back row.

5. Expend Research Coins Carefully

One of the most important features of Hero Ball Z lies in the upgrades you can obtain via research at the Academy. You need research coins to perform upgrades but you will practically earn a lot of it as you progress through the levels, especially on auto mode. Research coins are generated whenever you fuse novices together.

how to spend research coins in hero ball z

Researches are classified into Skill Research, Leadership Research, and Adventure Research. Skill Research is focused on upgrading the Hero Ball performance and the number of novices you can deploy on the field. Leadership Research revolves around offline rewards. Adventure Research impacts the distance you can skip after returning to HQ and restarting on any region and the efficiency of the rush ability that you can maximize by tapping on the appropriate icon at the lower right side of the screen.

Research levels are capped based on the academy level. Every research item you invest in earns you experience points for the academy. As far as prioritization is concerned, it is all based on your play style, most particularly how often you play online and how long you stay away from the game. In any case, a lot of the choices for research will be capped before you reach the next minimum academy level needed to upgrade them again.

6. Know When To Make A Return

Another essential feature available in Hero Ball Z is constantly having a need to return to HQ and restart your journey again with more resources to strengthen your heroes. While coins are earned gradually as you progress through the stages, the bulk of it, along with the elemental cells you need to upgrade your heroes stats are earned every return.

when to make a return in hero ball z

One strategy to go with is to push your heroes as far through the stages as possible. This is most important until you have unlocked all the regions. Naturally, it would be impossible on your first go, so for starters, the best option to return is when you are no longer able to finish a stage, potentially a boss battle that proves too challenging for your heroes’ current levels and power.

Once you unlock all regions, you should prioritize farming for the cells you mostly need. Suppose your top hero is a water element, then you should traverse the water region and as many cells as you can for that hero. Note that you can obtain all types of elemental cells regardless of which region you battle through. You get 3 times as much of an elemental cell from the region with the same element, though, which makes one region more important for you relative to your top hero.

Keep in mind as well that you should look into your heroes’ upgrade needs first before choosing to return as you will have to decide on which region to select immediately after.

7. Participate In All Other Game Modes

The Adventure Mode in Hero Ball Z stands as its main game mode, but there are other contents to engage in for you to earn additional rewards. Some of the game’s other features and game modes may take a while to become available as some are locked behind minimum level requirements that you can meet based on how far you have progressed on any region.

In any case, be sure to look into each available game mode. There will be noticeable indicators on their icon at the main menu. Partaking in any of these features can be done while your heroes battle through the adventure mode.

hero ball z game modes

Type Battle is among the fastest game mode you can complete. You are provided 3 attempts each day to challenge a boss that grows tougher as you progress further up the levels. Initially, your adventure team should breeze through the levels easily but later on, you will have to take advantage of elemental affinities to be able to win. You can earn elemental cells and coins from each battle and you can complete previously beaten stages with a click of a button.

The Training Mode pits your team of heroes against a team of other heroes. Each stage offers a unique reward and you can push to progress as much as you want provided that you can beat the stage. It is a good source of extra resources most especially tier 10 novices and experts.

The Missions is an added feature as well that can earn you extra rewards. You receive 5 missions each day and each one will have a unique set of requirements as far as elemental affinity and evolution levels of heroes are concerned. You can deploy all heroes, including those that are battling through the adventure mode and rewards are based on the mission difficulty. There are mission items you can earn from rewards as well that can be consumed to unlock extra missions.

You can also obtain drones as rewards from quests and events. These drones, much like your heroes in the Mission Mode, can earn you idle rewards. Drones vanish after searching for goods within a limited number of attempts based on the drone’s rarity grade. Drones also have a chance to find unique heroes. In any case, it is best to deploy drones to search for items as soon as you obtain them.

8. Join A Union As Soon As You Can

Although Hero Ball Z is largely a single player adventure game, it still exhibits social features like the chat and the union function. If you have played multiplayer games before, then the union in Hero Ball Z is more like a guild, an alliance, a clan, or a faction. As such, there are only advantages in being a part of one and it comes with neither price nor any negative impacts.

hero ball z union

There are rewards you can immediately earn as soon as you join a union and once you do, you should check in immediately. Being in a union unlocks the raid feature, which houses a powerful boss that you cannot hope to beat on your own.

Be sure to expend your attempts to battle the raid boss and help your guild earn rewards for everyone. For best results, make an effort to save the raid boss battle towards the latter part of your playing time within the day as you will need every bit of power you can acquire to deal heavy damage to the boss.

9. Upgrade Your Commander Whenever Possible

Sora, who will guide your through the tutorial session, actually serves as the commander of your team. After breaking through a certain level, you will unlock the Commander feature in Hero Ball Z and be able to increase the stat boosts that the commander provides. You need star coins and super star coins to level up and limit break your commander, respectively. You can earn both by completing quests and playing daily.

hero ball z commander upgrade

As far as star coins are concerned, feel free to expend them as soon as you obtain them. Costs to boost the commander XP will always be 10 coins and while more commanders may become available soon, there are no details yet as to how to obtain more.

The commander feature can be accessed through its icon just between the academy and union features. Whenever you have star coins that can be spent, there will be an indicator on it so be sure to keep a good lookout.

10. Help Your Team By Manually Controlling A Hero

Hero Ball Z, as we mentioned earlier, is a type of game that allows you to make good progress even if you stay idle, even without enabling speed boosts and the auto mode feature. What would typically happen is that you will arrange your heroes in formation and leave them at that unless there are roster changes that you implemented.

how to control hero manually in hero ball z

For the most part, you can pass an adventure stage or a battle in most game modes without having any difficulties at all. For boss raids or harder challenges, though, it is essential to switch to general tactics fit for shoot ‘em up games. This means that you have to exert some effort to dodge enemy fire. Although you will not be able to do so for each hero in your team, you should at least pick one to hold on to and drag manually to avoid getting hit.

The Boss Raid within the union is the best way to try this out. You will notice a huge difference in the damage you can dish out by dodging enemy attacks and staying longer in play, even if it is just a few seconds longer.

11. Accomplish Quests And Achievements For Extra Rewards

Playing Hero Ball Z certainly earns you more than enough rewards to continuously enhance and upgrade your heroes. Beyond the outright rewards you receive as you play through the adventure as well as the huge resources you obtain after every return to HQ, there are more rewards to be earned from quests and achievements that you accomplish.

Hero Ball Z holds a wide variety of quests and an achievements system that can help boost your overall progress in your journey. For the most part, you will clear several quest and achievement objectives without even knowing given that all quests and achievements relate to the activities you should engage in as you venture through the game.

how to earn more rewards in hero ball z

In any case, it is best to browse through the list of objectives on each quest type and achievements. The list should serve as your guide to identify which ones can be accomplished following your basic routine, and which ones will take you through other aspects of the game you hardly spend time on.

The Daily Quests are relatively easy to accomplish. There are 16 objectives to complete each day for some rewards and completing 8 daily quests will earn you a production boost ticket. Weekly quests seem more like buffed up versions of the daily quests and are classified into 4 categories. Every quest you accomplish daily contributes to your goals lodged under the weekly quests, more or less.

One of the more engaging quest lists available is the Chain Quest. This is a unique feature in Hero Ball Z that provides you with a simple feat to accomplish for a reward and then unlocks the next quest to take on. After completing 14 quests, a special reward will be provided and the chain resets. You can complete as many chain quest objectives as you want per day and your progress continuous on the following day.

Achievements are on a separate consideration as the tasks outlined within the list are milestones you accomplish across all aspects of your journey. These objectives typically offer one-time rewards in the form of evolve stones or rubies but a similar yet harder feat to accomplish unlocks once you achieve the current one.

12. Take Advantage Of Events

Progression in Hero Ball Z is very rapid at the initial stages. This is naturally because of quicker level increases that earn you level up rewards and meeting achievement objectives. Beyond all that, Hero Ball Z provides various events to help players, especially newbies to jumpstart their progression.

how to take advantage of events in hero ball z

In essence, these events are tied up to quests and achievements and relate as well to the usual activities you engage in. As some of these events are only available for a limited period of time, it is best to strive getting the most rewards out of these events. Like the quests and achievements as well, looking into the accomplishable objectives for each event is highly recommended.

There is a Newbie Event Banner you can access via the top right of the pop-up menu. This houses a lot of freebies you can collect with little to no effort. The Event Icon also contains several features you can claim rewards from but your attention should initially be focused on the seasonal quests that can earn you great rewards if you can accomplish objectives within the limited time period provided. One event that seems permanent is the Alphabet Collection Bonus.

This feature lets you earn random letters as you progress through stages in any region to form the game’s title. Once you collect all the letters, you can claim very valuable rewards. The sooner you claim the rewards, the sooner the collection spree will recommence, so be sure to keep a good eye on the upper right side of the screen until you claim all the rewards.

13. Spend Your Rubies Wisely

Hero Ball Z holds various means for you to earn free rubies. As these serve as the premium currency in the game, any means of getting more for free should be taken advantage of. You can see the number of rubies you have at the upper right corner of the screen. If you see the red “N” indicator, it means that you can watch a short video ad to earn 20 rubies. You can play video ads for 10 straight times and the chances of earning free rubies will regenerate over time.

how to spend rubies in hero ball z

Given that rubies are much harder to earn than coins and despite obtaining some for free, being a premium currency means that rubies can be used in a wide variety of ways. For the most part, these can be used to make it more convenient for you to play or boost your progress through shop purchases. Be sure to check out what the shop has in store for you as there are various limited packages available that you should save your rubies for. Note that there are more freebies in the shop that you can claim after playing a video ad for each of them.

14. Always Check Your Inventory

Most rewards you earn from your adventures and accomplishments wind up in your inventory. Some of these rewards, however, are not immediately usable and would have to be opened up first before you see the actual reward. After bringing up the main menu, you may notice that there is an indicator on the inventory icon. This simply means that there are packages in your inventory waiting to be opened up.

hero ball z inventory

Packages may contain coins, rubies, artifacts, novices, or even heroes and for most of these packages, unlocking them is best done sooner than later. The only package worth holding on to is the elemental cell package but if you already know which elemental cell you need the most, then you should open it up immediately as well.

In addition to packages that are considered as consumables in your inventory, take time to browse through the other unfamiliar items as well as Hero Ball Z is packed with a lot of events that hold unique currencies you may miss out on.

Hero Ball Z certainly holds a plethora of features and game modes that can keep any avid player busy for a lot of hours, despite the idle option. While we have delved into most of its features but not all in its entirety, we are confident that the simple tips and strategies we shared will suffice to boost the rate of your progression in your adventure.

As such, this is where we will end our guide with a last reminder that while Hero Ball Z is an idle game, how you make progress is highly dependent on how active you are while you play. We hope that you have learned a lot from the topics we discussed. If you have any questions about the game or would want to share your very own tips, cheats or strategies, then be sure to drop us a line!