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Halfpipe Hero Tips & Tricks: 4 Killer Hints to Earn Cash and Complete More Levels

We’ve got another casual skating game for you, though Bit Free Games’ Halfpipe Hero is only available for iOS devices at the moment, and not for Android. Halpipe Hero is an awesome arcade skateboarding game that comes with retro-style graphics and a fast-paced gameplay. The game claims to allow for easy one-tap gameplay, and that’s going to allow you to pull off a variety of skateboarding tricks. You can choose from the game’s soundtrack or choose your favorite songs to skate to, and also “share your moments of victory or shame” with a series of built-in GIF files. Of course, you can earn cash through skating and use that money to unlock new locations and new heroes.

So with that in mind, that’s the main thing in this game – you want to earn cash, and you want that cash to unlock new heroes and locations. If you need help doing all that, do check out these Halfpipe Hero tips and tricks below.

1. Practice The Timing Of Your Landing

Your cash prizes will increase as you progress on through the harder levels, and it will become harder and harder for you to time your landing. At first, it will be very easy – all you’ll have to do is to check the green exclamation point on top of your character’s head to determine the right time to tap. And while it does become harder as you finish more and more levels, it won’t be easy either at first. Keep practicing your timing when you’re starting out; normally, you want to tap right after your character makes a full 360-degree turn, just as their head is moving back down.

2. Carry Out Perfect Tricks

While having good timing in your landings is definitely a key to success, timing in general is of paramount importance. The game rates you in terms of how accurately you pull off your tricks – you can be merely OK, you can do on better and get a Good rating, or you can wow ‘em all with a Perfect rating. Generally speaking, it all depends on how close you are to the highest point of your rotation. Landing consecutive perfect tricks will launch you into Fever Mode, and as is the case in other Fever Modes, this is a perfect time to rack up the cash and points. Take full advantage of Fever Mode and try to make it as long as possible.

3. Watch Ads For Cash

With cash, you can buy more heroes, and you can earn more cash in less time if you watch those ad videos whenever they’re available. Ads tend to last up to 30 seconds, and each ad will be worth an additional $200 to your cash total. The game doesn’t limit the number of ads you can watch, so just keep on watching as long as the game has something to serve up.

4. When In A Tight Spot, Wait For Another Rotation

The game will grant you a quickflip bonus each time you land on the first rotation, thus giving you more points and more cash. But once you’re moving quickly, you might as well wait for a second rotation before tapping. This may actually be a blessing in disguise, as waiting for that extra rotation could help you string together a successful combo.

That’s all for Halfpipe Hero. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, be sure to let us know!